Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gig Is Up for Gambino Associate Nailed for Murder

"Jerry" Bruno, Gambino associate
Earlier this week, an indictment was unsealed charging Gennaro “Jerry” Bruno, 41, an associate of the Gambino crime family under Joseph “JoJo” Corozzo, with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, including predicate acts of murder, narcotics trafficking, extortion and obstruction of justice.

The murder of Martin Bosshart in 2002 garnered widespread media coverage. Bosshart himself was a notorious thug who was alleged to be involved in several murders and himself could be likened to a one-man crime wave.

Bruno was arrested on Tuesday in Las Vegas, where his initial appearance for removal proceedings to the Eastern District of New York commenced.

“Gennaro Bruno started his criminal career at a young age as a member of a street gang where he earned his criminal credentials. He then graduated to become an associate in the Gambino crime family, where he proved himself to be both an earner for the family and capable of murder,” stated United States Attorney Loretta E. Lynch.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The 2014 prison Stretch That Likely Saved Joey Merlino's Ass

Joey Merlino, considered official boss, Ligambi, today consiglieri
Merlino left; Ligambi

In light of this year's latest "big" mob indictment, Joseph Merlino may be returning to prison, though the inside "skinny" is that the Feds face an arduous uphill battle in convicting him of anything major.

Still, one thing is probably certain: the four months Merlino served in 2014 was a gift (from Florida and Philadelphia FBI offices -- notice who is missing) on a silver platter to the man considered Philadelphia's Cosa Nostra boss....he couldn't speak to the guys wearing the wires while serving time for a parole violation (...and Joey never even thanked them...)

In October 2014, "former" Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino was sentenced to four months in jail following several hours of testimony and debate during a probation violation hearing.

The 52-year-old convicted Mafioso lives in Florida and is to begin serving time in less than one month. Once, though, Merlino's supervised release will have ended and he will be free to meet and associate with whoever he chooses, wherever he chooses.

Meeting with three friends for dinner and then a cigar was the cause of all his trouble in the first place.

At the same time, it's not all blue skies for Skinny Joey, who remains a person of interest--the focus of an ongoing investigation by a South Florida organized crime task force, which has kept Merlino squarely in its sights since he moved there.

Although the reasons for the investigation have been kept under wraps, during the hearing a Broward County detective testified that Merlino had shown up in certain surveillance activities, though a prosecution objection allowed the detective to not answer a question regarding what was under investigation.

In May, Merlino invoked his right against self-incrimination when questioned at length by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Troyer about his finances. Skinny Joey is living it up in the lap of luxury down in Boca, but how is that possible?

Skinny Joey Merlino

"He reports almost nothing.... a paltry sum," one prosecutor said during the hearing.

A darkly tanned Skinny Joey kept mostly silent during the hearing.

The four-month sentence was the culmination of a filing in Philadelphia federal court in early September after authorities in Broward County, Fla., conducted surveillance on a June 18 dinner at which Merlino joined a trio that included Philadelphia mobster John "Johnny Chang" Ciancaglini  for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Boca Raton. The foursome later departed for drinks at the Havana Nights Cigar Bar & Lounge, which one of the group owned.

The terms of his probation prohibited Merlino from associating with convicted felons or Cosa Nostra members.

Merlino was said to have sworn off the mob before moving to South Florida after his release from federal prison around three years ago.

As reported, "Johnny Chang" and Steve Mazzone are reportedly running the Philadelphia family for Skinny Joey as George Borgesi, consiglieri, seeks to assert his own power. The reported power play between the two groups could result from attempts to fill the apparent void created by the alleged retirement of Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Powerful Genovese Capo and His NJ Crew Nabbed This Week

Capo Charles Tuzzo
We republished a story about the Genovese crime family from a year ago--and on the same goddamn day the Feds busted a crew headed by one of three key capos mentioned in the re-post.

The Genovese crime family, the most powerful Mafia group in America saw a major bust earlier this week that centered on an 80-year-old capo and his New Jersey-based crew, which earned more than $12 million from various rackets, including loansharking, unlicensed check cashing, gambling and a money laundering operation that included drug trafficking proceeds.

