Liborio, Arrested Yesterday, Due in Court Today


Liborio "Pancho" Cuntrera -- having returned from his Italian vacation -- is due to appear at the Montreal courthouse this afternoon, The Montreal Gazette just reported.

Cuntrera, 47, of Laval, faces three charges related to Project Clemenza, an investigation into cocaine trafficking and smuggling. Cuntrera was in Italy when the RCMP was conducting arrests. "Pancho" was arrested yesterday, while in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. He was taken directly into custody the moment he stepped off the plan. His first court appearance is this afternoon (Monday, May 6, 2016.)

Cuntrera was one of the six men who sat on the Montreal Mafia's ruling panel, which also included Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito, both arrested last November.

Cuntrera’s father, Agostino, was part of a group who plotted and carried out Paola Violi's 1978 murder, which directly paved the way for the Rizzuto Sicilian Cosa Nostra clan to seize control of the Montreal Mafia. Agostino Cuntrera was killed on June 29, 2010, in St-Léonard while the Rizzuto organization was under attack.

Agostino Cuntrera

Liborio Cuntrera is charge with cocaine trafficking on May 17, 2011. Additional charges allege that he and Marco Pizzi, 46, of Montreal North, plotted to traffick in cocaine during a nine-day period in the same year.

The seven who were held since the Wednesday raid are slated to have one bail hearing, which is expected to last for two weeks. The hearing is slated to commence on May 24 at the Gouin courthouse, which reportedly was "specially built to deal with cases related to organized crime."


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