Are Some Mob Wives Turning on Each Other?

Since I hyped a story about Big Ang's daughter, I feel it's only fair to balance the scales by alerting you all to this story, which says that the story was actually a complete fabrication deliberately spread by Renee Graziano and Carla Murino...

[By the way one of the linked stories mentions that Ramona Rizzo ended it with her fiancé, presumably based on the fact he'll be in the joint for the next 15 years for dealing cocaine. Drugs are the last surefire way any mobster with balls enough can still get wealthy. A commodity requiring no advertising with a huge markup! Easier than skimming from unions, I guess. Even easier than loansharking. Just gotta watch you don't get caught.]

From All About the Real Housewives: Renee Graziano and her friend Carla Murino are up to their old tricks. Apparently, since last Thursday’s episode, they came up with a plan on how to get the heat taken off of them, and it’s by using Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel Donofrio! Sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH that Renee and Carla are using Raquel to clear Carla’s name of the cheating rumors with Alicia’s (DiMichele) husband Eddie, by leaking false stories about Raquel and Eddie having an affair. They want people to think that Alicia was blaming the wrong people, and want her to direct the blame towards Raquel!

Our insiders reveal, “Renee and Carla are disgusting. They are so obsessed with Alicia and mad about all the negative feedback they got from their ‘pretend’ sit-down on last week’s episode, that they are desperate to put the blame elsewhere. They are betraying Big Ang and her daughter Raquel, which is sick since Renee’s sister, Jen Graziano, is Big Ang’s manager. After the episode Renee gave a fake statement to VH1 about feeling bad about how she treated Alicia, so she doesn’t look suspicious planting fake stories. They are two pathetic, bitter, women, and stooping this low shows that.”

While I'm on the topic, I might as well bring you all up to date; I think Renee and Carla have turned on each other...

Who could possible be VealityScoops's secret source for this story about Renee? We don't know, but apparently Carla Facciolo has tweeted it's the truth....
Here is just a piece of what I know about the Vegas trip … I know for a fact she paid a Russian hooker to do coke with her. You thought she got a HOOKER to ONLY snort with her? Nah. She actually used the hooker for her occupation first. They hooker did a few explicit acts with Renee out before she left. As we all know, when two females are TOGETHER there’s not much they can do unless some trinkets are involved. No word on any of those…. *fakes surprise face* Am I the only one who found this not so shocking. I mean I do find it sad that she embrasses the mob life but not her sexuality. If you ask me, the production and girls who found this scene should have reported Renee to child protection because seeing the Grinch be tossed off on the toilet is enough to take all of one’s innocence. READ REST

And who could possible be the source for this story from All About the Real Housewives which is about Carla? Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has been having a bad season so far, and is not happy about how she is being portrayed. Well, now it is being said that long time friend, Carla Murino, is about to make things worse. Sources close to Renee EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that Carla is nothing but trouble, and she is taking Renee down with her. Our insiders reveal: “The only reason Renee stays Carla’s friend, is because the two of them know too much about each other, and she knows that Carla fights dirty and will sell stories about her to bring her down. Back in the day, Renee’s father used to have a driver named Jack Dildabanian who was MARRIED, and both Carla, and her mother, (yes, MOTHER) Diane Murino, used to sleep with Jack, and that’s why in return, Carla won’t ever cross Renee. She’s scared will Renee will blow the lid off her pot of secrets.”

This is probably all carefully planted information meant to fuel the drama of a fake reality show.


  1. Why would Jen let her own sister act like such a bitch??

  2. That's one reason I think it's possible all these stories might be faked and orchestrated from the top...

    1. Stick around people! No sources will be revealed *hint* why I haven't said her name yet. But proof will soon be shown!


  3. Hello I was in Florida maybe a year ago I meet a girl in a hair salon in Fort Lauderdale name Kim G. she told my friend and I she was going to be on the Mob Wives of Miami Kim said she was very good friends with Jen the producer of the show SHE SAID IT WAS ALL FAKE! Everything is scripted!!! I read they not doing Miami I wonder why?

  4. I think the show is great but they have been complaining about their friendship for such a long time, without a cause I have seen enough arguing maybe someone should create something like a biz where everything happens thru it. From what looked like a vacation to Vegas all of a sudden these women are making allegations about criminal activity but why aren't the criminals talking behind prison? who else is from the prison? try not mentioning it. Another thing is the city we need to highlight the city more like perhaps add more input or see what's happening like get the bartenders involved..are these women unable to show up and make the show a big success? are they loosing interest after pocketing the cash or accomplishing their visit to Nevada.


  6. Ed - I think you should continue to cover the Mob Wives. If it's getting mobsters upset and families are shelving guys over it, it's a must read. I told my wife to watch it and she's hooked. Now she has me watching it. I just had to get over the initial shock of looking at and hearing Big Ang. She scares me! Big Ang, not my wife.

    1. Thanks, Shy, I agree -- on Mob Wives and Big Ang.


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