Did Wikipedia Mistakenly ID Other New Mob Wife?

Still no word on who the other new Mob Wife is... Toni Marie Ricci was the number-one contender for the slot, I thought, but I have begun to suspect that maybe she's been a red herring, and that Jennifer Graziano is going to wow us with someone totally out of left field...

Then I saw a bizarre mention on the Mob Wives Wikipedia page under the subhead Supporting Cast: "Victoria Gotti - Vanessa's older cousin, also daughter of the notorious mobster John Gotti, who visits Vanessa from time to time and gives her advice and a shoulder to lean on."

This seems to imply that Vanessa Gotti is the other new Mob Wife, and that Victoria will be on the show. However, there is no previous mention of Vanessa on the page -- it seems she should have been mentioned in a first reference. Perhaps the Wikipedia author identified the new cast member, but was  later told to take the name out, which the author did -- but maybe forgetting to delete the subsequent reference to Vanessa????

However, this too is odd to believe, considering Vicky's past statements about the reality TV show. See, for example, Victoria Gotti Takes Surreal Potshots at 'Mob Wives'.

Please leave your comments below on who you think the other new mob wife is.

Episode One Trailer, "Mob Knives"

From VH1.com:

Overview of Season 3: Mob Wives, which premieres this coming Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT, picks up with the women trying to move on with their lives.

In the wake of ex-husband Junior's betrayal, Renee battles an ongoing secret. Big Ang copes with the fallout from her son's drug rehabilitation and final sentencing. Drita learns that her husband Lee is going to be released from jail and is forced to consider the consequences. And when Lee does return to town, Drita is pushed to choose -- is she willing to let Lee back into their home and into her heart, or will she follow through with the divorce?

Much to Carla's amazement, things continue to heat up between her still-husband Joe and his much younger girlfriend. Joe drops a bomb on Carla that threatens Carla's number one spot in their relationship. As Karen continues to build her entrepreneurial empire, she learns some startling news about Dave that jeopardizes their long-standing love connection. And with Ramona's boyfriend Joe still stuck behind bars and awaiting sentencing, Ramona receives an offer she may never be able to refuse.

As Godmother to the group, Big Ang's peace-making skills are put through the ringer as the women continue to divide and multiply. Drita and Ramona are unexpectedly brought to the table by their daughters and pressed to settle their scores. When Renee and Carla go to war, it leaves everyone stunned and their twenty-year friendship in tatters.

The storms continue when Hurricane Sandy devastates Staten Island. The women survive the aftermath using their strength and street smarts to rebuild their hometown.

With the addition of Love Majewski, a hot-tempered mob moll engaged six times (often to notorious criminals) but never married, jealousy is in the air -- as are brand new Staten Island scuffles. A scrappy quick-witted loose cannon known about town for stabbing, slicing and poisoning ex-lovers, Love is searching for love in all the wrong places -- but, she won't take sh*t from any man or woman. Notes Reality Tea: "Only in America would she be rewarded with a television show!"


  1. Love is no Mob Girl! Shes full of shit! There was an incident not to long ago, where she said a black guy pissed on her head in a hotel bathroom. If she was such a street girl why didn't she defend herself??? because she is full of shit! Anyone who claims they know the street life would of known how to get out of that situation possible pulling out her bullshit weapons that she claims to use on guys or how about just kicking the guy in the balls.Instead she went crying....like a little bitch because she is no mob wife! What are you people thinking putting her on the Mob Wifes? Because if it was any of the Mob wifes they would of left the guy for dead! Your a phoney Love like your other friends!Im not talking about the Mob wife gals because they are real! your NOT! THEY HAVE REAL FAMILY TO BACK THEM UP! WHAT DO YOU HAVE??? JUST YOUR HEAR SAY! MORE TO COME JUST GETTING STARTED!

    1. A guy "pissed on her head in a hotel bathroom?" Where on earth did you hear about that one?

  2. Lets just say your dealing with someone who is very honorable and well respected. When one of my people come to me its always the truth. I dont have it any other way. As you will see very soon everything I tell you will be on the MONEY!

  3. Your Right Love is not who she saids she is.She is very dishonest like her buddy Kim who lies to her people on twitter about herself. The truth will be coming out soon.

  4. Who is Kim? When will this story be released? Any update?

  5. Kim is Kim Lebron maden name Kim carrion. She was married too Agapito Lebron and had 2 kids with him, after there divorce she been around, meet some guy sonny gambino and married him for a whole 9 months and all of a sudden she became Italian with mob history, she's 100% Rican other then marring a Italian she's full of S-it
    So lets see married a PR her own kind and after hitting 45 yrs of age married a guy with Italian name and now she's the mob
    What a joke, tryin too be who your not just think of her kids watching her denie her whole past life, wonder how they feel, poor ole Danny and Geness Lebron her poor ole children
    Lol what a joke


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