Junior Gotti Punked Out in the Pod, Says Co-Defendant


In 1998, John A. "Junior" Gotti III was slapped with a wide-ranging RICO indictment (the "Christmas Tree RICO," so named because it includes people allegedly involved in different crimes packaged together for procedural purposes under the top name on the indictment. In this case, it was Junior.)

In 1998, John A. "Junior" Gotti III was slapped with a wide-ranging RICO indictment (t
"He abused everybody in his past. He didn't give anybody
a break in any realm."

This was the "Scores Case," which occurred prior to the sweeping indictment linking him to three mob-related hits and a host of other felonies, initiated in Florida, that led to Junior's four RICO trials.

It also occurred prior to Junior's proffer session with the Feds, documented in an FBI 302. That meeting occurred at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in lower Manhattan on January 18, 2005.

The Scores indictment included a grab bag of crimes. Junior was charged with being the acting boss of the Gambino crime family. Various counts for crimes such as loansharking, bookmaking and extortion were included.

On April 6, when jury selection was to begin, Gotti surprised everyone near him when he agreed to accept a government offer to serve 77 months for extortion, loansharking, gambling, mortgage fraud and tax evasion. He also forfeited $1.5 million in cash and property.

"A large contingent" of participants in the case were unhappy about Gotti's last-minute decision to take the plea deal, Jerry Capeci reported at the time.

"Guys like Gambino capos John (Jackie Nose) D'Amico and Louis Ricco and soldiers Craig Depalma and Mario Antonicello -- and many others -- had to accept prison terms six to 10 months longer because Gotti rejected the so-called "global plea" deal that was offered in December."

Gerald Shargel told Capeci that Gotti, in the end, "found himself in a no-win situation. If he was convicted, he would be sentenced to time in jail." If he were convicted, he would get major time; if acquitted, every prosecutor in the area would be gunning for him. "He did this for closure and finality," Shargel said. "It's a nice end where he can get all the guns pointed at him out of the way."

There's a bunch of guys who wish Gotti had figured that out a few months earlier," Capeci concluded.

One of a number of these codefendants was with Junior earlier, when he was arrested and placed in Valhalla, where he remained until he was allowed to post bail in the Scores case.

The Westchester County Jail in Valhalla, New York, is a maximum security facility that houses inmates ranging from low-level offenders to alleged murderers.

We recently spoke with one of the co-defendants in the Scores case who served time with Junior at Valhalla. He requested anonymity.

He was not among those surprised when Junior took a plea. "He is the biggest phony there is," our source said of Junior. "He abused everybody in his past. He didn't give anybody a break in any realm."

Our source spoke about the events leading up to the Scores indictment, carefully delineating Junior's role. He also told us about interesting things that happened in Valhalla.

From the very beginning, all the guys in the Scores case were told: "'The boss of this family says no one is taking a plea.' That was Junior's opening statement to everyone in the case," our source told us.

Please note, as previously written, Gotti did take a plea. It's the one he visited his father to discuss, all of which was filmed and presented as evidence.

So what this means is: While he was meeting with his father and a barrage of attorneys to discuss copping a plea, he had previously ordered all the other guys in the indictment not to accept a plea. Not accepting a plea was in fact an order handed down by the acting boss of the Gambino crime family.

"He's a lying manipulative rat; nothing more or less. That is a bullshit maneuver," said our source, who also copped a plea, as did everyone on the indictment, including Greg DePalma. DePalma always, always took them to trial, but as we noted in a previous story, he accepted a plea in the Scores case.

The source was intimately involved in the Scores case and carefully parsed Junior's role. "There was a single payment to him of $100,000," he said. The payment, he said, was the result of something that had happened a year earlier. A friend of John Gotti's was thrown out of the upscale strip club. Eventually, the guy found Junior and there was Junior's ticket to a payoff... "You threw one of my friends out of the club!!"

Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo handled the payment for Junior, including the actual handing over of the cash. Junior Gotti promptly handed back $10,000 for Mikey Scars to pocket. It didn't stay in his pocket for long, however. "Junior makes up a bullshit story and Mikey Scars hands back the $10,000. Junior had the money back within the hour" of it being given to him in the first place.

But it was in Valhalla that John Junior truly lost his guys, at least those indicted and held without bail at Valhalla.

The scene is the weight room. There was one of those Universal weight-lifting machines. One morning in January of 1998, Junior had words with another inmate, a black man. (We only note his race because many of you undoubtedly understand that in jail or prison, race plays a key role. A person stays with those of his own race.)

"It was a 'who is next?' kind of thing. And they had words." Eventually, the black guy said, "There's nothing between us but air... "

Seeing Gotti balk, the other inmate knew a brawl wasn't looming. "Now it doesn't matter," the black guy said and began using the machine.

"You know what Junior is supposed to do, right? He's supposed to take a 50 pound weight and split the guy's head open. He totally and utterly dogged it. I was standing right there. 'Hit him,' I said. 'I'll help you.'

"He says, 'No. I'm not doing that. It'll be in the Daily News and make it worse.'"

Asked if a lot of the guys indicted in the Scores case and held there without bail were present in the weight room when this happened, our source said, "There were enough guys there for it to be a major embarrassment for all of us."

Junior also was playing a game with all the guys under him as to the charges in the indictment, he added. "He's playing everyone against each other. He's trying to get some people to take some of the weight off of him. He was playing everyone against each other."

While Junior apparently didn't want to fight a stranger in the weight room, he had no problem with getting nasty with his own guys, who tended not to argue back. There was always a fear factor there, our source noted. Junior was acting boss and his father, a different story entirely, was still alive in Marion and the official boss of the crime family.

Meanwhile, Junior was paying off guards to smuggle in Rogaine.

