RealityTVScandals Breaks Mob Wives Exclusive

Exclusive: Mob Wives Creator Jennifer Graziano Criminal Past + Did Renee Graziano Reject Her Bi Racial Nephew? - Reality TV Scandals: The thrust of the story is that, during a sentencing hearing years ago, Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano's lawyer revealed that:
"Jennifer’s family did not accept her biracial child who was only two years old because he was not white. Get all of the details and click to read...  
"The court document is a good read; the prosecutor slams the claim of Jennifer Graziano‘s “psychological problems” by revealing Jenn has a master degree in Psychology."

You can read the whole court document on this page. If you do, for reference, according to Reality TV Scandals:

The parties in the transcript are:
The Court: Judge Charles P Sipton
Paul Lemole: Jennifer Graziano’s Attorney
Ms. Nordenbrook: Ruth Nordenbrook Prosecutor
The Defendant: Jennifer Graziano

One snippet from the transcript:
MR. LEMOLE: Well, Judge, I really don’t have too much to add to my submissions. I asked Your Honor for a downward departure basically for various identified bases. Namely, her extraordinary family circumstance, and not that I want to rehash what I wrote because I thought what I submitted to Your Honor was as complete as I could make it.  But here is a girl, Judge, notwithstanding her  psychological problems, diagnosed disorders, which is even supported by the government psychologist, Judge, she stands  before the Court with a one-and-three-quarter-two-year-old child, Judge, who who is basically, if I might, Judge,  a — a product of an interracial relationship. Her family, Judge, doesn’t look kindly upon it. Her family can’t take  care of this child. They won’t take care of it. They won’t treat this child like a, quote, white human being.