Gotti Biopic Latest: Pesci Out

Angelo Ruggiero, Gotti's right-
hand man, was the character
that Joe Pesci reportedly had
been  offered $3 million to play.
Gaspipe Casso was the role
that poll respondents would
prefer Pesci had accepted.
Instead, he is out of the film.
Joe Pesci will not be playing Gaspipe Casso. Or Angelo Ruggiero. In fact, the Academy Award-winning actor of many great mob films will not be appearing in the Gotti biopic at all.

That's the latest, according to an article on, which reports that Fiore Films in Los Angeles, the producer of the film, has said that Pesci backed out of the project "months ago and isn't entitled to [the] $3 million he is seeking."

Pesci sued on Wednesday, claiming producers reneged on a deal to cast him in a starring role in the Gotti film.

"Fiore Films CEO Marc Fiore says Pesci's representatives told him in writing months ago that the actor wouldn't do any work on the film until they replaced a director who left the project," Fiore said, adding that "he has tried unsuccessfully in recent weeks to work out a deal with Pesci's representatives for a smaller part."

Pesci's attorney, Brandon Tesser, says it's untrue that the actor pulled out of the film and that any casting change hadn't been conveyed to the Oscar-winner until recently.

As reported on Cosa Nostra News, Pesci reportedly was suing Fiore Films for reneging on a contract, after he gained 30 pounds to play John Gotti's right-hand man, Angelo Ruggiero, according to Entertainment & Stars.

Pesci was promised $3 million for playing this part. But Fiore Films later told Pesci that he would be playing the lesser role of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso instead and would receive only $1 million, according to the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Pesci said he came to an oral agreement with production company Fiore Films to play Ruggiero​, which the producer, of course, denies.

MSN is reporting that "troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly not yet finalized as a part of the cast of the upcoming John Gotti biopic." And, even bigger news, neither is Al Pacino, according to the story, which was quoting a report on E! online.

"... the 24-year-old actress, who was supposed to play the character of Kim Gotti, the daughter-in-law of late John Gotti, is not yet locked into her role. Neither, it turns out, are Al Pacino and Kelly Preston, reported E! online.

"However, producers Fiore Films are still in talks with the actress, says Steve Honig, the representative for both Lohan and the film," MSN said.

It was recently reported that Ben Foster has been cast as Gotti Jr., while John Travolta remains under contract to play the Teflon Don.


  1. Angelo was Johnny Boys best pal. The two together didn't have the intellect of an orangatan. Johnny Boy brought the Gambino's low. Don Carlo created a sophisticted business. Far reaching, lucrative and quasi legitimate. Johnny Boy was a greedy thug. Incapable of running the business. The troops loved him because he was so dumb they stole him blind. His kid a bigger doofus then daddy. Only Hollywood could find such a loser interesting
    Gaspipe is a media creation. In mob history he is the pimple on the elehants ass

  2. That is the story of the family as written in dozens of books -- anyone with a mild interest in the mob knows that; I still think a gangster flick with Travolta & Pacino would be interesting to see -- with Pesci it would have been even more interesting.

  3. the best cast for this movie would be unknown italians you can't act italian if your not forget the big names are only to attract people to go see the movie.they just don't get it done.its like the old days when they had actors with perfect english playing wise guys ,


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