Alleged Mob Boss Gioeli on Joe Waverly's Victory

Tommy Gioeli on Joel "Joe Waverly" Cacace's victory (at least he stopped putting the blame for the murder on Wild Bill, see story)...

Alleged Mob Boss Tommy Gioeli's Voice:

In today's post I would like to congratulate my friend and onetime codefendant Joel Cacace on his justified victory over a petty, deceitful, and corrupt prosecution team led by my old nemesis, the new head of the Organized Crime Dept. for the Eastern District of New York, Elizabeth "Lizzy the Liar" Geddes.

While her main flunky AUSA James "Tommy Pickles" Gatta tried to deceive the jury into believing that Joel was guilty as charged, Lizzy the Liar was orchestrating and recycling Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's perjured testimony. She was trying to somehow make it more credible the second time around. Maybe she thought that the second jury was stupider than the first; but neither jury was stupid. Both juries were too sophisticated for Lizzy and her collection of lies. All the while these children of Satan know that myself, Dino Saracino, and Joel Cacace are innocent. Every piece of their evedience screamed for our acquittal. Joel's expert defense team of lead counsel Susan "Kosher" Kellman and learned counsel David "the Scholar" Stern swiftly and thoroughly devastated the prosecution's flimsy case.

Not since Johnnie Cochran and Barry Scheck has there been such a dominant duo in the courtroom. Susan "Kosher" Kellman is so savvy in the atmosphere of the courthouse that she let those fools beat themselves with their own evidence. That's right, the defense team knew enough not to mount a defense. Instead they had the brilliance to let the prosecution eat itself while they sat back and enjoyed their victory. Of course the fact that Joel was 100% innocent made a victory that much easier to achieve. I applaud Susan "Kosher" Kellman, David "the Scholar" Stern, the Jury and justice for exposing the truth in such a corrupt system as our federal justice System.