Drita Slams Scout Willis; Cast Responds to DiMichele's Exit

"Mob Wives" makes news (if you can call it that) between seasons. First, one website we've never heard of writes about Drita D'Avanzo's response to a stunt pulled by Scout Willis last week. She walked around New York City with her breasts hanging out. Protest, you see... over something or other.

Renee Graziano gave the website (ENSTARZ?) a video interview -- Renee talks to anyone these days, except us. The interview is about her new book.

Then RadarOnline rounds up responses from cast members regarding the news that Alicia DiMichele had quit the show. (Hey, at least I don't post this kind of stuff every day!)

I thought about Renee while watching the 2013 documentary about Gore Vidal, one of the greatest writers of all time. Visions of her announcing her book popped into my head as Vidal, who died the year before the film's release, said in a whisper:

"It was very, very clear.... You don't decide to be a writer. You are one or you're not one. This drives people crazy because everybody thinks it's easy, you just sit down and scribble and that's it.

"Well, it isn't it... Art is not a democracy. It's the enemy of democracy."

ENSTARZ reports: "D'avanzo slammed Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, on May 30 after Willis' recent topless walk through NYC.

Willis said that she knew people wouldn't take her seriously, but that because she has a public platform due to her celebrity, she would bring attention to "body politics."

"I am arguing for is a woman's right to choose how she represents her body," Willis wrote in a blog post, "and to make that choice based on personal desire and not a fear of how people will react to her or how society will judge her. No woman should be made to feel ashamed of her body."

D'avanzo was having no part of this explanation. "This is not a topless protest," the Mob Wives star wrote on Facebook. "This is just a celebrity's daughter not getting enough attention as she would like and needs to somehow get some. If this is the only way to get everyone's attention then I feel sorry for her."

D'avanzo continued to slam the 22-year-old saying that if she wanted attention she should start a charity and that if she ever saw her on the street to not "walk into her" and her daughters.

"I don't ever want to have to slap the s--- out of someone in front of them," D'avanzo continued, "I have enough questions to answer for my actions on Mob Wives. Thanks."

Meanwhile, Radar Online spoke exclusively to Renee Graziano, Natalie Guercio and D'Avanzo about Alicia DiMichele’s decision to quit the hit show.

“Honestly, I was a little surprised she joined the cast because of her whole court case. The show didn’t bring her any good, so I can see why she’s pulling out now,” Graziano told Radar.

“She is a mom and has to do what she needs to do for her three beautiful children, who don’t deserve to be pulled through the mud. She is doing the right thing leaving the show, and I wish her all the best,” the Playing With Fire author added.

Guercio spoke highly of her co-star’s strength and perseverance as her legal woes are played out in the spotlight.

“Alicia had a story to be told, and she did it with class. Alicia has inspired so many young women around the world, including myself, with her strength, courage and her will to fight and survive… Now it’s time for her to focus on herself and her family. I’m very proud of her and support her in her decision: Family over everything!” Guercio told Radar.

D'Avanzo said, “I was shocked. I’m not happy about her resigning. I don’t want her to leave. I mean, she has to do what’s best for her family, and obviously I’m on her side whatever road she chooses to take. She had a very hard time on this show.”

“All her f**king business ends up everywhere whether it’s true or not. It’s awful.”


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