President Obama's Exec Order Could Finish Off Mafia

President Obama's EO 13581 could literally tear apart what is
left of the American Cosa Nostra.
President Barack Obama last year issued an Executive Order that authorizes the Treasury Department to designate certain crime rings as "transnational groups" in order to freeze their U.S. assets and ban American citizens and companies from conducting business with them.

This order has already been used against some foreign crime rings, with some speculating that the American Mafia -- the Gambino crime family, in particular -- could be next.

The Free Republic noted that the Gambino crime family could finally be undone due to the fact that it is allegedly strengthening its ties to Sicily.

Under President Obama's Executive Order 13581, issued on July 24, 2011, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, several transnational crime groups have been put on the Treasury Department’s blacklist already, including the Yakuza from Japan, the Camorra or Neapolitan Mafia in Italy, Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas and Central America’s Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13.

The Free Republic speculates that "perhaps the Gambino crime family may be next. Although all five of New York’s Mafia families allegedly have ties to the Sicilian Mafia the Gambinos reportedly are most deeply entrenched with their overseas paesanos. Apparently several of its reputed leaders "have strong ties to Sicily, including through the Palermo-based Inzerillo clan, as reported by Ed Scarpo for Cosa Nostra News." [Yes, we were surprised to find this mention here, as well.]

According to Wikipedia, the Inzerillo-Gambino Mafia clan claims it "is a transatlantic Mafia family, based in Palermo and New York City... In Sicily, the family clan is centered around the Inzerillo, the Spatola and Di Maggio families, while in the United States the Sicilian faction in the Gambino crime family is the core of the group. The Inzerillo clan hailed from the Passo di Ragano neighbourhood in Palermo. They were relatives of New York City Mafia boss Carlo Gambino."

The Free Republic article also noted that the supposed Gambino and Inzerillo alliance in the past allegedly has been involved in the global heroin trade. "Moreover, U.S. and Italian law enforcement previously have alleged [there are] ties between the Gambino crime family and the Santa Maria di Gesu clan from the Sicilian Mafia, as reported by Bob Norman for Broward-Palm Beach New Times."

A crime family can be put on the black list, according to the EO, because all that is required of it is that it have a foreign component that, combined, has adverse impact on the U.S.

Looking ahead, the article added: "The program... is obviously incomplete. For example, although the Camorra or Neapolitan Mafia is designated, La Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian Mafia and the ‘Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia are glaring omissions...

"Indeed, when La Cosa Nostra and the ‘Ndrangheta likely are added, don’t be surprised to see the accompanying designation of some reputed U.S.-based mobsters and crime families for their alleged entanglement with these Italian criminal organizations.

"Designating the Gambino crime family as a transnational criminal organization would financially squeeze it out of existence. All the U.S. bank accounts, real estate and business concerns which are affiliated with its purported members and associates would be frozen, and no American could engage in any financial or business transactions with them. In one fell swoop the Treasury Department through the Office of Foreign Assets Control would do more to undermine the Gambino crime family than more than fifty years of criminal prosecutions."

Video shows joint FBI/Italian police mob raid in Sicily.


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