A large portion of the revenue had been funneled to the New York-based bosses of the crime family, none of whom are part of this indictment.

New Jersey law enforcement authorities and the Waterfront Commission named longtime family caporegime Charles "Chuckie" Tuzzo, a resident of Bayside, Queens, as the boss of a 10-member crew that included one soldier who lived near Newark and oversaw the crew's operations. Also, the crew included two women.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Godfather of Pittsburgh" Set to Debut on A&E

A real, live Godfather?
The Godfather of Pittsburgh seems to be garnering interest among some readers.

One of A&E's four new reality series, “Godfather of Pittsburgh,” focuses on Vince Isoldi, an Italian-American who owns nightclubs and restaurants in the Steel City, where he has made friends and enemies, along the way. Eight one-hour episodes, are slated to premiere around now.

Here’s A&E’s Godfather of Pittsburgh announcement:

Pittsburgh is a town ruled by Vince Isoldi, a first-generation Italian American, who has built an empire of nightclubs and restaurants all in hopes of supporting his family. But getting to the top means making a lot of enemies and some of them are kin. While Vince is one of the most revered – and feared – men in the city, all bets are off when he comes home. Between his wife and sons, and his six brothers and sisters, the entire family relies on Vince for jobs, houses and everything in between. The “Godfather of Pittsburgh” takes a fascinating look at a truly original character who finds it hard to walk the ‘straight and narrow’ and still succeed in business.

CNN Transcript of 2006 Philip Carlo Interview

Writer Philip Carlo is on the right.
This transcript and a new page I posted tonight about the "Ice Man" Richard Kuklinski convey what I've always believed. Richard Kuklinski was full of shit. And, I have begun doubting my previous thinking about author Philip Carlo. There's a difference between making a mistake and concocting what you should know is false information. Carlo seemed to be working with a damaged filter. I'll leave it there. Enjoy this transcript and the new landing page, Last Word on Kuklinski - Transcripts: "Aired June 26, 2006 - 21:00   ET

JOHN ROBERTS, GUEST HOST: Tonight, exclusive, inside the chilling double life of a convicted killer who claimed to be a brutal Mafia hit man with more than 200 victims. Now in their first ever interview his own family, who he terrorized but didn't know about his deadly secret life until he was arrested next on LARRY KING LIVE.

And good evening, I'm John Roberts sitting in for Larry King tonight. Over the next hour we have a chilling story to tell you of a man who brutally murdered as many as 200 people. His name was Richard Kuklinski, also known as the "Ice Man." Here's his story.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As "The Godfather" Played, The Mafia Committed a Massacre

Albert Gallo under arrest.
While researching a story about Mario Puzo and The Godfather, I found this interesting article regarding a "Mafia hit" that occurred in August 1972 in New York while The Godfather was still playing in theaters.

I had heard of what is widely viewed as one of the worst blunders ever committed in the history of the mob while researching my story on Punchy Illiano, but I never realized that the mob killing of innocent businessmen at the Neapolitan Noodle restaurant located at 320 East 79th Street in Manhattan had actually occurred while the Godfather film was in theaters.

"Yeah, I left it noisy. That way it scares any pain-in-the-ass innocent bystanders away."

"The Godfather" was still playing in New York theaters five months after its release and audiences were still greeting that line with nervous laughter when, on Friday, Aug. 11, 1972, a hit man from Las Vegas walked into the Neopolitan Noodle, an Italian restaurant on Manhattan's East 79th Street, at the height of the dinner hour rush.

Franzese Film Rated R; Ex-Capo Says MPAA "Out of Touch"

God the Father, slated for release on October 31, the day Michael Franzese became a "made man," does not shy away from the real world Franzese once inhabited.

But a scene of Christ's Crucifixion, plus stock footage of mobsters, helped tip the scales at the MPAA, which gave the film an R rating.

"I spent over 20 years on the street, every day in violation of both God's laws and the laws of man," said Franzese. "And the powers that be have a problem not only with Mob reality being seen, but also with Biblical history?  You see worse images and stories on the 6 o'clock news! The entertainment business can't afford to be out of touch with real world problems our youth are experiencing, from gangs to drugs and violence.  Anyone over 13 needs the opportunity to see this film."

