Capeci: Luchese/Bonanno Mob War a Fiction

A black man shot Joe Colombo. What
is going on in this case, however?
UPDATE: Gangland's Jerry Capeci this week refutes the idea of a mob war currently being fought between the Bonanno and Luchese crime families -- and wonders if Enzo "the Baker" Stagno is even a made man as the Post article, which broke this "story," claims.

Capeci quoted one recognized associate of the Bonanno and Gambino families who occasionally speaks to Gang Land as saying: "A few guys saw it in the paper and none of us have a clue who he is."

The mob scribe added: "Most law enforcement officials concurred. But one described Stagno as 'definitely' an associate of the Bonanno family. He may in fact, have been recently inducted into the crime family, which has been hard pressed to increase its numbers in recent years, said this source."

As for the alleged Bonanno-Luchese feud, Capeci wrote, "there's more than a little truth there as well. Several law enforcement sources confirmed the two sides have been at odds in recent months. But none of Gang Land's sources believes the shooting had anything to do with that ongoing dispute, or that it had anything to do with Stagno's purported organized crime ties.

"The story sounds phony," one longtime mob buster told Capeci. "All the families have been staying away from shootings and leaving bodies in the streets. And I can't recall a black man involved in a mob shooting since Joe Colombo. I will be shocked if this turns out to be an interfamily dispute."


  1. If you accept Capeci as correct, then the question is why? Why concoct a Bonanno-Lucchese war when a black guy was obviously the shooter? Because the mob is money. It keeps news people at work with stories about a subject they know people are interested in, and keeps law enforcement personnel in cushy jobs instead of putting their asses on the line in terrorism squads, where the gentlemanly behavior toward authorities mobsters have always shown could be their head on the steps of headquarters. The mob they defame is the mob that makes them money and keeps them safe. Always remember that when organized crime is totally gone it will not mean crime is gone. We will have only replaced "organized" with "chaotic."

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