For Former Gambino Associate John Alite, the Darkness Lasted More Than an Hour

John Alite's new book, Darkest Hour, is part of a planned trilogy written with author S.C. Pike that details John Alite's early years.

John Alite at book signing
John Alite signs his new book.

John Alite signaled from the beginning, nearly six years ago in May 2012, that he was taking a different approach following prison after testifying against ex-Gambino acting boss John (Junior) Gotti. (Alite also testified against Charles Carneglia, whose brother is getting out soon with Gene Gotti, in June 2019 and September 2019, respectively.)

 Alite never intended to disappear and pop-up in Tucson, Arizona, under an assumed name.

While John Alite failed in his attempt to help put Junior away, the Feds thought highly enough of him to spring him early, granting him a five-year supervised release stint that enabled John to spend Easter Sunday in Howard Beach, where he ate a holiday dinner ensconced with his family.

“I’m shocked,” a former Howard Beach neighbor told Gang Land News at the time. “He testified that a lot of bad things went on in that neighborhood, and in that house, and I’m shocked that he was there.”

One would think he'd be anywhere but in New York City's outerborough, let alone a mob-riddled part of Queens. (John said that, back in the day, he'd done business with Ronald Giallanzo, the Bonanno acting capo who copped to heavy duty charges last week). As for the mob, they certainly noticed Alite's presence in Queens. And while New York wiseguys don't fondly recall John Junior Gotti, who proffered and was shelved, they certainly don't smile when they recall John Alite. They have a strongly negative reaction to the former Gambino associate.

John Alite, with Jimmy Calandra, ex-Bath Avenue Crew guy (he's been writing smack in comments section of another story....)

Back in 2012, Gotti’s trial lawyer, Charles Carnesi, told Gang Land News that he too was shocked, shocked!

“I thought he was still in prison. I’m shocked that he would get that kind of consideration when the government itself is split on him. ... I am shocked. The man acknowledged three murders, he lied to the government about his roles in them, lies that were established by other cooperators. I don’t get it. The guy’s a psychopath. Mark my words. He’ll be back.”

We'd bet Mr. Carnesi that John Alite won't be back, not in the sense he means.

At one of John A. Gotti’s several racketeering trials, defense witnesses Kevin McMahon and Peter (Bud) Zuccaro contradicted Alite’s testimony. (Incidentally, both McMahon and Zuccaro are turncoats, too.... RATS, in other words.... seems Junior Gotti can find a place in his heart for some "rats," as long as they do right by him. Are Kevin and Bud Witsec Mafiosi, you think? Let's see if they pass the highly credible litmus test. Hmmm, let's try to figure this one out....well, anyone who testified in defense of Junior Gotti is a worthy stand-up guy, a hero! Otherwise, it's the witsec mafia for you....)

As Gang Land reported: "McMahon refuted Alite’s contention that Junior was involved in the 1990 killing of Gambino mobster Louis DiBono; Zuccaro testified that Alite was the prime mover who set up the 1996 murder of marijuana dealer John Gebert, a slaying in which Alite denied any real role."

Tampa Federal Judge Susan Bucklew shortened Alite’s 10-year sentence by 20 months after Brooklyn and Manhattan prosecutors credited him with giving more information about three then-pending cases, one of which was against a drug dealing, violent Gambino associate. John‘s intel helped the Feds on Mafia Takedown Day.

More of John's story.

"The mob wants Alite dead," a law enforcement source told me, expressing sincere interest in John's welfare. He doesn't personally know John Alite, but he doesn't want to see him whacked. "The mob has a long memory," he added. "They never forget anything. They won't forget him and he shouldn't forget them."

Asked if he's concerned about the mob killing him (he's doing book signings to promote his latest book, Darkest Hour, which is a sort of prequel to Gotti's Rules, the book written by the much-esteemed George Anastasia), Alite said: "I always thought these guys talk too much and don’t do any work."

He noted how during making ceremonies, some guys are still ordered to strip down to their underwear to take their oath. He also said the mob's chain of command, which involves orders emanating downward, is a major Achilles's heel for organized crime.

"You think someone’s going to ask someone to ask someone to do their work, then worry day in and day out which one is going to flip? Bah, I'm not worried. I can sleepwalk around, since no one hits Gotti and he was Italian ... and a made guy, if they don’t hit one of their own then I’m okay."

Former Gambino associate
John and two guys (from John Alite)

John said law enforcement and/or others have warned about attempts on his life going back to his years on the streets. There were more than a dozen plots or attempts to kill Alite, going around 20 years back through the present.

Not too long ago, in fact, he came close to learning the mob's reply to his proximity to them. (John was extremely hesitant to discuss this, which is interesting. He's "not a shy guy" as he always says. He will talk about anything in minute detail, but when he suddenly clams up, that's of course when you press him.)

Former mob associate, former Mob Wives star
John Alite with the stunning Brittany Fogarty, former Mob Wives star.

"I was going to meet someone on Staten Island," he said. "The guy (he was meeting) actually tipped me off about them." Apparently, the person John was meeting had caught wind of something at the last minute. (Or was he in on it and changed his mind? we wondered.)

"Someone is gonna set you up here," the person told John Alite.

The plan was for a car to cut off John's vehicle about a block away from the destination where he was meeting the person. The car would've rammed Alite's and the plan was for him to be murdered, the person told him.

Did John hit the gas Jason Bourne-style, ramming his would be attackers? Of course not.

"I just drove the other way," he said.

John noted philosophically of the would-be hit team: If there was a usual two-car hit team with five-six participants, chances are one of those involved would eventually flip.

"You can be sure of one thing," Alite said. "Whoever asked them to do it won't be in the car with them."

John chats up some interested readers.

John Alite told us —- not proudly, meaning he wasn't boasting—-that he's shot so many people, he can't remember them all. One of his former targets, Stevie Newell, even told us about when John shot him; the two are friends now.

Considering all the examples of "gangs who couldn't shoot straight," we asked John how he  learned how to shoot.

"I went to a range on Jamaica Avenue," he said. Also, he practiced regularly at a range in Tampa, Florida., and years back, he practiced on his 15-acre Cherry Hill, New Jersey, estate.

"You gotta practice, like baseball."

We asked him what he thinks of the modern day Mafia.

"Nine-tenths of them are dry snitches, rats, or traitors," he said. "They'd give anyone up. They can't trust each other. Should I name all the bosses, underbosses, and capos who flipped?"

To do their dirty work, he said, "They will get some young kid who is too stupid to know better. Look, I got shot, stabbed in the head, baseball batted, that's part of my life. I own it all."