"Its real world stuff (the Mob scene footage) that is around us all the time," says Franzese.  "It's not the gratuitous violence most movies include for the audience reaction, but real life, real crime and real people. All ages need to see this, but especially our young people who are confronted every day with opportunities to go down the wrong path… This film was created from my reality, for all to see a life outside of the Mob, a way out… but you have to see the reality of it to understand the impact of the redemption that can occur, as what happened in my own life."


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Genovese Family Remains King of the Volcano

With little fanfare -- and no media coverage that we could find -- Genovese acting boss Daniel Leo is back on the streets, having been released from prison on Jan. 25, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The Genovese crime family is deemed to be the most powerful criminal group in America -- and now, according to sources, free on the streets are its acting boss, street boss, underboss, consigliere -- and supposedly the capos who run a trio of the family's most powerful crews.
Genovese capo Daniel Leo was quietly released from prison recently.
Daniel Leo, Genovese acting boss
"The Genovese crime family is still the best organized, and has the deepest bench," the chief of investigations for the Manhattan district attorney has said.

"They continue to take part in traditional organized crime activities of gambling, loansharking and labor racketeering in New York and New Jersey."

"The Genovese family is the most secretive, criminally diverse, and powerful family in the country," an FBI agent added, noting that "their power stems from the control of unions and major industries."

As for the recent bust of gangsters involved in scamming the waste hauling business, the Genovese borgata is only one of three families involved, the Gambinos and Luccheses being the other two. On top of that, the original investigation was focused on Genovese capo Tino Fiumara, now deceased, which is why "Papa Smurf," a little-known wiseguy, became the lead mobster in the case. So for the Genovese family, the pending trial on that front does not have a major impact on its power to earn or protect itself.

As one Genovese gangster was quoted telling another, who unfortunately for the first gangster was an informant: "We got 30, 40 guys. Don't let anyone tell you that we're dead, 'cause we're here."

Here is a list of Genovese higher-ups who "are here"; but remember, this is the family known for hiding who its true boss is, as well as using figure heads and front men, and even confusing members of the other four families about its true hierarchy:
  • Acting Boss Daniel "Danny the Lion" Leo - belonged to the Purple Gang of East Harlem in the 1970s. In the late 1990s, Leo joined Vincent Gigante's circle of trusted capos. With Gigante's death in 2005, Leo became acting boss. In 2008, Leo was sentenced to five years in prison on loansharking and extortion charges. In March 2010, Leo received an additional 18 months in prison on racketeering charges and was fined $1.3 million. Leo is currently in a community corrections facility. His scheduled release date is January 25, 2013.
  • Street Boss Liborio "Barney" Bellomo – became Street Boss in 1992. Bellomo served as acting boss for Vincent Gigante during the early 1990s. He controls one of the most influential crews in the crime family, the Manhattan East Harlem and Bronx-based 116th Street Crew. Bellomo was imprisoned in 1996, he was released in July 2008.
  • Underboss Venero "Benny Eggs" Mangano - became underboss in 1986 under boss Vincent Gigante. A Gigante loyalist, Mangano belonged to the West Side Crew. Mangano was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his involvement in the 1991 "Windows Case". He was convicted of extortion and attempting to manipulate the bidding process of window replacements within municipal housing projects. Released from prison in November 2006, Mangano is reportedly still a Manhattan faction leader.
  • Consigliere Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo - former capo and trusted aide to boss Vincent Gigante. Cirillo belonged to the West Side Crew and was known as one of the Four Doms; capos Dominick "Baldy Dom" Canterino, Dominick "The Sailor" DiQuarto and Dominick "Fat Dom" Alongi. Cirillo served as Acting Boss from 1997 to 1998, but resigned due to heart problems. In 2003, Cirillo became acting boss, resigned in 2006 due to his imprisonment on loansharking charges. In August 2008, Cirillo was released from prison. Law enforcement believes that Cirillo is still active in the family.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Veil of Secrecy" Hangs Over Christy Tick Release

Christy Tick Furnari
Jerry Capeci recently confirmed our story about Christopher "Christy Tick" Furnari getting out of prison last month--and even the storied mob scribe himself is puzzled over this one...(Yes, it does kill me to have to still write this kind of story.)

