Just When You Thought The Gotti-Alite Feud Had Finally Ended....

In a pending now-published post we analyzed the Curtis Sliwa shooting itself...see it here....

Why did Angel Gotti mention John Alite on Page Six of the New York Post, John Alite recently asked.

Angel was expressing her feelings about Curtis Sliwa, who her brother allegedly ordered Gambino mobsters to beat up in 1992 for insulting John Gotti Senior, only the two Gambino soldiers brought a gun -- and Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, was shot at point-blank range in the back of a New York taxicab, but escaped out the moving cab's window before they could finish him off. John Junior wound up spending a fortune defending himself against attempted murder and racketeering charges.

Anyway, while replying to Page Six, Angel suddenly pivoted -- and threw shade at Alite.

She told Page Six: “[Sliwa would] sell his kids for attention and publicity. I don’t know who is worse, he or [Gambino family turncoat] John Alite. Two [people] who can’t seem to get attention unless they’re lying about Gotti, Gotti, Gotti!”

We went through several days of discussions, examining countless text messages and emails, to arrive at this story.

"I'm not on social media for two years," Alite said. "I don't know shit about computers. Most girls are on Instagram showing their asses, this one shows her mouth. She's obsessed - she's mad at Sliwa, well, why she bring me up?

What is really bothering Alite?

"(John Junior) Gotti was never man enough to come out in front; he even uses his sister now to avoid me. They (meaning certain individuals on social media) call him the diaper don."

We'd try to contact John Junior for a response but historically he hasn't acknowledged our existence.

While researching this story we found a little-recalled incident from 1989 involving a fight -- back when Junior and Alite were such close pals that John Junior rushed to Alite's aid during a brawl in a nightclub...

A certain name from the past apparently has been evoked by certain people on social media, and it's a name that truly pisses John Alite off.

Mirage was once a high-end nightclub in Tampa, Florida. Depending on your source, it was either built with dirty money by associates of the Gambino family or it's just a nightclub like any other.

When John Junior Gotti and five others were arrested in August 2008, indictments named the Tampa Mirage nightclub as one example of a Gambino investment founded on dirty money.

Who owned the club? Either it was owned and operated by James V. Cadicamo by way of his sister (he and the sister's names reportedly once appeared in state records as principals in the business) or it was owned by John Alite.

Alite says he recruited James Cadicamo to Tampa to oversee the club before everything went sour between them. Among the reasons he wanted Cadicamo to go to Florida was that Jimmy had pissed off a couple of vicious Howard Beach mobsters by dating the daughter of one and a girlfriend of another, Alite said.

Alite was in Tampa to oversee things for then-Gambino capo Ronnie One-Arm Trucchio, who is now serving life. The feds say Trucchio had tapped Alite to head his Tampa crew beginning in about 1993, as per court filings.

Alite was already well-known to federal authorities since about 1989, when he, Steve Kaplan, and Junior Gotti were all arrested on charges that they had beat up two men and a woman in the Long Island night club Sprat's II.

Now we wander away from the main story to offer this sidebar story that's not technically in a sidebar: 

Back in the day, John Junior and John Alite once faced assault charges together over a brawl inside Sprat's II, a bar formerly located in Long Beach in Long Island’s Nassau County about 10 miles from New York City (yours truly hung out there too, in the day). The fight spilled out to the parking lot, as per reports.

What happened was Alite reportedly grabbed the arm of a newlywed woman — apparently to try to woo her. But he wound up belting her husband in the face when he intervened.

Gotti and Kaplan then joined the scuffle with the woman's husband, as did several of the husband's friends.

Then, apparently when the newlywed couple and and another couple tried to leave, Gotti, Alite, Kaplan and several others attacked them outside the bar.

One of the men assaulted by the Gambino-linked group suffered a facial fracture near his right eye and was expected to undergo surgery. The other man and the woman were treated for cuts and bruises.

Incidentally, Sprat's II was owned by Philip Basile, who was convicted in 1983 of conspiring with Lucchese crime family boss Paul Vario to give a convicted drug dealer a 'no show' job in a bid to sway the parole board.

And we return to the main story, regarding Mirage in Tampa:

"We put Mirage in Jimmy's sister's name," Alite said. "He knows nothing about business."

In a since-dismissed civil suit, Alite said that in 2000, he advanced then-associate Cam Rowell money to find a location for a nightclub in Tampa. Rowell formed U.S. Hospitality of Tampa Bay and opened the club, known initially as Club Moet, and later Mirage. Alite's name was not on the incorporation papers.

Rowell resigned a year later and has since died. Records show Michael A. Malone became the registered agent for the U.S. Hospitality in 2001.

Malone and Cadicamo were "close confidants" of Alite's, and they all grew up together in Queens.

Alite actually tapped the both of them to manage Mirage, only Cadicamo exploited the situation.

At first, Cadicamo sent club profits to Alite per their arrangement. But Alite left the United States in 2003, and at some point the money stopped.

Alite claims Cadicamo and his sister, who was named as an officer for U.S. Hospitality in 2002, started keeping all the revenue.

Alite was the central character in a 2006 federal case that linked a Tampa valet company to the Gambinos. Around that time Cadicamo also was facing charges related to the same trial. Prosecutors say he plotted to hurt or kill Malone, his former partner, to try to keep him from testifying for the government.

The Cadicamo name seems to have resurfaced in the larger debate in April of 2017 in a Facebook post connected to the book Shadow of My Father, noting:

"Jimmy Cadicamo is another man who did his time came out of prison is working and changed his life around only to be antagonized and called a rat by mob rat John Alite on his last two radio appearances. These are the men that Alite ratted on but he's calling them rats! Parasite!"

Some of the sentiment behind that post may have been premature, as Cadicamo was arrested later that same year, in December. For what exactly, we couldn't find, though Alite says it had something to do with "funneling drug money" in Tampa.

Alite also insists that Cadicamo worked for the government, among other things.

Aside from the Hillsborough County arrest of Cadicamo, we couldn't find corroboration for what Alite alleges.

"Cadicamo attaches himself to the Gotti family and them to him, but he is on tapes calling 911 on at least a dozen occasions for police to help him."