Is Buffalo Cosa Nostra Family the Mafia's Dark Horse?

Based on a recent bust involving members of the Gambino and Bonanno crime families in which more than a dozen alleged members and associates of organized crime were arrested as part of a sweeping investigation into the fentanyl trade in Canada and New York, it seems the Buffalo crew is alive and well.

Or was....

Source: Gang Land News

Update: it appears our note about a discrepancy in news reports was incorrect See story for Adrian Humphreys clarification.

The following information was sent from a source.

In indicates that the Buffalo crime family is definitely larger and more organized than many have believed.

Last week's bust no doubt has taken a toll on the crime family. Yet who'd have guessed its heft? And if  could be big, who else is thriving in the US, off the radar....?

Frank BiFulco

Joe Violi (Canada Faction)

Victor Sansanese

Frank Falzone- 
Six soldiers, took over BiFulco crew.

Anthony Todaro
Eight soldiers, took over when his brother Joe Jr retired.

Natale Luppino
Hamilton, Canada, 
Nine soldiers, took over crew when Violi was moved up to Underboss, who in turn had taken over when Vincent Luppino passed away in 2009.

Bruno Monaco
Toronto, Canada
Five soldiers, took over when Dante Gasbarrini passed away. Gasbarrini became Capo when Paul Volpe was killed, and to get away from Giacomo Luppino and John Papalia of Hamilton.

Russell Carcone
Six soldiers

Loren Piccarreto/Anthony Chirico- Rochester,
Five soldiers. 

When Thomas Marotta came back in the 1990's, he decided to join the Bonanno family and took half of the independent family with him to the Bonanno family. After what happened up in Hamiliton with John Papalia, Rene Piccarreto decided to be more friendlier with Buffalo. When Joe "Lead Pipe Joe" Todaro retired in 2006, Angelo Amico decided to rejoin the Buffalo Family.

Robert Panaro
Las Vegas
No soldiers, Panaro is direct with the family administration and other capos. 

"About 12 to 15 members are retired," our source noted.

 So about 40 made members are still active in Buffalo.

In light of all the busts and heat, that's something, you ask me.....