Partial Verdict Reached in Scarfo-FirstPlus Trial?

The story is not up now, but on my blog list below you can see a Big Net post that must have been yanked. If you hit the link to the story there's only a blank page there.

Is the jury working on Saturday?

All I know is, this story was posted, five hours ago, by Anastasia, then yanked -- so only this scrap remains:

Verdict In FirstPlus Trial, But Deliberations Contniue - *By George Anastasia* *For* The jury has reached a verdict on some of the charges in the FirstPlus Financial fraud trial, but is still wrestling...


  1. Intresting stuff man, im only half an hour away from blackpool. And its a shithole

  2. My guess is that this story is over blown and mostly bullshit. I'm not positive but I've never heard of women running anything for the Calabrians. In Naples yes this happens but they have a totally different organization then the Calabrians do.

  3. All will soon be revealed...

  4. lol Scarpo. It's no secret to anyone that knows anything about the mafie in Italy/Sicily that women DO run plenty for their husbands/sons/brothers/fathers. They aren't made and one of the reasons why is because a wife is not forced to testify against her husband and cannot be convicted just for mafia association, but they are in and out of the jails, visiting their men and running envelopes and the family business. This goes on in Sicily today, and there have been recent arrests of women just last year who were doing just that. So I'm not sure what you mean by "all will soon be revealed". This is old news. And not rare at all.

  5. My all will be revealed Monday in the early a.m. I myself was not familiar with the extent of power women in the Ndrangheta have. But it's logical if the husband is away, who better to look after his "interests?" All three Macias are very similar at the root.

  6. Kind of like Calabria...

  7. You're quite wrong, I now notice. I am writing for an American audience that probably doesn't even know there are four mafias in Italy, first off. "Cannot be convicted for Mafia association" is absolutely incorrect. Who are you who is so wise in the ways of Italian organized crime??

  8. I did see Funzi's comment. I was also replying to him with my last post. I understand you write for an american audience. I remember you saying way back when that you would stick to american lcn, because that was your forte'. Now you are delving more and more into what happens in Italy and Sicily and all of a sudden you seem to be some authority on Italian mafie (plural for mafia, btw). I know what I post about otherwise I wouldn't bother to post it. This case about this particular woman is highly publicized only because she now has decided to air her dirty laundry. BUT, this is nothing new in Sicily or Italy. Women have been involved in their mens' businesses since the beginning and, like I mentioned, there have been recent arrests of women, who were doing business for family members who had been in hiding. I'm not wise. I just know what I'm talking about. A month or so ago, you asked me to email you. I did. You never replied. I've spoken to you in PM on facebook; you know who I am.

  9. Italy you cannot be convicted for simply knowing a mafioso or even knowing where one is hiding out. I am not incorrect.

  10. First things first, I do apologize for being rude. And I don't claim to be an authority on the Italian Mafia, not yet anyway. I am glad to have you as a reader and I hope you will continue reading and I LOVE that you are commenting. I welcome all comments and critiques--but to make a comment like your earlier one -- "everyone knows what's going on in the Italian Mafias (except you, meaning me, the idiot, LOL!) -- prompts me to raise my chin. Based on my research, as written in the followup story to this one: In September of 1997, Maria Serraino was sentenced to life imprisonment for Mafia association and murder.

    "Mafia association," which you said can't happen. That is what I was getting at; I pressed your button deliberately to get you back on here! The other thing is that I don't think she chose to air her dirty laundry now, as she's been doing this for years -- and published a book "Mafia Princess" this past year.

    However, she did have quite a makeover -- perhaps she simply wanted to raise her profile in the media for that reason, but I don't know. I am curious why all of a sudden we are flooded with stories about her, but it appears to happen every few years. In my third story, I will link to a series of articles that burst out in 2010, I believe.

    I didn't see your email but I know exactly who you are. The "water" business.... I am flooded with emails because I guess I publish mine publicly on the this blog. I am going to search right now for your email and write to you -- if you could resend a new email it would help me, but you may be mad at me, so I'll start looking now.

    Again, thank you -- I do apologize. It's difficult to "read" someone based on their question because emails are "toneless" for want of a better word......B in touch.... ;-)

  11. No of course I'm not mad. Just to make clear, though, I never said "everyone knows what's going on with the Italian mafia except you." I just checked my earlier post again to be sure, though.

    I understand about the email getting lost among among so many you must get. I figured that's what happened.

    All else aside, I did enjoy the write up you did on Marisa, as well as your other blog posts.


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