Mob Wives Season 5 Filming Called "Boring"...

"Mob Wives" season five, which has commenced filming, apparently has not started off with a bang. Or, filming so far has mostly been limited to second unit-type stuff... Who knows?

Some of these women might be guilty of being boring, though we wonder if
maybe filming so far has been limited to second unit stuff...

Big Ang with her grand babies is the only storyline, so far.

God help us...

And Renee Graziano has not even appeared on film yet... which doesn't really mean anything. She could probably shoot an entire season's worth of scenes in two-three days....

Repeat after me: "editing." The word is "editing."

The process of selecting and preparing written, visual, audible and film media used to convey information. The editing process can involve correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work.*  [Emphasis added by smarty pants.]

* Mamishev, Alexander, Williams, Sean, Technical Writing for Teams: The STREAM Tools Handbook, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, John Wiley & Sons. Inc., Hoboken, 2009, p.128

And just for the hell of it: Second unit filming:

The functions of the second unit vary, but typically the first unit films the key face-to-face drama between the principal actors. Two frequent ways a second unit is used are:
  • Action sequences. Action sequences are often filmed in discrete locations, using stunt personnel rather than the principal cast, and requiring significantly different filming arrangements than for ordinary scenes. Therefore they are an obvious opportunity for second unit shooting.
  • "Pick-ups". After the main unit has finished on a set or location, there may be shots that require some or all of this setting as background, but don't require the principal actors. These shots might include things such as close-ups, inserts, cutaways, and establishing shots. [Emphasis added by smarty pants.]

AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE reports that: "A source close to the ladies EXCLUSIVELY tells AllAboutTRH that filming is extremely dull right now and Renee Graziano has not at all filmed with the rest of the ladies!"

Our source revealed,
The show is boring right now. The only storyline they have right now is Big Ang with her grand babies. Renee hasn’t filmed with any of the ladies. She is off with her sister Jenn trying to be famous and sell their cookbook.
Our source continued,
Producers are still reaching out to Alicia DiMichele to come back to the show. They miss her, but she it’s not happening right now. She’s focusing on her family and has no desire to film."

Who is this AllAboutTRH? She has one helluva source, I have to give her that.


  1. Get new mobwives and bring karen back!! Karen made the show popular.

  2. In fact it was karen who almost convinced sammy to change his mind on flipping. Her friends and alotta family members deserted her for the fathers actions. It's a good thing this show opened up opportunities for her. The children do not inherit the parents sins.

  3. this is a different JB posting ed

  4. Natalie guercio and her friend with drita are the hot girls the rest ate nasty

  5. She deserted her father? Interesting, she acts like he's God know. Was there ever such a high profile cooperator to have such a downfall besides the bull??


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