As we noted in a recent post: Christopher "Christie Tick" Furnari, Sr. walked out of prison last month without a peep. He'd been serving a 100-year stretch he'd been sentenced to back in 1986 as a defendant in the storied Commission Case.

As Mr. Capeci wrote in his last column: "...The end result of the historic Commission case in 1987 was that seven old-school wiseguys were hammered with unprecedented 100 year prison terms, sentences intended to send a message to gangsters everywhere. Under their labor racketeering convictions, none of them were ever supposed to see the light of day outside of a federal prison.

When "English Shaun" and "Sammy Bull" Nearly Collided

Shaun Attwood.


I met Shaun Attwood in prison.

Actually, he was in prison and I was in an office in Manhattan reading his blog, Jon's Jail Journal, during my lunch break. The blog then consisted of stories about horrible jail conditions: the roaches, the boiling humidity arising from the facility's broken swamp cooler. He'd written the blog stories on toilet paper and smuggled them out.

Shaun, who was since featured on NatGeo, came to America, Arizona specifically, from England to seek his fortune and was busted for running a drug empire. He spent a couple of years in one of America’s toughest jails—run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

I have posted a few stories about Shaun aka "English Shaun" who I consider a good friend. Stories about Shaun have also proven to be quite popular with my blog readership, especially one about an old-school mobster with whom Shaun had done prison time. The two became quite close, actually. RIP, TwoTonys...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mario Puzo, Deceased Godfather Author

We started writing this on the 15th, his true birthday, but finished after midnight.

Puzo was the Godfather of the popular novel for a long time.

Mario Puzo, the Italian-American novelist who created the Godfather saga, was born on this day, Oct. 15, in 1920. Sadly, he died in 1999 at age 78. The man who once called himself "a romantic writer with sympathy for evil" ended a classic collaboration with a great filmmaker who put Puzo's Shakespearean epic of the American Mafia on the big screen, and added the celebrated scribe's name to the title.

Born in humble conditions to immigrant parents from Avellino, Naples on October 15, 1920, he was raised in New York's Hell’s Kitchen.

He resettled in the Bronx, where his mother decided to move with her seven children once Puzo's father deserted them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boston Mobster Nailed After Wynn Bought Land for Casino

Boston mobster/friend to Darin Bufalino
Charles Lightbody spoke freely
on a prison telephone call.

POSTSCRIPT ADDED: Three men were indicted on state and federal charges earlier this month for deceiving Wynn Resorts Ltd. and state gaming regulators by hiding the fact that a man with alleged ties to the New England Cosa Nostra held a financial interest in a parcel of land purchased by the gaming company.

According to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office, the trio all held a financial interest in FBT Everett Realty LLC, the entity that owned the title to the land on which Wynn Resorts had proposed to construct a destination resort casino.

Charles Lightbody, 54, of Revere, Dustin DeNunzio, 37, of Cambridge, and Anthony Gattineri, 56, of Winchester were indicted on Oct. 2 by a federal grand jury for their role in concealing from Wynn Resorts and Massachusetts gaming regulators the financial interests of Lightbody, a convicted felon and known associate of the New England Cosa Nostra Family.

Each is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud and aiding and abetting.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feds Ended "Shelved" Mobster's Inexplicable Rise to Power

 Asaro was the Zip faction's
 favorite candidate for the role
of official boss of the
Bonanno crime family.

REVISED:  We found some interesting information about Vinny Asaro that explains something we've been puzzling over for some time: how did Asaro, who'd been busted from capo to soldier, then shelved, abruptly get reinstated and promoted to a spot on the panel overseeing the Bonanno family?

At first we'd also been curious whether the FBI had known of this prior to its investigation of Asaro, which primarily centered on 30-year-old charges, including the much vaunted Lufthansa Heist celebrated in the film Goodfellas, but also the 1960s murder of a man who Asaro and Jimmy the Gent Burke had deemed an informant, incorrectly, as is usually the case in Mafia murders. We wonder how often the mob disposed of someone over some reason and used the "rat" excuse as justification...

