Finally "Junior" Gotti Addresses Alite

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I'm absolutely flabbergasted by something I read this morning.

Alite was an associate of my crew, and you’d have to think, if he heard there were some guys on his property or he got into some kind of a shoot-out, don’t you think the first thing he would have done was get word back to us?
John A. Gotti, aka "Junior" Gotti, the former mob boss said something of interest -- finally. He discussed associates, sitdowns and Mafia protocol.

On the anti-Alite Gotti propaganda page, specifically this page, you will read:

In their book on pages 146-148 John Alite and George Anastasia tell a fascinating, cinematic story of “a shoot-out” that took place on Alite’s property in New Jersey in 1990.
However: John Alite gave wildly varying accounts of this “shoot-out” in his FBI-302s from 2009, an interview he gave for a documentary in 2014 and another on the radio in 2015 where I called in and asked him about it.
More important than that inconsistency however is his admission that the subjects of FBI interviews are not in control of what the agents/prosecutors write in their reports which contradicts everything Alite says about being certain of what other people said in their meetings with agents/prosecutors. In effect, he is admitting that the whole process is corrupt and FBI agents/prosecutors can include/leave out whatever they want or even make up things that their interviewees never said. ...

I will cut to the chase:

In the end, though, when discussing this alleged incident with John A. Gotti and Alite’s discrepancies in his recounting it not only did Gotti not believe it to be true either, agreeing that Alite made the story up prior to his trial to seem like a more important witness and to help land a book and movie deal later on, he even laughed at Alite’s audaciousness.

“He said that!?” John A. Gotti marveled as I played the video for him of Alite describing how he “finished” someone.

About John Alite's oft-mentioned shootout on his personal property:

“Alite was an associate of my crew, and you’d have to think, if he heard there were some guys on his property or he got into some kind of a shoot-out, don’t you think the first thing he would have done was get word back to us? The guys he reported to? The guys who protected him? The guys with the guns? We’d have sent a team of guys out there to stay with him on that property and hold it down in two seconds, but, nobody ever heard a word about this.”

About Alite having a sitdown with Tommy "Karate" Pitera:

  “Alite could have never have had a sit down with Tommy Pitera and Pitera would never have had a sit down with my father. Does Pitera even ever show up on the Ravenite tapes? Because if there was a sit-down over Alite I would have been there and I don’t ever remember Pitera being there, at least not while I was there, and Alite, he was only there maybe two or three times in his entire life, times when I sent for him to meet me there because he owed me money. The Ravenite was an invitation only location and I only invited Alite to meet me there so he could pay me. But, even so, show me Pitera’s name on the FBI logs just once together on the same day with Alite’s and mine and my father’s. And more importantly, show me the video of Pitera and Alite together if they were talking outside the club. All through 1990 that place was under constant, 24-7 video surveillance. Show me them talking together on video together just once. And more importantly, show me Alite mouthing off to him on video. Tommy Pitera was no joke. Tommy Pitera would have ate John Alite for breakfast.”

Mafia protocol:

“An associate can’t sit down with a made guy and a made guy can’t sit down with a boss. At a sit down it’s made guy to made guy, and if they can’t settle it, it’s capo to capo, their captains have to deal with it, and if they still can’t solve it then it gets kicked upstairs to the administration. That’s organized crime. We kept it organized. I was the soldier Alite reported to during the time frame he’s talking about, I didn’t become a captain until the summer of 1990, sometime after June 3rd, 1990 when Pitera got arrested, so, if there was a sit down with him I would have been there and I was not because it never happened. But, if this took place when I just was a soldier, and I couldn’t handle it with Pitera himself, who the government alleged was a Bonanno soldier– if we couldn’t solve the problem, settle this alleged beef, then I would have gave it to my captain and he would have sat down with who the government alleged was Pitera’s captain, Frank Lino, and if they couldn’t solve it it would have went upstairs, and guess what? Not only did Frank Lino end up cooperating but so did Sammy Gravano, the Gambino underboss in 1990 and when he flipped in ’91 this story still would have been fresh in his mind and he would have told the FBI about it. There’s no way some story about a bunch of guys getting in a shoot-out in New Jersey wouldn’t have been passed up the food chain, through both the Gambino and Bonanno families. And guess what? Sal Vitale, who became the Bonanno underboss and was an administrator during that time, he flipped also and would have told the FBI about it. So, show me just one 302 where either Lino, Gravano, Vitale or any of the other guys in my or Lino’s crew who ended up cooperating told the FBI about this, about a bunch of Pitera’s guys getting in a shoot-out with a Gambino associate or anything else. And on top of that, show me just one 302 of Lino, Gravano or Vitale even saying that they knew John Alite. Vitale especially because he had a relationship with my father and if there was a sit-down over this with my father and the Bonanno family, whose boss was in jail at the time, there’s a good chance Vitale would have been there. And Gravano, Alite’s been saying he talked business with him a bunch of times as well, so, show me something about Gravano saying that he knew him. That he mentioned Alite’s name just once in all the trials that he testified at. That he included John Alite on the full list detailing everyone he believed to be a member and associate of the Gambino family that he provided to the FBI when he cooperated. John Alite was a low-level guy, so, have him show me just one 302 of any of theirs even saying that they knew John Alite. And specifically, that there was a sit down over this alleged shoot-out. There would have been records of it.”

John, I for one would love to debate Sal's and Frank's 302s with you -- but you apparently are the only one with fckn copies!!!!!

As to my previous remarks about stalking, note what the website advises supporters.

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John Alite has quite a bit to say to Junior....

Of course John Alite can respond to this any time he'd like.... I always offer both sides their say -- it's just not always one side comes through.... 

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