John Alite Points To Lawyer's Corroboration To Say: John Junior Gotti Talked To Feds First

Gang Land News this week offered new details and corroboration for a story we first wrote more than five years ago when former Gambino associate John Alite spoke to us prior to the release of George Anastasia's Gotti Rules.

John Alite and John Junior

As reported then, in 2005, Alite told us, the Gambino family hierarchy got word to him -- while he was fighting extradition to the US from a Brazilian prison -- that John (Junior) Gotti was talking to the Feds. "John Gotti's son is a rat! That should be the biggest news in the world!" he said.

When Alite learned of the 302 he'd been in the process, he told us, of helping former Gambino capo Ronnie (One-Arm) Trucchio, who was on trial, when Alite got the word via an illegal cellphone  that John Junior had proffered and that a 302 had been floated. Alite said that the 302 (the existence of which had been reported previously, but this blog published the actual document) had been given to the Gambino family administration when Nicholas (Little Nicky) Corozzo was acting boss.

Now this week, Alite told Gang Land that attorney Joseph Corozzo, the lawyer son of former Gambino consigliere Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo and nephew of capo Little Nicky Corozzo, was the one who had informed him about Junior speaking to the FBI. Alite also said that the lawyer had arranged for him to receive the five-page document while he was still imprisoned in Brazil.

Corozzo confirmed part of Alite's assertion for Gang Land; namely, that Alite stood shoulder to shoulder with Gambino wiseguys to fight the Feds long after John Junior on January 18, 2005, fingered his deceased mob boss father and two Gambino mobsters for murders.

"I did speak to Alite before the trial and he did give me impeachment material that I was able to use against government witnesses," Corozzo, the noted lawyer, told Gang Land.

When John Alite testified against John Junior, he was mauled by the media. Newspapers ran front-page stories and headlines calling him a rat and portrayed him as everything from a junkie to a liar. But when news of Junior's 302 was leaked, the same outlets that vilified Alite were suspiciously mum.

"John Junior got on 60 minutes three times and lied. He got on the courtroom steps and called me and a million of these guys who cooperated rats and everything. They wrote about all that. Now that he’s proven to be a rat they haven't written one article."

Alite learned Junior was cooperating while he was fighting extradition to the U.S. from one of the worst prisons on earth, Presidio Ary Franco. (Read: Brazilian jail worse than death.)

Back in 2015, Alite told us that Gotti lawyer Charlie Carnesi had made the 302 available to Daniel (Danny) Marino, a Gambino capo from Queens.

"(Carnesi) was Danny Marino’s lawyer for years. Danny took a plea for the Hydell murder because Charlie Carnesi warned him about Junior already cooperating."

Alite continued: "I don’t care what Junior is trying to spin [about the argument that a 302 does not necessarily mean someone is ratting]. We know what the 302 is."

"I'm in Brazil speaking on a smuggled phone. I was trying to help Ronnie One Arm beat his case. This is before Ronnie One Arm blames everything on me in his opening statement. He threw me under the bus with Junior because he knew John junior was ratting already.

John Junior Gotti
John Junior Gotti

Alite told us today, "Timeline is key."

"Remember the Bonanno family's whole regime like Joe Massino and Sal Vitale and Frank Coppa, were against me. I was left for dead in a Brazil prison. I can walk you through 12 made guys who were rats first and how complex was Junior's cooperation...(including) inmate blackout car movements and fake court appearances in another city to cover meetings to move him through the back entrance."

Gang Land also paints a picture of a Junior-led conspiracy to get John Alite thrown in prison, noting there "are several folks who unquestionably did do Gotti's bidding," including Chris Kasparoza, of the John Alite facts page. Kasparoza is the "journalist" who is working with Junior to produce and write what they tout as a TV and book deal about the federal witness protection program, Witsec Mafia. (We have strong suspicions that Kasparoza only met John Junior via our comments section in a story we wrote in 2015; Gang Land seemed to confirm our suspicions when it reported that Junior admitted in a letter to Jerry Capeci that Kasparoza was a "recent" acquaintance. We aired our assertion previously; Chris and Angel Gotti both denied this.)

Kasparoza, replying to Gang Land, "wrote that there's no way that Alite got that 302 while he was in Brazil," also said that he had found previously uncovered evidence that links Alite to a grisly unsolved 1982 murder. Tina Foglia was 19 when in February 1982, she was found dismembered and stuffed into three bags strewn along the shoulder of the northbound Sagtikos Parkway. Foglia loved Long Island's hard-rock 80s music scene, and often visited Hammerheads, the club once located on Sunrise Highway in West Islip. In fact, she was last scene alive at the club on Feb. 1, 1982. She left about 3 a.m. She had been known to hitchhike.

Never mind that at the time the murder was committed, John Alite was 19 and in Los Angeles, as Gang Land reports, so he would've had trouble committing the crime halfway across the continental United States. But Kasparoza handed his evidence over to the cops. The case remains unsolved.

We don't know when Chris communicated with Gang Land, but according to a text message made available to us, he wrote back in February that investigators "more or less implied while there is evidence suggesting he did it, they no longer believe Alite did it (if they ever did)."

Skipping over the obvious questions raised by a years-long Gotti stooge inserting himself into a 35-year-old cold case murder -- we ask: he still told Gang Land in a story published in late April 2020 that Alite was a suspect?

Also, in addition to what Gang Land wrote about the Junior-led conspiracy to get John Alite thrown in prison, we have corroboration from another text message sent to us today.

In this text message, Kasparoza wrote to another party:

"Here's the deal, if you can help get Alite on tape making a drug deal, and tell me all you know about him, your part in the story get's rewritten. I will do all I can to portray you as a "hero" for helping to expose him."

He seems to be promising someone that, if this person were to obtain tape of Alite making a drug deal, and also tell all that he knows about Alite, then he will get something in return, namely, that a story will be rewritten -- and that Chris "will do all (he) can to portray you as a "hero" for helping to expose (Alite)."

That's many things, but in our book, it ain't journalism. Think for yourselves, folks.

After this was published Kasparoza replied that he did not tell Gang Land that Alite is a current suspect in the unsolved Folgia murder, and also said that the person in the second text message told him on tape that Alite sold him  "drugs and more."