Philly Mob Jury Now Deliberating for Four Weeks

Uncle Joe awaits verdict.
After a couple of misfires, Philly jurors deliberating the fate of mob boss Uncle Joe Ligambi and six of his cohorts have been piled in the jury room for more than four weeks now. The restarts were caused by the judge having to replace two jurors with alternates. Then the jury had to restart its efforts -- and one of the first things it did was ask to see every single exhibit introduced during the 10-week trial. And of course the defense filed a motion for a mistrial, which was denied.

So who is betting on a mistrial being declared?

The latest report on the status of deliberations comes from The York Daily Record, which notes that the "mob jury could work Super Bowl Sunday if the panel doesn't reach a verdict this week in the sports betting and loansharking case.

"The jury has returned to court nearly every day to review portions of the FBI wiretaps made over the past decade.

"U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno — perhaps nudging the panel along today — told jurors they could be working this weekend if they haven't reached a verdict."