Drita, Brittany "Own" Rest of Cast in MW Finale

Drita D'Avanzo and Brittany Fogarty kick ass tomorrow night -- quite literally... Well, they try to, but security won't allow them.
Brittany Fogarty

In the past year, I've talked to a few mob wives -- by that I mean woman married to made guys.

The general consensus about VH1's Mob Wives is that the women are a disgrace and an embarrassment to all Italian-Americans. Some are even "frauds," "rats" and "whores."

One source said something that resonated:

He noted the proliferation of reality shows as a genre (which got a huge boost following the 2008 screenwriters' strike -- plus, producers love their low-budget and huge potential profit proposition). He also keyed onto the fact that some women on the show really are from the street and had very difficult lives. 

He almost whispered (perhaps so his wife wouldn't hear him?!):

"They got all these other housewives on other reality shows, basketball, New Jersey shows, so why shouldn't these Mob Wives women make something out of this too?"

Spoken like a true wiseguy. I agree.

Drita D'Avanzo and Brittany Fogarty kick ass tomorrow night -- quite literally... Well, they try to, but security won't allow them.

It's apparent now that the animosity is realer than I ever imagined on Mob Wives -- and Brittany and Drita own the rest of the cast, as you'll see tomorrow night.

I don't like Brittany because I know her mother, as someone implied. I like her because she's real and loyal and ballsy as hell. Search my site -- you'll see what I have written about a lot of the Mob Wives -- especially my early blogs, prior to Philadelphia. You'll see, very easily, how I feel about who the chief instigator on the show is. I just didn't know she was a complete and utter coward to boot....

Drita and Brittany are their own dynamic duo -- they stick together and are ready for battle.

Some of them may talk a good game, have "dramatic breakdowns" and such -- but when it's time to put up or shut up -- they do the shutting up.

I am basing my proselytizing on a blog that seems to have the inside track on the show, period.

Reality Ashhole has posted precisely what has been filmed -- although you never know what will happen in the editing stage, where they can tweak things.

Anyway, as the aforementioned blog noted:
  • The sit-down was filmed in a very tiny, narrow restaurant which is why if you look at the previews it looks like nobody can even fit inside the room and the security is soooo close to the girls.  
  • Drita and Brittany arrived first and security immediately checked their bags for weapons (Yes, I’m serious.)  
  • Drita yelled out, “What the f**k is up you punk ass mother f***ers!” as Karen Gravano and Marissa Jade were walking into the restaurant. 
  • Drita wanted security to leave and Adam the producer told all the girls on camera that if they ALL consent for security to leave, ON CAMERA, then security will leave and let them do whatever. Karen and Marissa REFUSED to consent and stayed quiet.  
  • Drita kept yelling and getting up and since security was so close they kept holding her shoulders and sitting her back down.  
  • When security separated them that’s when Karen FINALLY started talking shit to Drita calling Drita’s husband a punk

That's only a sample -- go to the site to see the whole story. I feel like I wasted so much time writing the first draft speculating what will happen. Well, that blog has it all.

One thing I have learned is that the show is not as fictional as you'd think. These women are sincerely battling it out -- on the show as well as on social media.

I spoke with a source about Brittany and her mother, Andrea Giovino.

"Brittany is as fearless as her mother -- and that says a lot. You mess with one of them, you have a problem with both of them. Brittany might be young, but she was raised by Andrea Giovino and can run rings around anyone on that show -- she's smarter and sharper than all of them put together."

Andrea has a book out, Divorced from the Mob. It was her relationship with Frank Lino that was of interest to me when I contacted her last year. I didn't even know she was Brittany's mother. I knew Lino was Tommy Karate's captain.

Brittany, by simply befriending Drita D'Avanzo has given the sixth season its entire plot, apparently. 

As for getting down -- brawling, arguing, etc., I think she was ready to murder Marissa Jade in that episode. Seriously, the bodyguards earned their paychecks that day. Brittany would not give up -- she was determined to knock Marissa Jade's lights out. And she would have.

Why is Marissa even on the show? What was her storyline, anyway, except to say some crap about "the men." Uh oh... OZ is friends with Lee -- and he told her the girls all better get along. (Apparently Marissa's boyfriend, big bad OZ, is in the clink today -- because of Marissa! God, you can't make this shit up! Geez.... and Karen Gravano makes news by calling someone else a rat??? Are you serious????)

Brittany can even give it right back to a well-seasoned Mob Wives pro like Carla Facciolo. Furthermore, Brit does so without even working up a flush. Brittany is always poised, cucumber cool and deadly calm, even when she's ready to beat the crap out of you.

Drita, on the other hands, flares and screams -- you can literally see the anger welling up inside her. Her rage is mostly directed at Karen Gravano. There truly is some very bad blood between the two. Recall how Drita was ready to vomit when Karen suddenly returned to the show....She wasn't so crazy to see Carla's return, either.

Brittany and Drita are actually the perfect pair. It's no wonder the two of them get along so well. As Carla Facciolo said to Brittany at the ballgame, "Drita always sees black too!" 

Drita is the real deal. She is willing to take on all comers.
Only the comers wait for security to hold them back
before growing a pair....

