Junior Testified Against Mob Wives Star Big Ang's Cousin

"Renee thinks we're gangsters, we're girls... "
Big Ang

"Big Ang" Raiola.

REVISED SLIGHTLY: Most blogs probably picked up on the idiotic "Ratalie" headline and missed the larger point, in our opinion.

Big Ang is back!

We were concerned last year. As we noted in our end-of-season wrap up, it seemed like all Angela "Big Ang" Raiola did was react...

"Poor, poor Big Ang. We really like her a lot, we respect her. She was the rasping voice of reason on the show. She was practically clipped this season. All she got to do was react--react to Renee and react to Natalie and react to Alicia... "

Well, Big Ang was back last night, deftly complicating the plot of the show and offering us a shot of bourbon to wash down all the frothy milk we've been getting from Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano.

Thanks to Big Ang reminding us, we actually do see a legit reason for those two to have bonded. They certainly have something in common. It's not only "fathers," as they both wished. Now it suddenly makes sense why Victoria Gotti decided to do the show as well... it wasn't to say what she said in the last episode in December; it was to say what she said last night.

Jennifer Graziano, or whoever runs this show, is quite brilliant, actually. But you need to be able to read between the lines to appreciate this.

"Ronnie Petrino"

The big news from last night's episode of "Mob Wives" is that Big Ang is the cousin of "Ronnie," aka Ronnie Petrino, aka Luigi Grasso.

We know there's a time lag between filming and airing, but last night Big Ang was saying she'd just found out that "Junior" was the informant in the James Donovan murder case.

Hector "Junior" Pagan, a well-known gangland character who appeared on "Mob Wives" during the 2010 and 2011 seasons, was in fact the star witness against Grasso and Richard Riccardi. Both were convicted for the murder of James Donovan, whom Pagan himself had shot.

Riccardi and Grasso were sentenced to more than 35 years in prison each.

Pagan basically helped put away his cohorts for murder, when the original plan was for a heist. It only became a murder case because of a decision Pagan made during the Gravesend heist, which netted the trio $50,000 apiece.

Big Ang adroitly kept details to a minimum.She described the heist/murder as a "robbery that went wrong. An innocent bystander was killed."

While Donovan is not, strictly speaking, an innocent bystander, Big And was correct to describe him as such. She certainly summed the situation up correctly when she said: "Junior was the shooter and my cousin is facing life."

Only she doesn't yet know: he got life -- or close to it, 36 years.

Then, she added: "Renee medicates herself to forget what Junior did."

Renee certainly sees and hears things selectively.

Our favorite line goes to Drita D'Avanzo: "The only thing I have seen [of Natalie] is her ability to verbally wreck you."

London's comment about "playdates" was a close second....

This show suddenly got even more interesting...


  1. Susan DeSantis FerrittoJan 8, 2015, 12:41:00 PM

    How can you not "LOVE" Big Ange !!!!

  2. Little Natalie gets a apartment in NY with London
    and the girls are teaming up to run her out of town because Drita Just happens to meet a person who knows of Natalie because she went out with her friends brother and supposedly turned him in to his parole officer and know she.s a rat and thrust never confronted her before they take this girls word who nobody knows. And all these girls do each week is rat on each other about everyones bussiness and husbands fuck up lifes and there sorry ass kids. And Big Ang and Ranee are the first ones always to carry the tails first but thats not ratting i guess. What a Bee hive this is.lol philly

  3. Yep.... it also gives them a chance to say how they feel.....take Victoria's comments about rats at face value: notice she is not - and I would bet -- will not be filmed with Karen. Victoria was on to say how she felt about Karen. If you watch the scene in which Victoria, Renee and Big Ang first me, you can easily see that Renee quickly grabbed the part of the conversation -- a part of the conversation -- and abruptly changed course for turf she favorited. I know the show is scripted, etcetera, but my guideline is: Nobody wants to intentioanlly look back and I get the feeling the episodes are really "made" during the final editing stages, when no one can talk because of signed agreements and the stars of the show know how it all comes off is out of their hands. However their storyline -- destroy Natalie -- was so patently ridiculous (the will create a ripple effect; they can't all bash Natalie, as I've been hinting because when you think about it, where is the interest if it's just a pile up? No, I believe the guy Natalie ratted out did some horrible shit -- tried to kill her, beat her up, who knows. The fact is, we don't know Natalie's response. The whole intro of Frankie Flower's cousin (no mention, see?) was patently insulting. Drita goes to Philly to shoot for a magazine -- when she could shoot in New York, the advertising/publishing/media capital of the world.... Nah, there had to be a twist.... I didn't see this one coming... now Drita, Big Ang, Natalie (boy, does she have London by the short hairs! Who can blame him, though!) against Renee and Karen (who are so smarmy together I once again vomited in my own mouth. "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! "NO!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!").

