'I Married a Mobster’ Rejoins Reality TV Lineup

Georgia Durante drove
for the mob.
From the NYTimes.com:

I'm not normally a violent person, but I swear, if that bastard had leaned any closer to my don without letting me pat him down first, I would have plugged him between the eyes. Shoot first, ask questions later. I didn’t survive this long in the Mafia — “this long” being about two hours — without learning that.

Whew; sorry. I’m still a little amped up from filming my television debut as an extra in a brief re-creation in the Investigation Discovery docu-series “I Married a Mobster.” I arranged the job only partly because I really, really, really wanted to be on TV. The other reason was to get a look at a little-appreciated corner of the television-acting universe. Documentary programming on cable is full of re-enactments; the scenes often flit by almost unnoticed. But what I learned by participating in one is that a surprising amount of care and acting skill go into making them.

On “I Married a Mobster,” which begins a new season on Wednesday night, significant others (or exes) of actual Mafia figures recount their days of running with the mob. In each episode a sit-down interview with the real-life woman is augmented by scenes depicting important moments in her narrative.

My episode, “Stunt Lady,” which — set your DVRs now — is scheduled for Aug. 29, tells the story of Georgia Durante, who as a young woman became a driver for the mob. The scene I participated in, which was filmed at the Still Bar on Third Avenue in Manhattan, involves a career-defining moment in which Ms. Durante (played by Jen Waite) delivers an envelope to the New York mob boss Carlo Gambino...

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