Is this a Renaissance for the New York Mafia?

Mancuso, Bonanno boss in
Is DiFiore just keeping the seat warm
for Mancuso?
I thought I'd take a look at this, since some readers seem to be commenting an awful lot on a recent post about the Gambino family having 750 made members and associates.

We all know the FBI has only two squads -- roughly 25 agents -- left to keep an eye on, never mind investigate, New York's five Mafia families. So now would seem the perfect time for them to start growing, start doing some real business -- I am talking executions and murders, too -- err, I mean acquisitions and mergers...

"The mob agents are the bastard stepchildren of the FBI these days," an FBI source recently revealed. "Everything is terrorism now. If you want to be somebody with a future in the FBI you want to be assigned to terrorism."

"If you want a couple grand to get an informant on a mob case you're going to be waiting a month," said another FBI source. "If you need that same money for a terrorism case you're going to get it the next day."

One squad handles the Lucchese and Gambino families, while another handles the rest, sources have revealed. This right here says the Gambinos and Lucheses must be the largest...

Don Vito, Montreal boss
It goes without saying that for many years the FBI once had a squad for each of the families -- which is how they so effectively managed to dismantle organized crime in recent years, reaching a crescendo, perhaps, with the infamous Mafia Takedown Day (soon to become a national holiday??)

Anyway this is the best "data" I could found on the size of the mob in New York:

  • 700 made mafia members
  • More than 7,000 associates
Now, tell me: does 750 seem too large for the Gambinos? (Again, it is a combo of made men and associates.) It still leaved over 6,000 for the other four families...

And why do you think some Feds are "worried that the lack of attention could lead to a Wiseguy resurgence?" as Jerry Capeci recently reported, and who furnished the above data?

I'd say the Feds have damn good reason to worry... and the mob, to fucking celebrate!!!


  1. they should focus on terrorists but it wont be easy since they have more rights than Italians in this country

    1. And they know that street guys will respect them while terrorists might blow their asses up.

  2. I was one of those who commented and I must have misread the article because I thought it said 750 made men not plus associates. I would estimate the Gambinos at just under 200 made members and 1000 associates.

    1. It's a mistake to count numbers and not quality or lack thereof. They don't need a lot of agents today because if they catch one guy he'll rat out six more which will start a daisy chain of rats.

    2. But you see the one quote in which the fed complains they don't have the resources to recruit informants these days?

  3. We're so focused on terrorism in the Middle East and it would seem that the mob "glory days" are over. Give that to federal budget cuts and whatnot to law enforcement agency (although I'm not particularly sure about cuts or if there are some in federal LE). Tactically, the mob can use it to their advantage.

    Don't forget though, while the numbers of the FBI in this post seem small, we now have DHS, which wasn't something they had during the golden days of the mob.

  4. Oh and I LOVE the new layout too :)

    1. Thanks Jane - it was the work of my so -far silent partner; I realized I needed a graphic expert on my team and I knew he was the right guy shortly after I got to know him... we are still tweaking so consider the design a work in progress... I am curious what you think of the Sopranos ending theory I posted earlier...


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