    Renee's hatred of Natalie is so deep and unfounded I honestly wonder if Renee really wants to f--k her!!! I am being serious here, too......

  4. Cindella NY style Big Ang the step Mother and Renee Karen Drita and Natalie playing cinderella. The prince could be some black none of them banged yet. Philly

  5. Mirror Mirror on the wall who.s the hideous of them all ----- ? Philly

  6. In all honesty the show is really reaching they.ll keep going till the net work says enough is enough.philly

  7. Appearances to the mind are of four kinds. Things
    either are what they appear to be; or they neither are,
    nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be;
    or they are not, and yet appear to be. To hit the mark
    in all these cases is the wise man’s task. ~Epictetus

    We all know the difficulty in knowing facts about matters we, personally, are not privy to. As we all know, reporters often rely on information they get second, third hand and so on. Defense attorneys rely on information provided by their clients, witnesses and so forth. Prosecutors rely on the same things. A prosecutor also does not have to personally believe “beyond a reasonable doubt” that a defendant committed an alleged act. A prosecutor must simply possess enough evidence to support a reasonable BELIEF that a defendant committed the crime. Their duty: to merely propose the appearance of justice, whether it’s accurate or not, is more important than justice itself.

    THIS IS NOT A PLUG, however, while many readers may not fully know the US v. Basciano case in it’s entirety, I want to say that a good place to start would be to read Ed Scarpo's "The Cicale Files" and Author and Newsday Journalist, Anthony DeStefano’s book, “Vinny Gorgeous”. Some of the local (NY) rags will print anything…so will a few other online blogs. Scarpo and DeStefano have proven (to me) up to this point to be true to what they write, as they know it to be,
    not as they think it will sell more copies!

    I’m also not going to use this venue to bash Defendant Dominick Cicale; he did what he had to for himself – period. What I am going to do is provide what I personally know about the so-called “plot” by Basciano to murder Michael Mancuso. All things considered, I cannot speak to Basciano about whether the plot was true or fiction, besides, Vincent Basciano, Sr. is not the type to even admit to a parking meter violation if his life depended on it, so I won’t go there. What I DO know to be true is that there WAS a plot within the circle of Basciano, Cicale and Mancuso of the Bonanno family, just as the Prosecution (Greg Andres & his team in the Eastern District) alleged, and there WAS a plot to murder then-acting Bonanno Boss, Michael Mancuso. Cicale knew it, Basciano knew it and Michael Mancuso also knew it. He not only knew that there was somebody in his immediate circle that wanted him dead; wanted him off the street. Mancuso wanted to retaliate and “get him before he gets me”. Basciano would not allow it. Mancuso also knew that the Prosecution would use Cicale’s or anybody’s testimony any way they could to get a favorable convictions against Basciano and Mancuso. Besides, to the Feds, it was the jury’s job to assess a witnesses credibility.

    These are a few of Bonanno Boss, Michael "Mikey Nose" Mancuso's comments provided to Cosa Nostra News as a courtesy:

  8. I don't know. They got tons of press leading up to True Blood season. Virtually nothing this year in Variety, the bible of the industry.... I wonder if the Weinstein's will unload the show after all. Meryl Poster, one of the big shots behind the franchise ( and Troy Duffy's foil) left the Weinstein brothers in the last year... just food for thought.

  9. Notice you never see Drita and Big Ang involved in the social media feuds....

  10. correct drita has toned it down since her first yr a lot of that is she.s closer to Big Ang now who is a class act even though she plays the part of the boss amongst the girls her and Drita are tha bussiness minded ones here

  11. I deleted the end of my comment, to crude even for me alas...

  12. I live in ny and our great fucking Governor Andrew Cuomo has family ties to the Mafia

  13. I think Big Ang used to be a man, the Feds new Witness Protection Program. I guess they have to change wit the times too...

  14. Wow Mancuso can't even spell innocent right.

  15. Lol... Wait until I get started....

  16. I find it interesting that Big Ang would work this into her story line with Renee on TV. A bit ballsy.

  17. I also noticed that Karen has nothing bad to say of The Gottis this episode. A stark contrast from her "Fu*k John Gotti" days of season one.


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