Newest Phase Of The John Gotti-Curtis Sliwa Feud

Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride: we're about to see how these Capitol Hill politicos play their version of War of the Godfathers -- I've taken sides, but will say no more about that, other than my decision is not based on free will so much as, my BS detector has no off switch, and once I catch a whiff of da smell o’ bullshit, I can't manipulate the natural reaction... 

John Junior, left, Curtis Sliwa.
John Junior, left, Curtis Sliwa.

And if you think, ah, politicos don't kill each other, all we’ll say is: who's being naïve now, Kate...? 

(But you are correct, they don't kill each other...they mostly rant in front of cameras.)

And in other news this week: The bad blood seemed to be boiling over again between members of the Gotti family and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa… as per a recent Page Six item….

The family is livid about a Page Six story on a wedding Sliwa and John Gotti Jr. attended over the weekend. We wrote that Sliwa and Junior — who was accused of kidnapping and attempting to murder Sliwa back in the ’90s — were kept on the opposite sides of the room at the Staten Island nuptials.

Sliwa even told us that he was “mad-dogging” (translation: shooting nasty looks at) Junior all night and that “people were reminding me this was my friend’s wedding — don’t make a scene; don’t get into a dust-up.” (Sliwa said he was staring at Gotti Jr., and not vice versa.)

Now, the Gottis are accusing Sliwa of playing up the situation for press. Gotti Jr.’s sister Angel tweeted in response to our story, “Sliwa still whoring I see. Big mouth trouble makers NEVER change, always desperate for attention … It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding you Doofus!”

She told us when reached for comment, “[Sliwa would] sell his kids for attention and publicity. I don’t know who is worse, he or [Gambino family turncoat] John Alite. Two [people] who can’t seem to get attention unless they’re lying about Gotti, Gotti, Gotti!”

Either way, Frank Gotti Albano, grandson of the Dapper Don, chimed in by tweeting: “I sat next to my uncle the entire wedding we had a great time.” He added of Sliwa, “I think he was jealous that more people from the wedding came to our side of the room and lined up to take pics [with] my uncle and my family and no one gave a s–t he was there wearing his goofy red beret. 

See the whole shebang, here....

As for the history between Sliwa and Gotti all you need to know is what former Gambino capo Michael DiLeonardo once told us....

There was no plot to murder Curtis Sliwa, the outspoken radio personality who insulted and ridiculed John Gotti Senior, DiLeonardo said. "He was supposed to be kidnapped and baseball-batted. Hospital job.

"They weren't supposed to bring a gun," he added. "In different times he could've been killed for what he did. That's the reason you don't bring a gun to a meeting. That is why on a sanctioned hit you have backup, crash cars -- you plan it out. You don't shoot a guy in broad daylight like that."