Brittany mentioned some interesting points in an interview I found online. (So many blogs speculate instead of finding firsthand information. I guess if you favor the losers, that's the route to go....)

"I think the show was looking to pull in a younger viewership. I am 24, pretty young. I was born into a family of crime. So that's kind of how they brought me in. My father was very close with Karen's dad, Sammie the Bull. They spent 8 years together in prison. My mother, my uncles, all have a background in crime and are from Brooklyn, Staten Island and NY. That's where my whole family was born and raised."

"I'm younger and my different option on things really stirs up some crazy drama in the group. We still have a month of filming but it's going to be an exciting season....

"I am drifting to people that I feel are genuine... During past seasons I always thought it was ridiculous when they brought in people who have no connection or history.... I do have a strong connection to the lifestyle. My father and Sammy were very close, my mother hung out with John Gotti, so there is a strong connection there..."

As for her other cast members:

"You can't force who you like. I really love Drita... She's great. The one thing about Drita that I noticed after going back and watching past seasons is that she is exactly the same on camera as she is off. If I am sitting on the phone with her at 12 a.m. shooting the breeze, she is exactly the same as when we are filming. There is no fakeness, no phoniness."

"I am your typical don't-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover kind of girl. I look like a little California girl. You would look at me and think 'oh she's this nice little sweet blonde girl.' But meanwhile I am half Irish and half Italian and they say we have the best tempers. But I am a nice person and will be super nice to you until you give me a reason not to be. Then my crazy mob wife/daughter background comes out. It's funny because my mom is from Brooklyn and we ended up living in Pennsylvania because when my father cooperated they moved us to there. So my mom raised me in Pennsylvania but at the snap of a finger that Brooklyn would come right back out of her. Like with me, people would look at me and expect me to be a dumb model, but I'm not. I am quick witted and quick with my mouth...."

Carla Facciolo & Mikie Scars -- and what happened
Carla Facciolo ... Quite by chance I know a lot -- an awful lot -- about Carla.

I met this guy named Mikie Scars. We've had many conversations about a lot of topics, including Carla Facciolo. 

"Yes, it's true," he said, regarding an affair the two had while Michael was married to ToniMarie Ricci.

He said he "cheated on TonieMarie with Carla Facciolo" from Mob Wives. Furthermore he added that despite what Carla has said to the contrary Carla knew he was married to ToniMarie at the time of their relationship. (Apparently so does most of Brooklyn, Staten Island and possibly other boroughs.)

Michael DiLeonardo reminded me that it's in his testimony.

A source told me: "ToniMarie never went anywhere while he was taking Carla and a lot of other women all over the place. He used to take Carla and her friends out on yachts and shit."

Since the show is nearly over -- and this is my last Mob Wives blog, I will add a few quick thoughts:

-- The key difference with Mob Wives and other reality shows is that Renee Graziano has leverage over all the other cast members. Her sister, Jennifer, is the show's producer.

Still, Renee is better off hiding -- she's quite horrible when she displays her true personality...

I still recall her interview with Sway. (You HAVE to listen to this.)

The Grazianos chose that forum to bolster sales of their cookbook, the one with Meat Cleaver in the title.

Sway doesn't let them slide; the interview gets uncomfortable. 

Renee has another book out, too: Playing with Fire. She also has her Mob Candy line, over which she's been sued.

Most of them have been able to whip up some extra cash by finding ways to monetize their infamy from being on the show. Which reminds me...

A frontal assault that can't be avoided
I don't like to attack other bloggers, so I won't name where I read the following. (NOTE: surprisingly no one noticed I left out the key paragraph that set off my tirade. It's the first graph I refer to in the below excerpt.)

This is truly something else....
I’m sure there is an end game/goal for Brittany Fogarty joining Mob Wives. On production’s end, blonde eye candy and maybe Drita D’avanzo having someone to talk to besides Big Ang who had way bigger fish to fry. Brittany’s goal may be exposure for something bigger. Do I know for sure? No. Do I know the operation of Brittany’s mind? No.
Frankly, I was floored in learning of Brittany Fogarty joining the Mob Wives franchise. For reasons I am not comfortable to share, out of respect for private conversations. For clarity, I’m not referring to any conversation with Brittany. 

I don't know where to even begin with this kind of fake-insider crap that says something so idiotic it's nearly unbelievable. Did this woman get paid money to write this nonsense or is she writing this shit wholly out of pretense..?

An end game? Does it really say that? Also is the writer claiming Brittany asked to be on the show? I'd say they courted her. Also this is the last season of the show. She'd be a "dumb blonde" as you imply... or was it eye candy you called her? That's Marissa you're thinking of -- if she didn't leverage any exposure on what's been billed as, again, the final season....

Perhaps, the writer means Brittany will write a book, like Renee Graziano decided, quite suddenly (and unbelievably) at the end of one season? (That'd be the porn book, not the meat cleaver book. Never mind all the other crap...By the way, someone compiled a list of every orgasm in Renee's book... just for those interested.)

I sometimes feel so aghast by what other bloggers write -- how they mine social media for story lines... it's quite ridiculous.

I am done with this show. Over and out.