John Alite Blasts Mob Hypocrisy, Junior Gotti

"Carnesi was the one spreading the story that Junior was cooperating... Tell Carnesi to ask the FBI to tell him why he flew to Florida to see Danny Marino."
-- John Alite in an exclusive interview

When John Alite testified against John Gotti Junior, he was mauled by the media. Newspapers ran front-page stories and headlines calling him a rat, and sought to portray him as everything from a junkie to a liar.
John Alite

When John Alite testified against John Gotti Junior, he was mauled by the media. Newspapers ran front-page stories and headlines calling him a rat and sought to portray him as everything from a junkie to a liar.

But now that the news is out that John Junior gave the Feds a "proffer" -- the once-mighty newspapers are suddenly silent, Alite noted.

"Newsday ran nothing to this point that I am aware of," he told us this morning.

John Alite, today. 

"It’s incredible; it’s a Long Island newspaper. If you check when my case was going on, Newsday wrote I was the most unbelievable of the witnesses based on what one of the jurors said. That is not even close to being true if you look at the jury pool on his charges."

"John Junior got on 60 minutes three times and lied. He got on the courtroom steps and called me and a million of these guys who cooperated rats and everything. They wrote about all that. Now that he’s proven to be a rat they haven't written one article."

The media sought to administer to Alite an ass-whooping like no one in the mob ever could have given him when he was on the street.

Adding insult to injury, the Gambino family had told Alite that John Gotti Junior was cooperating back when he was fighting extradition to the U.S. from one of the worst prisons on earth, Presidio Ary Franco.
[If you don't believe that read (or do your own research): Long spell in Brazilian prison worse than death, official says | Fox News Latino: "Brazil's justice minister said Tuesday that he would prefer death to serving a long sentence in one of his country's prisons. "If I had to spend many years in one of our prisons, I would rather die," Jose Eduardo Cardozo said at a gathering of business leaders in Sao Paulo."]

Provided by "Rico" 

Alite was fighting extradition and was actually trying to help Junior, as well as Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio when he got the word via an illegal cellphone smuggled to him in the prison.

Back then, the 302, which this blog made available to the public for the first time ever, had been given to the Gambino family administration ( Nicholas "Little Nicky" Corozzo was acting boss).

This is only a part of the story George Anastasia reveals in Gotti's Rules: The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the Demise of the American Mafia. Anastasia includes an image of the actual 302.

And the guy who made the 302 available, according to Alite?

That's the clincher if you read Jerry Capeci's column today in which the mob scribe writes that Gotti defense attorney Charles Carnesi is calling on the FBI to investigate how this document became public.

According to Alite, Carnesi himself made the 302 available to his pre-Junior Gambino family client, Paul Castellano-loyalist Daniel "Danny" Marino of the Queens faction of the family.

"If I was John Junior I'd sue the shit out of Carnesi," Alite said. "He was Danny Marino’s lawyer for years. Danny took a plea for the Hydell murder because Charlie Carnesi warned him about Junior already cooperating.

"I don’t care what he’s trying to spin [about the argument that a 302 does not necessarily mean someone is ratting]."

"We know what the 302 is."
"Carnesi was the one spreading the story that Junior was cooperating," Alite said. "Once in person and twice on the telephone. He flew to Florida to see Danny Marino.

"The FBI should dig into his airline records if he wants an investigation."

Newspapers devoted pages to excerpts of Junior's ebook, which I will never read, but had not a single word to say about the 302 that anointed him a rat, Alite noted.

"John Gotti's son is a rat! That should be the biggest news in the world!"

We agree, and we are going to let John Alite, whom the press never gave a fair shake, speak his piece, unfiltered:

"I'm in Brazil speaking on a smuggled phone. I was trying to help Ronnie One Arm beat his case. This is before Ronnie One Arm blames everything on me in his opening statement. He threw me under the bus with Junior because he knew John junior was ratting already.

This is an old cover. It shouldn't strike you as new news.

"When I come back from Brazil, I called John Junior 'Whitey Bulger.' I already had the information he was a rat because it came from Charlie Carnesi. That's because before John, his loyalty to and where he made all his money from was Danny Marino.

"As much as I don’t like John, he should sue the shit out of Carnesi. He sat alongside John Junior. He made me out to be a liar in court. Said I lied about John Cennamo in court."

Then, Carnesi goes on 60 minutes three times with John Junior "and he's bullshitting the world," Alite said.

Do you see John Alite in this picture yet? 

"You are with your client and you knew he kept that list in the ceiling.

"Why’d he keep my letter for 15 years?

"Carnesi is part of all the lies and made the Cennamo family suffer for eight years. They let them suffer by calling me a liar in the courtroom.

"No one knows how many 302s are out there. [Junior] was debriefing for a while.

"Maybe they pulled a Willie Boy Johnson on him.

"He gave up all kinds of people. He was a cooperating rat for who knows how long.

"This is a big show for John Junior. Tell Carnesi to ask the FBI to tell him why he flew to Florida to see Danny Marino.

"Ask him why when I was on the stand I called John Junior Whitey Bulger.

"How would I know about any of this? I am in Brazil.

"How did I know what Ronnie said about me in his opening statement?

The Smoking Gun: "For some strange reason, dopey Junior kept a ledger with the names of each guest and how much they gave. Investigators discovered the two-page list
during a raid on a Gotti, Jr. hangout."

"I don’t care what he’s trying to spin [about the argument that a 302 does not necessarily mean someone is ratting]. "We know what the 302 is."

"They broke Junior down. He didn’t quit. In 2005 they shelved him. His story was that in 1999 he quit the mob. Then why in 2001 is he talking about beating his uncle for busting him down?

"They keep spinning the story to where it fits them.

"I'm in a penitentiary soaking in shit. How did I know when I came back?
"Why did I call him Whitey?

"I'm not the only guy who has those papers [the 302]. There’s a ton of guys who have the papers. They were sending them out.

Castellano-loyalist Danny Marino. 

"John Junior was shunned when he was in jail. Guys wouldn’t sit with him. Guys wouldn’t talk to him. He sat by himself The whole jail knew that.
"During trial, I even pointed at him and said, 'I always thought you’d be sitting here and id be sitting there.'

"John Junior will know the truth. He is not stupid, he knew to keep that list and my letter for 15 years.

"The wedding list – hundreds, thousands members or associates but you only kept 300. You don’t keep a list of made guys! You only keep it because you're a rat!

"You told the whole world I'm a rat. But you held that list, you held my letter. He keeps souvenirs like a serial killer...

"He kept all those lists and letters because he was holding them in case he got jammed up.

"And it's not one 302. God knows how many others

"All the rest of his 302s could come out.

"He was a CI (confidential informant), giving debriefings, he did the Queen for a Day.

"He never caught a drug case

"What about all those drug dealers who personally handed him cash each week?

"John beat the shit out of one of them and took $350 a week. John Moose on 116 Street personally handed John $1,600 week.
"Then Johnny Gebert... Which one is it John? Did you protect him or did you kill him? Gebert is a rapist and a killer. He's one of your drug guys.

"Interview anybody in my neighborhood in Jamaica Avenue. They’ll tell you.

"Gebert went on the run. John Junior gave him my ID. We had an argument over that, me and John Junior. I said Gebert’s already been convicted -- why are you friends with him?

Then-acting boss Little Nicky Corozzo

"The only reason I can think of as to why [John Junior] is still alive is that they were thinking: If we kill him, they'll be right on us [meaning the Gambino family administration had no idea what kind of information Junior was feeding to the Feds].

"But everybody has good memories."