Bonannos Reboot as Mob Squad Gets Halved

The NY Daily News is reporting that the Bonanno crime family has picked Michael “The Nose” Mancuso as its "official boss," noting that "Mancuso, 59, would be the first top banana to hold that title since longtime boss Joseph Massino, who turned rat shortly after he was convicted in 2005 of racketeering and multiple murders."
"The Nose" Mancuso is behind bars.

We have spoken to a few sources who have had not very pleasant things to say about the reporter who wrote the pro-Mancuso piece, which seems as if it were dashed off  in an attempt to catch up with reporter Jerry Capeci, who last week reported that while Mancuso may take the big seat when he gets out of the can in five years, for now the main Bonanno on the street, and boss of the borgata, is Thomas DeFiore.

The News basically writes the same story as Capeci did last week, only inverting the emphasis: "It doesn’t matter that Mancuso has five years left to serve in federal prison for a murder conviction...

“Mancuso’s the boss and he’s running the family from jail,” a key law enforcement source told The News.

"A new underboss, Thomas DeFiore, of Long Island, has also been tapped to run the family on the street, but he may be little more than a figurehead. The power squarely lies with Mancuso and his Bronx-based underlings, sources said."

What is the difference between what Capeci wrote and the News author wrote? About five days -- the length of time it took the News to catch up to Capeci.

What is of greater interest to this blogger is the fact that, according to the Daily News, "at least 10 Bonanno mobsters have gotten their button — becoming made men — in the past 18 months, sources said, as the family is trying to replenish its ranks depleted by convictions. The Bonanno family has about 100 wise guys and hundreds of criminal associates, a source added."

The Bonannos are building up -- just as the Feds are making their ill-conceived cutbacks in terms of their focus on La Cosa Nostra in New York City.

As Tickle the Wire points out, "the FBI is dedicating less and less resources to battle the New York mob these days."

Capeci has noted that there are fewer agents watching mobsters and putting cases together than there were two years ago, following the roundup of more than 120 goodfellas on what has become to be known as "Mafia Takedown Day."

The FBI had one squad assigned to each New York crime family back in the days that they were systematically dismantling organized crime, piece by piece. At present, however, the FBI has on the streets only two New York City-based squads to keep an eye on the 700 or so members -- and estimated 7,000 associates -- of the Five Families, as Capeci noted.

The number of mob-fighting FBI agents has fallen by more than 50% since 2008, in fact.

“It’s devastating,” one veteran organized crime prosecutor told Capeci. “When you had five squads doing five families, it was hard, covering all the different crews in the different neighborhoods all over the city; now you want to have two squads covering five families? The cutbacks are just devastating.”


  1. And then you also have the dirt in the DA's offices - connected Assistant DAs. God forbid that these parasite mobsters should face State charges and get off because the Asst. DAs "prosecuting" their cases are connected and their only "job" is to preserve the parasitic nesting of these criminals within their boroughs. At least on a Federal level, there's a chance, and I do mean "chance" that these criminals will actually be prosecuted for their crimes.

    Justice, as a whole, lost their vital and crucial "hammer" when they lost Greg D. Andres to private practice. New York will forever be crawling with these brood parasites, as a result.

    1. maybe you are a parasite, the feds and some politicians are 10 times worse than mob guys, they harass anyone with an Italian last name who knows anyone in the life. The real parasites are the so called good guys.

    2. Lemme see. Donnie Brasco was a parasite but Lefty Two Guns was an ok guy.

      Hmm. That's a stretch by any account.

    3. Hey santa clause you are probably a cop so you will never understand but my door was kicked in when I was a kid and yes Lefty was a bad guy but he was stand up and nothing like pacino in the movie so keep believing in santa and the easter bunny and worship eric holder who takes care of his own

    4. Wow! I'd forgotten about my post above. And to the kid replying to me at: "Anonymous June 26, 2013 at 8:13 AM" IF (and that's a BIG "IF") you can read, my post was in reference to the judicial corruption. Read it again, Knuckelhead!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ed by that time Vinny was done, he gave a list to a spanish inmate whos mom was into santeria to put a curse on his enemies and the guy ran to the feds. Vinny knew he was done when Dom C. who was like a son to him flipped and he lost it and was grasping at straws with the voodoo stuff

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ed, please put a gun to your head and pull the us all from your b.s.....CAFONE!!!!

    4. We're gonna take you in the basement of the Parkside in Corona....depends....bust your legs or two in the back of the head....Ed, your a p.o.s. scumbag, jerk off...

  3. Vinny never actually killed anyone...he admitted on wire to ordering Randy's hit and was implicated by others for Santoro's murder. He was betrayed by the one he looked up to and respected. He's a stand up guy who understands his time is up and is taking it like a man...not a scumbag rat like Joey.

  4. I'm going to guess that "Anon" July 1 7:53 and 8:01 pm are the same knucklehead? If you don't like what you're reading, then stay off the site. Get it, big mouth? If you want to complain, go complain about the NY Daily News or the Post - they print half-truths and lies. At least Scarpo verifies what goes into his articles. Unfortunately, do to the content, people get on edge, this is understandable. That's all the more reason to stay off the site if you can't handle it and show some respect.

    Nobody asked you to come read this blog. And as for your threats? Buddy, you're really tough. It takes a real tough guy to "type" threats on an Internet Blog. And IF you are in any way connected to the "Parkside" as you imply, you're an idiot already. Something tells me you're just an idiot on the Internet. If Tony knew you were publicly implicating his place of business, therefore him and others, on the Internet for the world to read, he take YOUR scumbag, jerk off, CAFONE little ass down "in the basement of the Parkside and bust YOUR legs...or two in the back of the head!" Figlio d'un Cafone!!Talk tough? Yea, if you are who I think you are, you come from shi*, you ARE shi*. Now why don't YOU go put a gun to YOUR little worm. Or perhaps one of your scumbag buddies might do it for they did your Daddy!!

    Sorry Scarpo. I know I'm not supposed to call names on here and I apologize to your OTHER readers. We're all here to just read and enjoy the articles, not to threaten or behave like this animal. It shows what a moron he is when he goes so far as to not only threaten people but he also implicates another person's place of business in criminal activity. What a d-bag! I'm tempted to copy his posts and put it along with his NAME on the Facebook page of Parkside. I'm sure Tony would just love him then, you little "F"! Run your mouth again...

  5. By the way, the fact that you post "ANON" on ANY website doesn't mean your "Anon". Get it? And just so we're clear, making death threats in the State of New York is punishable with not only fines but prison time. Get it? Making threats by electronic means is "harsher", Get it? Even the "Anonymous" are not anonymous - get it bozo?

    Sorry again, Scarpo.

  6. The Daily Rag has it wrong yet again. MICHAEL MANCUSO is not 59, he's 57. The BOP and Justice Dept. has incorrect info on him. --Belinda Rossetti


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