Former Gotti Capo Died Last Week

Big George DeCicco
Gambino capo George "Big George" DeCicco died late last week of natural causes, according to a New York Daily News report published today that also noted he was 85.

DeCicco was part of former crime boss John Gotti's inner circle, according to law enforcement sources noted in the article.

He headed a crew in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

DeCicco's son, Robert, made newspaper headlines himself back in June of 2007. He was shot in one of two attempted Mafia rubouts that occurred in the same week in Brooklyn, where the Mafia once dominated, prompting the New York Times to run a story headlined: “Onetime Mob Stronghold Hears Echo of the Old Days.”

Robert DeCicco, then 56, was shot while sitting in a parked car on Bath Avenue. He survived. Then, only two days later, Rudolph "Rudy Cue Ball" Izzi, 74, a Genovese crime family soldier, was not so lucky. He was shot to death in his Shore Parkway home, about a mile and a half from where DeCicco was shot.

But it was a nephew of "Big George" DeCicco who had the high profile: onetime Gambino underboss Frank DeCicco, who was blown apart via a bomb hidden under his car by a "mechanic" hired by Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso.

This was back in Gotti's heyday, in 1986, and was a retaliatory strike against Gotti for his brutal takeover of the crime family when he ordered the execution of the previous boss, Paul Castellano, in a daring midtown shooting in front of Sparks steakhouse amid the height of the Christmas shopping season.

The bomb was actually meant for Gotti; it was exploded by mistake when the man holding the trigger thought he saw Gotti and DeCicco walk to DeCicco's car, parked outside the Veteran's and Friends social club in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

The Daily News further noted of Big George:

Defense lawyer Joseph Benfante remembered his client as a gentleman. “All the detectives and FBI agents used to tell me he greeted them cordially when they came into contact with him,” Benfante told the Daily News."

After DeCicco’s last arrest in 2007 on extortion charges, a federal prosecutor offered a darker portrait of the gangster.

“An individual who was hired to do a simple phone repair is so fearful that he’s convinced Mr. DeCicco is going to kill him when he does a shoddy job on the repair,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Taryn Merkyl stated at a bail hearing. “Mr. DeCicco then requires the individual to conduct the repair free of charge and pay him back the money that was originally paid for the repair.”

The repairman was terrified to return to Bath Ave., Merkyl said.


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  2. I read somewhere that his son is active in the life. Will he take over his dad's crew?

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