Feds Harrassing Gotti Grandson? Possibly...

John Gotti, 22, grandson of Peter Gotti, who has no Mafia ties and is the brother of former Gambino acting boss John A. Gotti, was subpoenaed to testify about an arson case
Gino Gabrielli and his lawyer departing Brooklyn Federal court.

CONTENT ADDED TO ENDING: John Gotti, 22, grandson of Peter Gotti, who has no Mafia ties and is the brother of former Gambino acting boss John A. Gotti, was subpoenaed to testify about an arson case involving a Queens pizzeria, the Daily News reported in an early-morning exclusive today.

Gotti will not talk, his lawyer told the News. Gotti's connection to the case seems tenuous; he was dating the sister of the alleged criminal in the matter, an arsonist apparently not very skilled in that trade.

Last December Gino Gabrielli, 22, burned himself up along with a luxury vehicle he was torching. Surveillance video shows him committing the crime.

As the New York Post noted:  "Gabrielli seemed to be taking a page from the 1990 Mafia flick “Goodfellas,” in which a young mobster torches a rival’s cars. The film was partly shot near Aldo’s, the pizza shop belonging to (Gino's) grandfather Aldo Calore, and the crew and cast — including Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci — often gathered there for meals during breaks."

Gabrielli — who prosecutors implied had mob ties — bungled the job from start to finish. First, he was caught on surveillance tape as he crept up to the luxury car on Dec. 4, papers state. 
Then, as he set the gasoline on fire, the flames caught on his pants. With his right leg on fire, Gabrielli was captured on tape scurrying away in panic, court papers state. 
Gabrielli later told investigators he burned himself when a pot fell over as he cooked chicken. Cops debunked that fib after his mom said there was no cooking in her kitchen that night, according to a criminal complaint. 
Gabrielli checked into Jamaica Hospital with third-degree burns just 20 minutes after the incident.

Prosecutors seek to question Gotti about the fire Gabriella set last December during "a dispute between two pizzerias in Queens," sources told the News.

Gotti is scheduled to appear on March 16 in Brooklyn Federal Court, defense lawyer Gerard Marrone said.

He will not offer any testimony, Marrone told the News. Gotti will use his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

“He had nothing to do with this crime and we feel it is only harassment because of his last name and because he's the grandson of John Gotti," Marrone said.

Last month, the FBI arrested Gabriella at Aldo’s Pizzeria in Howard Beach, Queens.

Gabrielli was charged with setting afire a Mercedes Benz leased by the owner of Sofia’s Pizzeria, located in neighboring Ozone Park.

"The eatery owners — Gabrielli’s grandfather Aldo Cantore owns Aldo’s pizzeria — had been feuding after Sofia’s allegedly beat him out for a $1,300 catering gig."

"Gabrielli’s sister has been dating Gotti, but it is unclear what the feds think he knows about the incident."

Gabrielli's lawyer declined to comment for the News. He no longer works in his grandfather's pizzeria.

"Gabrielli allegedly set himself on fire during the crime and suffered burns on his leg. A surveillance video shows him going up in flames, according to court papers." 

He sought treatment at Jamaica Hospital's emergency room on Dec. 5 "with an incredible story that he had burned his leg by knocking over a pot of chicken and rice cooking on the stove in his house," an earlier News report noted.

Fire marshals, who were investigating the torching of a Mercedes Benz, "checked with Gabrielli's mother who told them that there was fire at their home," according to the complaint unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

"Hospital officials reported that the defendant's clothing reeked of gasoline when he arrived at the hospital," FBI agent Paul Tambrino stated in the complaint.

The owner of Sofia's Pizzeria (who hasn't been named) apparently took a $1,300 catering order away from Gabrielli's grandfather, who is the longtime owner of Aldo's Pizzeria, which is located on Cross Bay Blvd. in Howard Beach.

"That's certainly not true," defense lawyer Joseph DiBenedetto said as Gabrielli was released on $700,000 bail.

His grandfather, Gabrielli's sister Eleanor, who Gotti  dates, signed the bail bond.

Prosecutor Nadia Moore said she would provide Gabrielli with a list of organized crime members that he cannot associate with, as a condition of his release.

His mob ties are unclear.

It may be of interest to some that the Daily Mail made some errors in its report, describing this story's John Gotti as the grandson of John A. Gotti, which is incorrect.

The site also reported that Gotti's father, Peter Gotti, was also involved in the mob, which to my knowledge is false.