Gambino Associate Flips; Still Gets 12 Years

DAVID D’ARPINO - He’s not that bad, mom wails.
Rat gets screwed: David D'Arpino,
formerly a Gambino associate.
From the

A mobster who thought that turning rat would win him a pass for a 1996 murder got a big surprise at his sentencing yesterday: 12 years in the slammer.

Turncoat Gambino family associate David D’Arpino’s parents erupted in fury after Brooklyn federal Judge Sterling Johnson rejected his plea for five years’ time served.

D’Arpino’s mom tearfully complained that another murderous mob stoolie — John Alite, a former pal of mob scion John “Junior” Gotti — got less time, “and he killed more people.”

“It’s not right!” she wailed.

D’Arpino’s dad also bellowed, “The guy from ‘American Gangster’ got five years, and he killed hundreds of people!” in a reference to the former Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas. Lucas was convicted on drug charges in the 1970s, but was not charged with any murders.

Earlier, defense lawyer Sam Braverman argued that D’Arpino had done “honest penance” for the fatal shooting of drug dealer John Gebert by cooperating with the feds and called the five years that D’Arpino has been locked up since his arrest an “appropriate” punishment.

“He knows whenever he gets out there are people who will do him enormous harm, who will try to kill him,” Braverman added.

Prosecutor Evan Norris also said that D’Arpino’s “substantial” assistance helped the feds convict co-defendant John Burke, who was sentenced earlier this year to life behind bars for Gebert’s slaying.

But the judge said he had to consider the impact of D’Arpino’s crime on Gebert and his family, noting that D’Arpino “did the coup de grace” by shooting Gebert as he cowered under a table inside a Woodhaven bar.

“Once you get out, you’ll still have a life to live,” Johnson told D’Arpino.


  1. Yes, and he will have the life expectancy of a house fly.

  2. If you really believe that, name one rat who's been killed since Willie Boy Johnson, who was close to John Gotti, fifteen years ago.

  3. To Sonny: No, I don't believe that when they go into WitSec. It didn't say anything about him going into the program. But I can't imagine him being released from prison one day and going back to his life and not have some goon(s) after him.

    1. Chris Paciello ratted out guys, came out of prison and became a pal of Hollywood's young actors, like in Entourage. He left there and went to Miami Beach, where he works as some kind of social director in the Delano Hotel. Henry Hill was all over the place, on TV and doing lectures after he left WitSec. Cullotta, of Tony Spilotro fame, is still in Vegas, and doing TV and giving talks. Sammy the Bull ran a drug ring in Arizona, as himself, before being rearrested and sent back to prison. That Jewish rat (can't remember his name) who called himself John Gotti's adopted son, was all around Boca Raton, Florida. It goes on and on.

    2. Didn't Sammy Bull(shit) use the name Eddie Mareno? I seem to recall something like that... the adopted son is K -a -s... (another three letters...)

  4. Haha - Gaspipe thought he was gonna get out too! Easy come, easy go. The complications of participating in a criminal enterprise? Oopsies!

    1. Casso's major screw up when he turned was that he didn't get anything in writing and didn't even have a lawyer to help him hammer out a deal... Gaspipe actually trusted the feds. Then he told them their "star" informant was a drug dealer... and that's the end of Gaspipe (with a little help from a jailhouse snitch-- Sal.)


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