Is Newest Mob Wife Hiding in Plain Sight? We Think So

We think the other new member of "Mob Wives" has been hiding in plain sight (see below YouTube clip); but first a "tease" from about the kickoff episode of "Mob Wives" Season Three:

After a break in at her home, Renee fears that she and her son AJ are being targeted for being associated with a rat. While Drita and Karen have finally settled their differences, Drita now finds herself in the middle of a feud between Carla and and Renee that involves allegations of infidelity and drugs. As Ramona breaks some difficult news to her children, Big Ang is recovering from yet more cosmetic surgery and visited by a long-time friend, LOVE MAJEWSKI. Love, infamous for her past in the mob life, is back from Miami and ready to reconnect with the girls-- some of whom are not so happy she is back in town. Drita and Big Ang try to help settle the feud between Carla and Renee by bringing them together to talk things out over brunch but when the knives come out, things get ugly-- fast.

Now we are putting our two cents in here: We think Love's big feud is with Ramona Rizzo; we are basing this on the fact that there was a rivalry between Love and Ramona's sister back in the old days, when both Love and Ramona's sister were both dating Chris Paciello -- and neither lady knew about the other while this "ménage à trois" of sorts was going on... A source also told us that most of the cast seems to be ganging up on Carla, which likely means Carla and Drita, as those two are tight, or have been...

Also, this post on YouTube, and other things, make use wonder if the second new mob wife is hiding in plain sight.


The copy under the video clip:

Published on Dec 16, 2012

On December 14th MOB WIVES hosted an event for victims of Sandy and Mob Wife Toni Marie Ricci organized a MOB WIVES signing of a Michael Bell Hand-Signed Fine Art Print of "The Ring" from his famous "TICKET TO RIDE" Painting Series for auction.

Toni Marie Ricci, Karen Gravano, Jennifer Graziano, Love Majewski and Ramona Rizzo all signed Michael Bell's print. You can still donate to the Servino Family Fund by contacting Love Majewski through Twitter @LoveMajewski

For more exciting developments on Michael Bell's NEW narrative painting series based on the life of Mob Wife Toni Marie Ricci follow Michael Bell and Toni Marie Ricci on Twitter @mbellart and @ToniMarieRicci. Don't miss the season Premiere of the hit series MOB WIVES Season 3 this January on VH1 where you just might get to see the LIVE UNVEILING of Toni Marie Ricci's first painting with Michael Bell in New York City!

Special thanks to the Chelsea Manor, VH1's MOB WIVES Television Series, Jennifer Graziano, Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Love Majewski and Toni Marie Ricci for organizing this event and for signing Michael Bell's Fine Art Print.