Ben Foster to Play John "Junior"

Ben Foster: Can you see this
man playing John Junior?
Ben Foster is going to take on the role of John Gotti Junior to John Travolta's John Gotti Senior in the indie biopic Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. We think Ben is a fantastic actor; we loved him playing Russel Crowe's evil sidekick in 3:10 to Yuma, among a host of other films. Ben is an "actor," as opposed to a "star." He is consumed by his roles and rarely looks the same from one movie to the next, so you have probably seen him and not even realized it (see list below).

He does not look anything like Junior -- he doesn't even look the slightest bit Italian. We can't wait to see how he handles this one: I can see him dying his hair, gobbling protein milkshakes, pumping iron and just layering on the muscle to fill in the silk suites he'll be wearing -- though Junior preferred jogging suits if my memory serves me properly. I just hope they are all honest -- that's all I ask, stay honest, guys.

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From, a partial list of Ben's films:

Chronicle (pre-production)
Tito (rumored)
2011Rampart (post-production)
2011360 (post-production)
2012Contraband (completed)
Sebastian Abney
Troy Baker
Will Shepard
2009Blink (short)
2003-2005Six Feet Under (TV series)
Russell Corwin
– Untitled (2004) … Russell Corwin
– Bomb Shelter (2004) … Russell Corwin
2005Stephen King's Dead Zone (TV series)
Darren Foldes
– The Last Goodbye (2005) … Darren Foldes


  1. Shoulda got one of the Jersey Shore guys for the part.


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