Asaro's cousin however began wearing the wire in 2009, so Asaro's change in fortune was not a stimulant for law officials.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

US Attorney Says: Five Families "Still There"

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara: The Mob Is “Still There” | Vanity Fair: At Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, contributing editor Bryan Burrough asked U.S. attorney Preet Bharara a question he said he has always wanted to ask a U.S. attorney: what’s going on with the mafia?

The mob is still there,” Bharara said. “The Five Families are still there, they’re still extorting business, they’re still using baseball bats.”

Interestingly, he acknowledges this while fully aware of the fact that the Feds have cut their manpower and resources to combating OC in New York.

As we reported in Why New York's Five Families Have Regained Power, the New York Mafia in fact "has quietly staged a comeback and is now more powerful than it has been in years," said Richard Frankel, special agent in charge of the Criminal Division for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's New York office. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lufthansa Case Collapses for the Feds

Vinny Asaro alone pays the piper.
One rule of thumb for reporters is, if something happens three times it's a trend. Well, it seems we have something of a trend...

The recent Lufthansa news, beginning with street boss Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore's successful motion for separation, something virtually unheard of in racketeering cases involving multiple members of a single crime family, makes for three recent New York Mafia cases in which the Feds' once promising indictments slowly crumbled and ended up a shadow of what they were supposed to be.

As for the other two: one involved reputed Gambino crime-family associate Daniel Fama, who faced charges that were eventually dropped for allegedly driving the getaway car in the 1990 gangland hit on Edward "Eddie the Chink" Garofalo ordered by then Gambino boss John Gotti; the other was the "Papa Smurf" case involving a three-family panel trying to take control of the waste hauling business in the tri-state area.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Skinny Joey Can Still Pack a Courtroom

Joey, what the hell is a Mummers Parade?
Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog reports that Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino can still draw a crowd.

"The one-time South Philadelphia celebrity mobster had a nearly packed courtroom for his probation violation hearing this morning. Friends, family members, law enforcement officials and more than a dozen members of the media showed up for a 90-minute proceeding that revolved around mundane technical issues and that offered all the drama of a first-year law school seminar.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finally, Update on "Skinny Joey" Merlino's Fate

Merlino has a big date tomorrow.

Joey Merlino at 10 a.m. tomorrow will be standing before U.S. District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick.

The judge "will ultimately decide the short term future of the 52-year-old mobster. Merlino has to respond to a summons alleging he violated the terms of his supervised release by meeting with three convicted felons, including Philadelphia mob capo John Ciancaglini, in Florida on June 18," George Anastasia writes.

Merlino's attorneys said the meeting was nothing more "chance encounter" that was "much less nefarious that the government wants this court to believe."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Former Gotti Capo Died Last Week

Big George DeCicco
Gambino capo George "Big George" DeCicco died late last week of natural causes, according to a New York Daily News report published today that also noted he was 85.

DeCicco was part of former crime boss John Gotti's inner circle, according to law enforcement sources noted in the article.

He headed a crew in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

DeCicco's son, Robert, made newspaper headlines himself back in June of 2007. He was shot in one of two attempted Mafia rubouts that occurred in the same week in Brooklyn, where the Mafia once dominated, prompting the New York Times to run a story headlined: “Onetime Mob Stronghold Hears Echo of the Old Days.”

Friends of Ours Blog Profiles Outfit's "Little Caesar" DiVarco

The Outfit's Little Caesar, Joseph DiVarco 
Friends of Ours has posted a lengthy and revealing profile, hot off freshly available FBI documents, of  Joseph "Little Caesar" DiVarco, a member of Chicago's Outfit charged with heading gambling, vice and nightlife on Chicago's Near North Side from the mid-1940s to the mid-1980s.

He was a huge earner, the story notes, basing this on recently released FBI documents.

"For example, an informant told the FBI in 1971 that "money . . . is no problem for DI VARCO inasmuch as he made big money in the past and saved much of it," and then another informant told the FBI a year later that "DI VARCO has money and is constantly looking for a way to make more money."

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Mafia Cops" Lawsuits Allowed to Proceed

Eppolito, left, and Caracappa -- the Mafia cops who worked for Gaspipe Casso.
From The New York Law Journal: Nearly three decades after two New York City police officers carried out murders for organized crime, families of "Mafia Cops" victims can proceed with some of their claims against the city.

