The Day "Jimmy Gap" Almost Bought It

Jimmy "The Gap" Calandra, a well-known former gangster out of Brooklyn, provided me with an excerpt of a manuscript he is working on about the life and crimes of the Bath Avenue Crew.

I've been waiting for him to email me the thing for three goddamn days but I finally have it, am giving it a read and will post it later today.

Calandra made an appearance on National Geographic's documentary about the New York Mafia. He also made news last year when he visited his old stomping grounds and stepped into a Dunkin' Donuts on 18th Avenue. A couple inside recognized him and harassed him. The male, a local convicted hoodlum, shouted "rat" at him while the lady threw a cup of coffee in Calandra's face.

Lucky for Jimmy it was iced coffee. Not so lucky for the other guy, Jimmy can use his fists. A well placed crack to the jaw knocked the guy flat-on-his-ass unconscious.

The upcoming excerpt involves George Conte, formerly a Luchese capo who was supposedly knocked down to soldier. Conte got out of prison a few months ago. Back in the 1980s, Gregory "Georgie Goggles" Conte was heavily associated with Brooklyn Luchese chiefs Frank "Big Frank" Lastorino and Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso.

All of them were on the street and active when our story occurs.... stay tuned....


  1. Ed, I have what feels like a silly question but I'm gonna ask anyway! How do associates and members know which family they are in? Once a criminal gets connected with some people, how does he know who he's "with" ? I have Andrew Di Donato's book and when he mentions that so and so was with the Lucchese's and this place or that place was a Genovese place etc - how do they know this? Do members openly use family names?

  2. When your a "guy" you know the whose who, the whose aren't, and the who isn't going to be. Nobody has to tell you, your a "guy" cause you know. If you ask questions, then your thought to be a rat or a federal operative.Then, kiss yourself good bye, you're getting whacked!

  3. Jimmy C was and still is a well known genuine tough guy.... Jimmy used to walk Bath ave and guys would cross thr street.. When Jimmy and his crew walked into Pastels a popular Bay Ridge night club that was full of mobbed up guys and sons and daughters of well known mobsters even they parted the aisle to let The Bath ave crew through.. Dress code was neat and casual yet the Bath ave fellas were all dressed in suede Fila suits and sneakers.. They came in single file, serious and 20 deep... These guys were no joke and Jimmy's no joke as he was tattoo'd #2.... Yet if you spend some time with Jimmy and he belts out stories of the old days and makes you laugh.. He's a good guy!!!! Cut from a clothe that very few are... Rat??? As I always say.. Jimmy's not a Rat... He did what he had to do and it was payback for Paulie G.... But if you want to call him a Rat... Lol.... I'll arrange lunch and you can say whatever you like.... Oh and good luck with that!!!!

  4. The more i read and hear i liked to meet Jimmy C would like to discuss the bussiness what was then and where he thinks its going today how old is Jimmy C. Philly


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