Interest in Vince Isoldi Baffling...

Vince Isoldi
When a story cracks my all-time top-10 list, I take notice.

One story about Vince Isoldi, the "Godfather of Pittsburgh," is now number 6 on that list (see below). What I find interesting is it is kind of a "nothing" story.... I included info from a couple of restaurant reviews in the piece!

Interestingly, it doesn't follow the usual formula.... As you can see on the list below, usually the top posts generate the most comments, I assume a byproduct of interest in the topic. But in the Isoldi story, there is not a single comment.

So what do you all think? Why is this show so popular?

I remember writing that story. It was a Saturday, I believe early in the AM. I was bored, looking around the web for something interesting to read when I found the quirky A&E announcement about the show. Researching Isoldi that night, all I could find were a few minor stories that I packaged together with the brief announcement from A&E.

I actually ran part of a restaurant review written by Elizabeth Downer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh's StripDistrict has a long history as a food distribution center and the home of the original Primanti's Brothers sandwich but upscale dining is a recent Strip phenomenon. First Kaya, then Lidia's, Eleven, and now Isoldi's are transforming The Strip into a dining destination.

From another review, on TribLIVE, I posted: Pittsburgh nightclubs open one day, close the next and open yet again another day. Vince Isoldi knows the drill. He is proprietor of two former venues, Club Millennium and Club Chemistry, which were on the second floor of a building along 19th Street in the Strip District. Club Chemistry recently was gutted, remodeled and renamed Pure Pittsburgh...

The other story, about a murder, definitely piqued my interest. The murder had nothing to do with Isoldi, but nevertheless I got a pretty good headline out of the post--which generated a ton of pageviews (and continues to, everyday): Club in Strip shuts doors after New Year's fatal shooting - Pittsburgh Post-GazetteThe owner of a Strip District nightclub has voluntarily shut its doors in the aftermath of New Year's Day shootings in which one woman was killed and three men were wounded.

Goes to show you how difficult it is to anticipate where your readership's true interests reside....