Skinny Joey Can Still Pack a Courtroom

Joey, what the hell is a Mummers Parade?
Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog reports that Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino can still draw a crowd.

"The one-time South Philadelphia celebrity mobster had a nearly packed courtroom for his probation violation hearing this morning. Friends, family members, law enforcement officials and more than a dozen members of the media showed up for a 90-minute proceeding that revolved around mundane technical issues and that offered all the drama of a first-year law school seminar.

"After the session before U.S. District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick ended without any resolution, Merlino, 52, attracted a swarm of television and newspaper photographers as he exited the building at Sixth and Market Streets."

"The Mummers Parade," Merlino said cryptically as reporters shouted questions at him and a small entourage that made its way toward Seventh Street and a parking garage. Merlino was scheduled to return to Florida later today. Whether he has to return for another hearing will depend on how Surrick rules on what amounted to conflicting legal arguments posed by defense attorney Edwin Jacobs Jr. and Assistant U.S. Attorney David Troyer. .... 
The probation violation petition alleges that on June 18, Broward County Sheriff's Department detectives spotted Merlino in Havana Nights, a Boca Raton cigar bar, in the company of three convicted felons, including Philadelphia mob capo John "Johnny Chang" Ciancaglini.

At the time, Merlino was completing a three-year term of supervised release (probation) and was prohibited from associating with organized crime figures and convicted felons. Merlino was convicted of racketeering conspiracy in 2001 and sentenced to 14 years in prison. He had completed his sentence and relocated to Florida to finish his probation. Ciancaglini was a co-defendant in that case. 
But the issue of association was never brought up during today's hearing which instead focused on a technical issue raised by [defense attorney Edwin] Jacobs [Jr.]. In a motion filed Monday, Jacobs argued that the government had failed to properly issue a summons notifying Merlino of the alleged violation and as a result the court no longer had jurisdiction in the case. 
Jacobs said the law required that a summons be issued prior to Sept. 6, the day that Merlino's three-year probation was to end. Since no summons was issued, Jacobs argued, Merlino's probation legally ended on that day and the court no longer had jurisdiction over him. 
[Assistant U.S. Attorney David] Troyer called Jacobs' position "preposterous" and the ultimate example of "chutzpah." The prosecutor said a parole violation petition had been filed on Sept. 2 requesting a court hearing. He said in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the court then issues a notice to appear in lieu of a summons. ...



  1. I don.t know ed if they leave him out and give him his freedom again it.s only a matter of time before he gets jammed up again anyway he.s marked for life .philly

  2. I have half a mind to drive across country and shoot him in the street like the dog that he is...pussy.

  3. Whatever he has or does not have. Whatever he may say or not say. Whether you like him or dislike him. He took a pinch and sat in prison for little more than eleven years. All he would have had to do was open his mouth and he would have been a free man. That's eleven years of his life gentlemen.

  4. Joey loves the high life to live that life money is needed. When they asked him about his finances he took the fifth amendment. Most news article say he lives a luxuries life how strange for someone that got his assets taken away from racketeering charges. When he said " I'm out , too many rats" I believe he meant his done with the "crime family system" in Philly . He probably has his own crew in Florida. Joey has left philly'a costra nostra but hasn't stopped playing the game.

  5. Joey is the boss of the philly
    that wont change till nicodemo trial is over. If nicodemo is a stand up guy he will remain boss. Should Nicodemo talk then there will be a big change in the philly mob. If Joey wasnt the boss there would be no reason for Johnny Chang to be in Fla unless chang had another agenda.philly

  6. Nobody is questioning Joey isnt a stand up guy just his decisions as a boss. Philly

  7. Merlino is doing it the only way it can be done. Overseeing from across the country. What's interesting is all these curious "not-mafia" trials, like Galati and Nicodemo. Now Scarfo's lawyer is calling for a new trial, saying to mob wasn't involved in the case. Also I think one of the guys Merlino "illegally" met with was a Luchese affiliate....

  8. ya one was related to a capo ed
    As for Joey there was no reason for Johnny to be down there they relayed messages another way or meant on a back road bit then somebody thougjt they were getting whacked anyway this is how it starts and just snowballs to where the feds get everybody restless .The nicodemo trial is huge ed he turns big problems for evetybody

  9. Sadly I believe I've lost Funzi, probably due to the Sinatra story... Funzi my sourcing is solid. He read the comments and responded with: "I was fucking there!!" (Paraphrase)

  10. Without phila Joey has no money coming in.He.s got people who wanna say there with
    him and pay to have that luxury. Without phila envelopes he just a professional scam artist and killer period. Also its hard for Joey to trust anyone outside his crew if he.s palling around anyone in Fla he.s known them many yrs and they dont have a felony convictions and have very deep pockets. He really doesnt tru

  11. Ed couple comments stuck in hopper again

  12. They're is no boss. The family system is dead , it's all about crews of 5-8 guys and working with other crews. The Mob structure of boss,underboss and consigliere is gone. They aren't kicking up any money to anyone anymore. if it belongs on your turf it's yours , no sharing. Costra Nostra today is a range of crews making money on they're on terms. They are only governed by a committee of leaders of each crew. It's become the same kind of mob as in Italy.

  13. Joey.s the head of this gang now that he is ta Uncle Joe is on the sidelines now that most of his crew is in jail. Scarfo boys are back on the street after 25 yrs

  14. they're = they are.
    you are a MORON!!!

  15. I always wondered why these guys don't run things from other parts of the country or from another country completely. ....seems it would be much harder to convict in a Rico case.

    Most of them will try to run the family from prison anyway.

  16. Its worked for some who were in prison but eventually when the cats away the mice will get ideas. Philly


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