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Kinda ridiculous what Ramona Rizzo seems to be doing for cash since "Mob Wives" dumped her. But hey, ya gotta earn, right? So what if you're a celebrity whom almost anyone can recognize on sight.... [Thanks to Cindy M. for this one!]

Also we hear Skinny Joey is denying what we reported last week regarding a "meeting" between the Philly mob boss and informant Chris Paciello (Christian Ludwigsen) -- Skinny Joey says that the rat didn't have the nerve to look at him, never mind threaten to break his teeth, and that Joey was the one who gave Paciello the Malochia. This is from Capeci's site, which is PPV.

Also we have given some consideration to Junior's plight. Would a mob guy really use a knife? Well, one of our readers whose comments carry a lot of weight with us thinks we called this wrong when we said, no, about the knife. But now we're thinking, why not? Knives do have advantages, they are quieter and more intimate. So maybe it was Junior's old pals saying a "howdy do." However, we still think it's insulting for a former mob boss to actually get stabbed like he was the victim of a junky smash-and-grab.....Still, daddy'd be proud. He won't talk to the pezzonovante police... Also of interest in this story: Gotti told Syosset Hospital staff he took a knife to the gut while trying to stop two strangers from fighting in the parking lot of the CVS across from the Long Island Rail Road station in Syosset. Would ya believe that that is like the only CVS on Long Island, if not the country or the world, that doesn't have a video camera trained on its parking lot!


  1. What planet are you guys from? Or should I say streets? Of course, there are some mob street guys that still carry switch blades. They are a lot easier to conceal, and you can get your point across with a quick slash or jab instead of straight out shooting.
    Anonymous-Old School


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