Friends of Ours a Useful Resource for Mob Writers

The Friends of Ours blog includes a story about our pending ebook -- and we want to give him a shout out for his kind post.

Friends of Ours, "An Eclectic Blog: From Crime & Corruption To Politics & Culture," is an excellent resource for news of all stripes -- the blogger posts relentlessly about crime/corruption in all its guises.
Alex Hortis among authors who used the Friends of Ours blog 

In addition to insightful commentary on the various Mafias (including a personal encounter with some mobbed-up thugs), the anonymous blogger, seeking no self-recognition, shines a bright spotlight on topics such as government corruption and drug trafficking.

He reports news that the mainstream media does not focus on nearly enough, such as immigration reform. The blogger also files numerous Freedom of Information Act requests and then selflessly posts the files he pries loose from the FBI.


Among the figures/topics whose FBI files he posts are Al Capone, Albert Anastasia, Anthony Salerno, Anthony Strollo, David Petillo and the Dog Day Afternoon case files. There are many more -- see the homepage.

In fact, as noted in one story:

Numerous researchers, historians and writers utilize Friends of Ours as a useful resource for its extensive compilation of previously unreleased FBI files in regard to the Mafia and its historic role in gay bars, and this blog earlier has highlighted The Mob and the City by Alex Hortis and The Village by John Strausbaugh for their generous acknowledgments. Other books which kindly have cited Friends of Ours -- simply run a search under Google books with the term to find the references -- include The Plot That Killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs, Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture by Alice Echols and All Hopped Up and Ready to Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77 by Tony Fletcher. 

This blog continues its work uncovering the unfortunate history of organized crime in gay bars, and shortly will have several more posts on the subject with accompanying FBI files.


  1. Over the hill tramp

  2. Hey Ed. I was thinking about Corallo when he gave the reigns to Vic/Gas. Is he one of the only bosses to surrender his position when going to 'the can'? Gotti, Persico, Amuso himself - all just some of the bosses who kept their title after a life sentence. Did Tony Ducks relinquish the title completely, or was Amuso Acting Boss?

  3. I believe he was talked into giving it to Amuso and Casso by Christy Tick. But Tony Ducks officially stepped down in 1987 after getting a hundred year sentence; he did it for the sake of the family, unlike other bosses of today. Capeci says Amuso was voted in but I believe that was a formality.


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