TVMobwives Gets the Goods from "Little Linda" Interviews "Little Linda" Scarpa! (Audio) | TVMOBWIVES.COM:

Linda Scarpa -- looking fine.

"Growing up 'Little Linda' Scarpa realized very early on that her dad was different from most dads...

"Greg Scarpa was a killer, but to his family he was a loving husband and father, who would protect them at all costs. When Scarpa contracted the HIV virus from a blood transfusion, he was still as dangerous as ever.....

"Greg Scarpa's family knew what he did for a living and witnessed some of the horror firsthand."

Click above link, listen to Gfella's ode to Linda, than the interview. We will offer a story tomorrow on anything new that Linda has added to the story of Greg "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa....


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