Colombo Gangster Joe Waverly Acquitted of Ordering Dols Hit

Surveillance photo of Joe Waverly
Joel "Joe Waverly" Cacace, a high-level Colombo mobster who still carries lead in his chest from previous gunfights, has been acquitted of ordering the killing of an NYPD officer who married the Mafioso's ex-wife.

A jury took only four hours to reach their verdict clearing Cacace of murder in aid of racketeering in the killing of Police Officer Ralph Dols, who was shot to death in 1997 outside his home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The verdict was reached yesterday, Nov. 26.

Last year, Colombo gangster Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli was acquitted of carrying out Cacace's alleged order, along with Dino Saracino.

Cacace, 72, didn't walk out of the courtroom a free man following his acquittal as he is in the process of serving a 20-year sentence for racketeering after admitting to carrying out a hit on a federal prosecutor.

He is not due to be released from prison until 2020 when he will be close to 80.

Officer Ralph Dols

It has been alleged that Cacace ordered the hit on Dols for marrying Kimberly Kennaugh, the mobster's ex-wife. 

Sources confirmed that despite the acquittal, what was alleged to have happened is actually what happened. But as G. Robert Blakey said, bad facts make for bad cases

The prosecution didn't have the goods. An anonymous jury once again rejected the testimony of cooperating witnesses Dino Calabro and Joseph Competiello, who were part of the hit team that killed Dols. 

Both pleaded guilty to the cop killing and are hoping they will receive a reduced sentence in return for their cooperation.


  1. I was surprised...I thought the Gov. had an air tight case. I think Tommy Shots being acquitted really hurt the outcome. Facts are facts...and I believe it went down just like Calabro said it did. Calabro and Saracino approached Dohls...he said, "what's up?", and they, with a .45 auto and a .44 magnum revolver and blasted away. Waverly gave the order to Tommy and on down.

    1. Dohls apparently wasn't aware that you stay away Mobster's wives, ex-wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, could get you killed...

    2. Dols was a kid... look at his pictures. He couldn't have been on the force for long. I wonder if he even knows who he was marrying at the time they married. She doesn't talk about her ex mobster husband that much, it seems

    3. That may be true but, you should know everything about your partner. Young, naive, whatever, run from these women like the plague....otherwise get the full blessing and consent of the wiseguy. Of course she doesn't talk much...she want's her everyone else..just read the NY Post.

    4. Joel Waverly is an old school wiseguy. He doesn't play around...never has. If he thinks for a minute you've disrespected him in any way...he'll waste you in a heartbeat.

    5. Very true about Cacace. He had a xop whacked and is doing 20 for having done same thing to a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR!!

  2. Ed, the " Aronwald Hit" was botched. Instead of the son being killed who was the prosecutor, the father was shot dead by mistake in a laundry room of the same home.. he was an Administrative Law judge. The two assassins are imprisoned. Waverly has 10 years remaining on that plus 3 other murders. He has been acquitted of the Dols hit, and can never be re-tried( double jeopardy clause). S he has 10 years left and will be out at about age 80.

  3. I know it was a botched hit but didn't feel like typing all those words! Lol! Thanks for doing it for me - but I think he has seven years left and will be 79 when he gets out....

  4. It was a bone-headed move...on a housing cop? Way too much heat and not worth it. I would be happy for them and let them be. What kind of statement did that make if any? Destroyed many lives out of jealousy and spite. I sends the message to your underlings that you're a hot-head that's going to bring others down with you for personal grudges.


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