Anthony Colombo Writes Book About His Father

One of several YouTube videos posted by Anthony Colombo, son of deceased mob boss Joe Colombo.

Colombo: The Unsolved Murder by Don Capria and Anthony Colombo is available now, priced at $4.99 for the Kindle version and $16.95 for the paperback.

The book essentially "reopens" the investigation into Joe Colombo's death, offering what the authors describe as "compelling evidence that contradicts the popular belief behind Colombo’s death."

Co-authored by Joe Colombo’s eldest son, Anthony, the book tells the story of how young Joe Colombo rose from Brooklyn's streets to become one of New York Magazine’s “Top Ten Most Powerful Men” in 1971, alongside Nelson Rockefeller and Mayor John Lindsay.
Joe Colombo is the progenitor of one of New York's Five Families.

He was the charismatic Italian civil rights leader who organized over a hundred thousand people to rally in Columbus circle in 1970. Now, Colombo: the Unsolved Murder unveils Colombo’s life and death with never before told stories from family, friends, associates, and law enforcement.  
After over forty years of silence, Anthony Colombo tells his firsthand accounts of life beside his father and the events that lead up to his fatal shooting in Columbus Circle.  
Find out why Joe Colombo was known as the most paradoxical man in organized crime and why the FBI worked day and night to destroy his name, family, and ultimately his life.

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Anthony Colombo was born and raised in Brooklyn.

He worked alongside his father, Joseph Colombo, with the Italian American Civil Rights League and their efforts combating the "Mafia" stereotype were featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, numerous other TV and radio stations, and even on the cover of TIME magazine.

For 40 years Anthony remained silent and never offered the story of his life beside his father until now. Through his own eyes and experiences he offers this never before told story about who his father truly was and who was likely responsible for his father's death.

The book features 30 "exclusive" photos.

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Anthony discusses his grandfather, known as "Tony Durante" and "Two-Gun Tony," who was strangled
to death on Brooklyn. "(His murder) changed the whole course of my father's life as my father's shooting changed mine."

Kudos for the book:

"An enlightening book on someone many knew little about from an extremely devoted son and a wise author."
MARK SEAL, Author of the Man in the Rockefeller Suit and contributing editor, Vanity Fair.

"In the lore of spectacular Mob hits, the assassination of Joseph Colombo Sr. before an audience of thousands stands out. Here, Don Capria, and Anthony Colombo bring us as close to what really happened, as told by those closest to Joe Colombo, as one can hope to get."