Ruling on seven cases regarding New York City's purported liability for Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa's notorious actions, Eastern District Judge Raymond Dearie (See Profile) said the plaintiffs overcame timeliness hurdles and made arguments about deliberate indifference and causation that were sufficient to raise factual issues for a jury.

Though Dearie said the plaintiffs presented federal municipal liability claims that could withstand the city's summary judgment motion in Pipitone v. City of New York, 06-cv-145, he dismissed their state law claims.

What Happened to the $6 Million from the Lufthansa Heist?

Jimmy the Gent chose killing over sharing
 the bulk of the Lufthansa heist proceeds. has an interesting story posted regarding what happened to most of the cash and and jewels taken from the infamous Lufthansa heist masterminded by James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke. This Dominick Cicale guy was a capo in the Bonanno family and apparently he gave a big scoop to my friend Rob. Check it out:

"The Jan. 23 arrest of Bonanno crime family member Vincent Asaro  in connection with the Lufthansa Airlines robbery has sparked renewed interest in the daring heist, which was dramatized in the Martin Scorsese movie “Goodfellas.”

"The unsolved caper, which occurred at New York’s JFK airport, netted $5 million in cash and $1 million in jewelry. At the time, it was the biggest cash robbery in U.S. history. In today’s dollars, the take would be worth about $21 million.

Get Ready for Mob Wives Season Five in December

Make sure you are watching at the 10 minutes 35 seconds part....from April....

REVISED, INCLUDES BACKLINKS: "Mob Wives" season five is slated to commence in December.
How is Vito Rizzuto involved in this
story? Keep reading....
Check out the above video of Sway interviewing Renee and Jennifer Graziano. I had never listened to or even heard of Sway: I think he's pretty damn good. He comes off all folksy and polite and supportive to kind of disarm the guests. The questions he poses are quite relevant.

He's asking about the right stuff -- and not really getting any answers.

The Grazianos chose this forum to bolster sales of their cookbook, the one with Meat Cleaver in the title.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Christy Tick, 90, Beats the System, Departs Prison

Christopher "Christie Tick" Furnari, Sr. walked out of prison last month without a peep.

He'd been serving a 100-year stretch he'd been sentenced to back in 1986 as a defendant in the storied Commission Case.

Christy Tick
The legendary Luchese consiglieri was responsible for bringing two of the most violent mobsters in New York into the family, Vittorio "Vic" Amuso and Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, who assumed control after those convicted in the Commission Case were sent away for a century, Christy Tick among them.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Did Sonny Black Scam the Bonanno Crime Family?

Yes, I changed the headline -- we don't know this for a fact. 
Yet it seems quite clear what happened. This is based on information provided by the author Selwyn Raab, a noted New York Times reporter who covered the mob and authored Five Families.....and very easily would've been able to poke holes in the "mob lawyer's" story -- which is based on court records. 
What do you think?

In 1986, at the age of 71, Santo Trafficante faced the most formidable indictment of his life.

The reason, briefly, was former Bonanno capo Dominick"Sonny Black" Napolitano.

Sonny Black leads Santo Trafficante out of a motel room.

Operation Coldwater, which ran from 1979 to 1981, was the FBI's attempt to infiltrate the Mafia then infesting Florida's Gulf Coast. However, from its inception, the op's true goal was much more targeted in nature.

The Feds wanted Santo Trafficante on a platter, period.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Galati Guilty; One Down, Two to Go

Ron Galati faces life--and still has
two more trials in his future.
The jurors deliberated for an hour on Monday and an additional three hours on Tuesday.

They were hung--hopelessly deadlocked. They said as much in a note to Judge Joseph Rodriguez.

Keep trying, he responded.

And, presto! Less than one hour later, the jurors reached a verdict and just... like... thatRonald Galati was found guilty on all counts in his murder-for-hire trial.

The man himself "sat stone-faced at the defense table," noted, while the forewoman read the verdicts aloud in the courtroom.

Galati, 64, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for hire, murder for hire, and associated weapons charges.