Coming Soon: A Cosa Nostra News Exclusive

What is this.... Nothing really, just a weird-looking
picture that doesn't give away anything about the
story I've been working on for the past eight hours.

UPDATE: Well, we didn't make our self-imposed deadline; we need to formally contact someone. We doubt they'll comment, but we need to provide them with an opportunity. 

We've been working on this one for two days and hope to post today.

 We promise this breaking news exclusive includes a lot of new historical information about the organization of one of the five crime families in New York.


  1. Cmon you can't do us like that. Just post the Damn story ha ha ha. Can't wait to read it.

  2. I find it amazing from my perspective how many people are interested in topics concerning the mob. I have my own opinions on the subject, However I'll save them for now. As far as insider stories and details on the inner workings of the mob, I also find it quite interesting how most posters on your forum have such disdain for these guys who cooperated , The so called rats, Yet these inside details would not be possible without them, it's quite interesting! One thing I can guarantee you that 99% of guys that joined witsec have thought of writing a book , I think if a guy was a mover and shaker on the street writing a book isn't for the sake of shedding light on the subject, it's about what street guys know best and that's trying to turn it into a score. It's the smart move. So love them or hate them, but at the end of the day without these guys who cooperate there wouldn't be forums like this.

  3. Don't ya think I'm dying to!!!! I gotta do this the right way. I need to call a corporate office for comment. Due to the nature of the business, they'll probably be answering the phone tomorrow, Sunday.

    This is probably one of the biggest and most important stories I have ever written on this blog. I'm going to expose something multifaceted that is entirely unknown to the public. My source I've known for years but he has never tipped me off with a story. He's not someone I've ever named; he's inducted member of one of the five families, he's never flipped. Trust me when I say this will be worth the wait. He's the ultimate insider, with long and deep knowledge going back decades in all five families.

    And this is only the beginning. We're already talked about a long lineup of "stories." If my man happens to read this, I love ya buddy!!!!

    I've also been in touch with several other new sources who gave up incredible info on guys like Johnny Alite and Junior Gotti. I've learned stuff that blows me away....

    And I'm gonna blow you all away, trust me. 2015 marks a new era for me and this blog. I just ask for your patience. I know I posted two crap stories yesterday and to compensate I felt compelled to alert ya all to the inside track regarding the big picture... whoa, I'm exhausted!!!!!

  4. Hearsay, I've been trying to explain this for years. For a blogger, those are the guys you want to talk to because they have the inside dope. All the books with the big revelations are written with informants. Honestly, the source I mentioned in the below comment is one of a few guys who has talked to me and hasn't flipped, is still a street guy. That's why I call him the ultimate insider. Cases like him are extremely rare. At the same time, guys who flipped don't talk to anyone because they have a lot of concerns... people who enjoy my blog should want me to speak to as many guys I can. These guys who rolled are still the same guy they were before they flipped. Just because they informed doesn't mean they're reformed... whatever they had inside them that enabled them to survive and prosper on the street, they still have. A "turncoat" who tied a 50-foot cord around a guy's throat and dragged him down Queens Boulevard, you're gonna tell me he's not a tough guy who could do that again just because he flipped? He certainly can but he decides not to.

  5. I definitely understand your point of view, without developing sources to get information, You'd have to rely on court transcripts etc..and you would be writing the same tiring stories that are told over and over. As far as my opinion on cooperating of course I feel if you get pinched you do your time. However, I have seen certain cases where good guys were made rats. One in particular would be Dom Cicale who everyone knows posts on here. First, the guy caught a case that he NEVER would have got pinched on, if not for others. But to add insult to injury he was being ordered by his guy to take the stand. He couldn't win either way, even if he did what he was told, he would have labeled a rat for testifying, I believe they threw the guy to the dogs and left him no choice. But that's a big difference from guys who get pinched and flip cause they don't wanna go to jail..which are 99% of most who flip. Take Jimmy the General, he flipped because he was at a table in mdc and heard a conversation that had nothing to do with his case. He used it as a get out of jail free card, That's what you call a rat! Anyway good job on your blog ed, I look forward to reading your upcoming story!!!

  6. I have no feeling one way or another on rats really. However, the type of rat I don't really like is the one who flipped after getting faced with 30-to life and then suddenly they have renounced 'the life' and can't wait to criticise it - calling the Gambinos a 'cancer' or going on blogspot and calling every guy who went to prison as a wasted life. Maybe it is hindsight but it also makes me feel it's self-serving,sort of trying to justify their decision to betray their crew/friends. DC on the other hand, I love his posts. He gives great info, admits he feels bad about flipping, admits he didn't feel bad for too long after his first murder but also says he's glad to not be doing that stuff any longer. That's the type of rat I like hearing from - honest and not claiming to have done a complete 180 and suddenly hate everything about Cosa Nostra because they got caught and cooperated. (Look forward to part 3 of your Q&A DC). Ed, I understand the rats give the stories though so cheers to them....look forward to this post. Sounds like it's going to be good!

  7. If you have "no feeling one way or another", then why do you chose to refer to informants as "rats"? The real RATS are the savages and know, degenerates that STILL willingly belong to those ridiculous organizations like the Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese and so on. The New York Times once referred to mafia organizations as more of a threat than terrorists groups.

    Who knows, for all we know Cicale could have "joined" the Bonanno family in an effort to do just what he did - gain their trust, become a made man, obtain information that could only be obtained by somebody in his position and well... you know the rest. LOL Good for him, that's all I'll say - Good for Cicale. He did the world a favor.

  8. "Hearsay", Where did you get your statistical info: "I can guarantee you that 99% of guys that joined witsec..." Or is this just your personal opinion, as in more of a "I'll bet you that...blah, blah..." kind of thing. I mean since there's been approximately 8,500 people (minus their families) enter WITSEC since it began. Just curious...

  9. Hey Ed, By chance do you know (just curious) how long Cicale had to stay at the orientation center (Washington). He CANNOT disclose where it is, but I'm just curious as to how long he had to stay. Thanks Ed (and Cicale if you're reading).

  10. called the office --- a manager will call me back. Didn't get a name - I gave them my name and number. I'll wait an hour or two.....

  11. I think that comparison to terrorists is overreaching, I truly wouldn't give them that much credit. The vast majority of wise guys don't have the brains to operate a lemonade stand. However, I think saying they're parasites that feed off of society might be more accurate. As far as your theory about ddc getting made with the intention to infiltrate their inner circle, Whew, that's like saying it was Dom Cicale on the grassy knoll, lol, I respectfully disagree with you there. To me that sounds more like the objective of an FBI agent not a street guy. Anyway, everyone has a right to their opinions.

  12. Lmao...pardon me, I stand corrected. Let me rephrase my opinion 99% in witsec probably have thought of cashing in on telling their story. Happy? Lol

  13. The fucking degenerates are politicians and government crooks so do the world a favor and stop feeding into the wasp bs about Italian boogymen being terrorists. I find that very offensive to my grandfather and uncles who served their country in 2 wars who happen to in the life


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