Webinar Tells "Story Behind the Story" of Scorsese's Casino

Former KCPD detective
Gary Jenkins
It is not too late to sign up for the interactive webinar entitled: Gangland Wire in which you can meet the man who helped take down the mob: Kansas City Police Department Detective Gary Jenkins.

The webinar is November 13, 2014 from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.

In 1977, Kansas City Police Department Detective Jenkins joined the FBI organized crime task force to implement Operation Strawman.Formed to investigate Kansas City mob activities, the OCTF gathered information that convicted Mafia leaders in Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee.

It's the story behind the story of Martin Scorsese's film Casino.

Jenkins also runs the blog Gangland Wire, where he posts stories as well as actual wiretap recordings.

Website includes excerpts of OCTF wiretap recordings.
Jenkins spent 13 years as a detective, sergeant and supervisor of KCPD's Organized Crime Intelligence Unit. Today, he has produced a documentary film of the time, featuring clips and copies of the wiretaps used to prosecute the heads of the Midwest mob families for skimming from Vegas casinos - media he'll share in the in-depth webinar Gangland Wire.

Said Mr. Jenkins:

"I have been asked to be an adjunct instructor and teach a course titled Intro to Organized Crime for their Criminal Justice Department. I am going to use clips from my film, Gangland Wire, to illustrate how Organized Crime works and how to investigate the Mob. I am currently developing the course. 
"I thank many experts like Denny Griffin and William Ouseley because they have all increased my understanding of La Cosa Nostra outside Kansas City. I recommend books like The Battle For Las Vegas if you want a better understanding of how the Mob worked in 1970s Las Vegas. 
"I obtained the entire set of tapes and transcripts from the “Strawman” case. This successful prosecution by the F.B.I. uncovered the domination of the Central States Teamster’s Pension Fund by the leaders of the Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Kansas City La Cosa Nostra families. The only recordings available were the tapes placed into evidence in these trials. Therefore, I found mostly the exchanging of complaints and gossip about Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, directions on how to skim from casinos and instructions on attending meetings. Each of these recordings must be interpreted with some knowledge of the events discussed. In Gangland Wire, I had the benefit of retired F.B.I. Agent William Ouseley to interpret all conversations."