AMC Docudrama Traces Roots of Five Families

AMC announced Saturday that it will unwrap an eight-episode miniseries, “Making of the Mob: New York,” in which it traces the of roots of each of the five crime families that make up the American Mafia.

The series, each episode of which is an hour long, blends dramatic scenes with interviews, archival footage and VFX and spans back to 1905. It traces the rise of Charles “Lucky”Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, along with other notorious gangsters, who went from street hoods and neighborhood gang members to multi millionaire entrepreneurs and bootleggers following Prohibition.

The project hails from Stephen David's production company, which previously produced History's The Men Who Built America.

"Making of the Mob" is set to debut this spring. 

"We have a long tradition of airing many of the greatest movies about organized crime and have wanted to pair those movies with a piece of original programming for some time,”said AMC's executive vp programming Joel Stillerman.

“Stephen David brought us a show that reminded us what an absolutely spectacular story the truth is with respect to the rise of organized crime in America and the formation of the legendary Five Families. Making of the Mob: New York features fantastic, larger-than-life characters and drama that is better than fiction in every way. This is definitely event television."

Added David: “I’m fascinated by people and relaying history through the personal stories of what they really did. While there have been a number of great films, television shows and books about the mob in America, the entire story has never been put together like this, and I think viewers will be surprised at the very human story of how these men created their own success and made America their land of opportunity.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter: "To bolster its potential, AMC will employ ["Making of the Mob"] as a lead-in for the network's library of mob flicks, including The Godfather, Goodfellas, American Gangster, Donnie Brasco and Scarface. The docudrama will feature interviews with historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel and family members, including actors Joe Mantegna and Drea de Matteo, mob attorney and former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman and Meyer Lansky’s grandson, among others."


  1. Looking forward to this. Probably wont learn anything i didn't already know but AMC usually does a good job with there programming on any subject. Aside from the Soprano's my favorite show was Breaking Bad.

  2. I just hope they keep the law-enforcement interviews to a minimum. Really don't need to hear how Roy DeMeo was the personification of evil or how Joe Pistone is impervious to fear.

  3. Hi Ed in the picture is that lucky and myer in the middle and Segal on the end.philly

  4. Charlie Luciano, Meyer, Bugsy...Do we really need to learn about these guys again for the 50th time? Please cover a different aspect like maybe the formation of the Morello gang or something on Joe Profaci or the time leading up to the 1930 war..


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