Former Gambino Enforcer Gives Candid Video Interview

John Alite talks to Cosa Nostra News on the record.

I am working on the story now. Some of what he told us is in the interview above. We will try not to duplicate too much of the information.

I am trying to reach a couple of people for comment; I doubt I'll get very far.

John Gotti Junior has an open invitation to contact me. Since I won't publicly post a cellphone number, he'd have to email me at

I'd afford him the same courtesy I offer any source.


  1. Seems honest about regretting his past and going legit. What do you think Ed?

  2. I think he's very sincere and he's legit and he's got a legitimate gripe. The guy was abused by the media. But I truly believe that at the root what troubles him the most are the signals he thinks John Junior is sending to children. John A is a charismatic guy who speaks from the heart. I talked to several people about him before I spoke with him so I had a more multidimensional view of him than someone who just read up on him. I also knew someone (an ex-in law) who was connected to Ronnie One Arm way, way back. And actually I'd first heard the name John "Aye-light" back in the 1990s and he was known as a power. He was directly tied to Gotti Senior back then....

  3. ED YOU EMAIL ME JOHNJR718@YAHOO.COM; you want to call jr a rat you ain't even italian, and I bet you won't even post this. Ed just like your Ad, from Dawn, we're gonna find you and were gonna wrap you !!!

  4. Eddie Leiborwitz gets a boner from these wiseasses keep it kosher bitchboy!


  6. The only reason he regrets his past is because he was facing life in prison and couldn't handle the time... He is a cold blooded killer.... Why should he get away with all the evil crimes he has committed... If everyone actually believes he confessed all his crimes when he became an informant think again!!!! He is a joke hiding behind the children, like he actually cares. He didn't care about his own children and I know that first hand. It will be only a matter of time before this lowlife is back in trouble again but then again he has a get out of jail free card.

  7. Ed did you know alite came home kicked his two kids out of the hosue along with his ex who was filled with cancer piss drunk one night and pissed all over their couches and the sister had to stay somewhere else while he ravaged their home ? But this is a man you want to boast about you met ? Shame on you being a good civilian, and it's hilarious how he talks about its for the kids lmao I literally laugh out loud because if so... Why on a recent 102.5 tampa radio show they ask him about his first hit for the family he openly tells them about George grosso laughing about it ? That's what kids need to hear I bet if U asked junior or any other stand up man that question they'd refrer to not discuss that ..

  8. Safe to say John Junior Gotti is officially a rat actually the worst kind where they sneak you out of jail telll on people then sneak you back to jail then you tell other inmates how much you hate rats and you lie to them where you were...Danny Marino is not dead that's one of the guys you were ratting on moron..Willy boy Johnson,john senior best friend did the same thing changed his mind and never testified against any one guess what,your father killed him rats a rat there no special level especially a man that was in your position in the family..Victoria Gotti looks and sounds stupid trashing rats on mob wives when her brother is one..Sammy, mikey deleonardo,joe Messina,we can go on and on john gotti no different.Reality is nobody cares so john junior own it be a man , you can't wear two Harts in that life or maybe you can greg scarpa did for 30 years no honor among thieves..


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