Wives Talk More About Mob Life in Season Two

The marriage of "Mikey Scars" kicks off season two.

The public is fascinated by stories of the mob, and often idealizes “the life” as something of an off-the-grid fairytale for those who live it. Sure, there is crime involved, but it stays contained within their little mob world, right? Anyone who gets hurt knows what he was signing up for, right?

Not always.

Investigation Discovery’s I Married a Mobster takes a look at the wives of the mob, some who knew what they were getting into, some who did not.

“The women in I Married a Mobster literally dance with the devil,” Henry Schleiff, president and general manager of Investigation Discovery explains. “They are strong, resilient and fierce. Indeed, their stories will leave viewers wondering what gets mobsters into more hot water: crossing their Dons or their Donnas!”

In the case of mobster Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo, crossing his Donna was a big mistake. On August 15, Season Two of I Married a Mobster will look at the story of Toni Marie Fappiano, who married DiLeonardo, unaware of the danger she was jumping into with the pairing. Although her family is filled with men involved with the mob life, Toni Marie was kept in the dark by her loving father, who is not involved with the mob himself. When Toni Marie finally learned the truth—that her husband was not only a mobster, but a made member of the Gambino crime family—it was too late. Her husband had her set up in a home in the suburbs, leaving her and their son alone the majority of the time, and he was embracing the wiseguy lifestyle, which ultimately led to DiLeonardo having a son with his mistress.

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