Self-Proclaimed Genovese Boss Stevie Westside Talked Tough To Woo The Ladies

Talk about asking for trouble... Stevie Westside from Staten Island (who you most probably never heard of) is in an unenviable position: He was the topic of a not-at-all flattering Daily News story this holiday weekend....  About the only solace we might extend (were he to ask) would be to highlight that it could always be worse: the News could've plastered a big photo of his mug alongside this pic of his house....

Stevie Westside's house; from New York Daily News

Stephen (Stevie Westside) Blanco from Staten Island  brought his girlfriend along with him to collect debts for a Costa Rica-based gambling operation while he allegedly boasted about being a made member of the Mafia. When she wasn't sufficiently impressed, he upped his game by claiming to be a boss with the Genovese crime family. And while she may have bought some of his bullshit, it was when he drugged her and tried to steal $20 grand that she decided to visit an NYPD precinct on Staten Island's south shore and blow the whistle on him. 

While that's an accurate recounting of the Stevie Westside story, we acknowledge we slightly "enhanced" it with two small assumptions to make it somewhat more dramatically meaningful ... 1) For all we know, he claimed he was a boss from the get go, and 2) we don't really know how impressed she was (or wasn't) with his rap before calling the cops. 

Blanco, who often went around packing a pistol and a fat wad of bills, “frequently boasted" to the woman, who was not identified, "about being a member and ’boss’ in the Genovese organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra,” FBI Special Agent Joseph Costello wrote in a July 23 document that recently surfaced in Brooklyn Federal Court, as per a Daily News report written by Stephen Rex Brown and Esha Ray.  

Blanco's claims are not credible, according to the FBI. Besides, as we reported last November, Michael (Mickey) Ragusa, a longtime confidant of boss Liborio (Barney) Bellomo, was named acting boss of the Genovese family.

Details about the Feds’ ongoing probe of Blanco for illegal gun possession, gambling, and interstate stalking were included in a search warrant for Blanco's Staten Island home that was "quietly unsealed."

The probe of the "self-claimed Genovese “boss” who allegedly drugged two girlfriends since 2018, kicked off in June when Blanco’s ex went to the NYPD.

Blanco persuaded her to keep $20,900 in cash at his house, she said. "Blanco later told her he gave the money to a neighbor for a piece of property and that she’d agreed to the deal the prior evening,' according to the filing. The woman believed Blanco drugged her.

Blanco claimed he had gotten his finger pinched with the Genovese family around the same time the Gambinos made Frank Cali -- the underboss gunned down last year in front of his Staten Island home (and in front of his family) by delusional lost boy Anthony Comello.

Blanco told the News via phone that the Feds had the wrong guy and did not search his home. He has a pistol permit and no criminal record, he also told the News.

“I have a fiancee. I have no idea what all this is,” Blanco told the News. (Apparently, it's even worse then we thought!) His former romantic interest also told cops Blanco kept a gun hidden behind a bidet on the second floor of his home. He claimed to have another gun stashed in a Louis Vuitton handbag in the trunk.

There's lots of money in Costa Rican-based gambling rings. In 2016, six Luchese mobsters were busted for running such an illegal online gambling operation. It allegedly generated $13 million from September 2015 to March 2016.