Gotti Grandson "Considering" Plea Deal

John Gotti's namesake and grandson is considering a plea deal, his attorney said, after the 23-year-old appeared in court this past Wednesday.

(See video at end of story with NYPD Police Chief.)

"We’re just ironing out some details," lawyer Gerard Marrone told The New York Post. 

Gotti grandson and girlfriend; we blurred her face. (Source)

John Gotti "plans to remain behind bars as a “good faith” gesture," the Post reported as well. In a previous hearing the judge had ordered bail of $2 million.

Marrone also said, "Why let him out when we’re so close to a plea? We feel it's good faith to keep him in there."

"His spirits are very well," the attorney said. “He’s working out. He’s still in his drug program doing well. We want him to make a positive time of it while he’s in [Rikers]."

The defendant initially had faced up to life in prison if convicted on drug-dealing allegations. 

Gotti is slated to return to court on Feb. 8.

Read more about these case here.


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