Mob Wife Love's Mom Called Her 'Satan's Spawn'

Renee is "threatened" by Junior via a written letter so she can
show how strong she is by how she deals with the issue.
Well, so much for that. It looks like mob wives can't be bothered writing show recaps.

Last week, VHI announced that each week a mob wife would recap the show, providing that wife's own particular spin on the analysis. Ramona Rizzo wrote the first recap, but we see that Mob Wives – Episode 3 – VH1 Blog was written by Elizabeth Black, who as far as is known is not a mob wife -- unless she is the surprise "other" new mob wife Jen Graziano announced many months ago, then said not another word about; this  "second" new mob wife also hasn't appeared on the show, either, so we may still be in for a late-breaking appearance by one of the Gotti ladies... or not.

Also, to stick our two cents in, we think once again Renee is blowing things way out of proportion. Junior is the one that's hunted -- he's the Virgil Sollozzo of the group. And his letter obviously was a response to AJ's telling him about how Reneeis trying to turn their son against him, meaning Junior Pagan, although how Pagan could not have seen this coming is surprising...

Pagan has something in common
with Sollozzo of "The Godfather."
And by the way: How many times does Love 'Satan's Spawn' Majewski need to reiterate that she has stabbed, shot and poisoned several men formerly in her life, including not-gangster Ray Merolle? Does she not realize how foolish she looks when she describes herself as a total loony tune, repeatedly, actually threatening Carla's life on the show for absolutely no reason at all??? (Speaking of which, are there not laws against that?) We are also interested in the love triangle Love mentions; we have heard about the Love-Chris Paciello-Roxanne Rizzo triangle, but not the Love-Carla-whomever one. We'll have to hit the books and Internet. But bottom line: no wonder Love is still single... though we do wonder how she's not in prison...

I don't know... All this heightened drama and tension of the third season seems almost desperate, and sort of makes us wonder if the memory of Mob Wives Chicago's fate is foremost on the minds of the producers and cast of "Mob Wives," and that the ladies are doing all they can to make sure this show stays on the air. We don't think they need to worry about that, in any event...

Time to move on.

After Renee receives a letter from Junior, she takes off looking for someone, anyone, to comfort her, and she finds Ramona, mid-blowout, at the hair salon. She reads the letter to Ramona, explaining that “this letter confirms that I have a future problem,” because in it, Junior basically threatens her and tells her she’s going to be in real trouble if she turns their son, AJ, against him.

“Just those few little words have got me feeling very, very afraid,” Renee says.

Ramona’s more concerned about where Junior actually is, because he’s supposed to be in jail and his letters are supposed to be monitored by the government, and yet this one, full of threats, managed to get out. Yeah, that’s not comforting at all. “I’m gonna lose it,” Renee tells Ramona, and hello, we would all lose it in that situation. “He’s gonna kill me.”

“I can’t notify the authorities because I’m not a rat like Junior,” Renee says, but the only other people she could turn to in this situation are, well, Junior himself, or her dad who’s back in prison thanks to Junior. “Who do you speak to about making sure this person does not come back and f—ing kill you?” she wonders.

Over at Love‘s house, Karen, Love, and Love’s mom are all reminiscing about the things they used to do as kids. Karen talks about the time they lit Ramona’s dad’s car on fire, and Love says “My mother used to call me Satan’s spawn.” This makes me feel pret-ty dull as a tween, I used to read Babysitter’s Club books. Cough.

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  1. "Renee is blowing things way out of proportion. Junior is the one that's hunted -- he's the Virgil Sollozzo of the group."

    Ed, I have to throw in my two cents here; I know you're an intelligent guy. We all know Renee can be dramatic sometimes but I think in this particular incident, she's not blowing it out of porportion; she had been with this controlling, abusive man for 20 years and when he's gone all the sudden (after turning her father in), that doesn't mean the control is completely gone. It IS a very terrifying experience to have someone hurt you, run and then try to come back in because you don't know what they are thinking or what they are capable of doing...what their intent is. It's a mental scare tactic that unfortunately, can instill the fear of God in a victim.

    I'm not sure about season 3 yet. Season 2 had the "big one" as far as storylines go and it'll be tough to top that. But as we've seen with Renee and the rat, you never know what will make the news.

    Take it easy, Ed! ^_^

    1. Hi Jane,

      I have to tell you it is all fake. I know it for a fact! Yes Junior is a rat, but Renee, I don't think has anything to worry about. The show is a fake, most of it, is all planed. Love's story is all a made up story. Read Ed's Blog...Gone in 60 Second's Based on Mob Wifes Life? Read the 13 comments, you will understand better.

      Best Regards

  2. Hi Jane,

    Great to hear from you and I appreciate your insight. I may be a little old school here, but Junior is the rat, and I'd guess that historically rats have tried to stay as far away from the mob they ratted on, especially if they go into WitSec; in fact to stay in the program, they have to cut ties or they are out (Renee was his wife and they do have a son, however, so he's probably allowed to communicate with her)... And his letter, to me, sounded more like a response to AJ's issues over his father; how else would Junior know what was going on in that house unless AJ wrote or spoke with him about it, an issue Renee didn't mention but does beg to be asked about, in my opinion. It just seemed to me Renee was over-hyping the letter for dramatic purposes; I don't remember the exact wording, but I didn't think it threatening after I'd heard it... Of course Ramona and all the other women agree with you, so the herd mentality has taken a foothold (which doesn't mean their mentality is wrong BTW!).

    Bottom line: I doubt Renee will hear another word from the rat...

  3. I agree...a lot of the show is fake. When Renee dragged Ramona out of the hair salon, she said "I got this letter" and Ramona immediately was like "a letter from Junior???" would she know that? Renee didn't even get a chance to say who it was from, the letter could have been from anybody...the thugs who robbed her house (which she claimed was a personal vendetta)for example or Carla who she has been beefing with, point is, the letter could have been from anybody, yet Ramona knew it was from Junior without Renee saying so!

    1. Good catch -- I have to admit, I missed that... Stay tuned for my post in which I speculate about the change in time from 8 to 10pm for "Mob Wives" ("Mob Lies" might be a better title it seems these days)... a friend called me today and told me what she found about the new later slot. It is hilarious! Can't wait until I have the time to punch that one out!

    2. Ed, that was GREAT! mob lies!!! love it!!! Can't wait to hear more!


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