"That's his priority," our source told us.

"He ends up bringing a battery of attorneys. He made it so much worse. There were news stories almost every single day."

Asked about John Alite, our source said, "Alite was John Junior's guy. Alite was doing all the work for Junior.

"Junior was full of shit. He was a manipulating brat. He was debriefing -- he's right up there with all the other phonies in the mob."

He further noted: "Anybody who tells you differently is lying."

Our source mentioned Peter Gotti, who was made acting boss in 1998. "The guy sat on a jury trial. The person was indicted for beating up a cop."

"Not to mention he was a functioning illiterate," the source added.

"He was a made guy. As soon as he's a made guy and a story goes around that he sat in a jury and put a guy away, and the story is then verified, he's supposed to be killed.

"Guys died for a lot less" than what Peter Gotti was guilty of, the source said.

What makes this all the more incredible is the fact that John Gotti Senior "was a hardcore gangster.

"If you got out of line, you got killed."


  1. Ye I know not poor guy Basciano he is a muderer of people in the mob like Dc but why does he get off and the other guy goes down for life I think both should go down for life basciano masewell rat get him self out of the hole everyone else seems to be doing it might swell do it himself if there were no deals by the feds on the table all the time the mob would still be the same as it was 20 30 years ago they only wacked ppl in the mob anyway it was only rare when civilian got killed the bankers and politicians there the real mob they skim everybody's money and get away with it too.it never ends.

  2. Benny Blanco from The BronxFeb 10, 2015, 1:56:00 PM

    How was this guy ever made being only half Italian?

  3. The more i read about jr gotti this kid was the local handjob in the neighbor hood i guest because of his father he didn.t get his just due by the neighbor hood kids therefore grew up to be a spoiled Jerkoff he really is. Well may be now somebody will give him his just due.
    It.s been lon comin.philly

  4. You make good point there DC anyone who would put that idiot Jr in charge of anything deserves what they get he looks like a flat out imbosil.Philly

  5. John Gotti JR is a first class RAT , he was nothing without John Alite's protection, it was Alite( the real Gangsta ) that kept people from hurting JR.. whenever John Gotti JR, was around the neighbor hood, the word went out that " the Cardboard Gangsta was in town. he was nothing but a bully that hid behind his fathers name and John Alite's Balls !!..John Gotti JR.was and is The ultimate RAT !! a bottom feeder, a predictor, who would lock the bar door and force women to perform sexual acts..... THE RAT IS OUT IN THE OPEN AND EXPOSED FOR WHAT HE IS !!!

  6. For a while in the 80s they loosened it to having an Italian father and non-Italian mother being ok (Irish being most common). I think it was Joe Massino who put an end to that loophole and made it full Italians only again for membership.

  7. Yeah it explains everything as to why u turned on the mob

  8. Just to set the record straight. Growing up I had a lot of friends who we're in the Life. Some for over 45 years now graves end in Brooklyn is well none 4 it's social clubs it doesn't matter how u start it only matters how u end a lot of guy's took the easy way out by joining team America that's there prerogative Jonny alite was a very tough kid I was with him in the can he held his own and if he wants to work with kids good for him and u Dominic C u posted see why i turned on the mob weak excuse people have an altereamotive for what they do always you new what u we're doing it's always was in your mind to flip. And to all u tough guys out there who want to abuse ED who runs this site remember he is a legitimate guy never claimed to be any one else

  9. And let's not forget Basciano was a junk peddler. His ass was saved from going away for a long time when he was acquitted in the Blue Thunder investigation. Google that. And people defend him and call him a nice guy? How many lives did he destroy and killed Peddling death? Yeah a real nice guy. Junk peddler and murderer.Let's build him a statue on Tremont Avenue why don't we.

  10. I think this website got a deal to promote alite`s book while saying junior's book nonsense I read the ebook preview seemed pretty decent read I say to everyone buy both then judge alite`s only gons sell is of the gotti name and picture on the front without that no one would be interested in buying it if someone wrote bad stories about you surely you would want to give your version of events thats what juniors done he might of exaggerated on a few things but your telling me alite`s telling the whole truth haha makes me laugh

  11. The hits just keep on coming.

  12. There.s 302 sheets with Jr. Gottis name on them
    talking to the feds charlie if thats not selling ur friends out what is . Philly

  13. Basciano would.ve shut his own big mouth and not got cought on tapes talking about murder he might not be where he is today. Philly

  14. And if what ur saying about him forcing himself on women behind closed doors is true thats all u need to know to see what a shameless soul he really is.philly

  15. As for the city of NY it has more turncoats per Mobster
    Capita than the rest of the citys in the Us. They change
    Skippers and crews like the Victoria secret models change wardrobes. Phila runs a close 2nd. As for rules in the Mafia that are followed are those by Bosses and crews when it suits

  16. I say right here I got NO DEAL WHATSOEVER. Actually I LOVE comments like yours, scouse ... You're a Brit, right? Yanks don't use words like "lad"....why do I love your comments? Because a lots of guys who know the facts and not the theories hate Jr and they really get pissed off when they read comments like yours. Then, more of them start contacting me. I'm meeting THREE OF THEM tomorrow..... Junior's had a pass from Jerry Capeci and the rest of the NY media for too long, if you ask me. His nonsense has been overlooked. Fantasy has replaced fact.

  17. I dont go on any forums and say anything. I have limited all my remarks to this blog's comments. I haven't said a word on any forum in years ... it's true I don't know who knows what firsthand because anyone can say anything on the web anonymously. I once insulted Joe Colombo's son accidentally because I didn't know who he was until someone told me. You have valid info then email me. Otherwise, how do I know who you or anyone else is.....?

  18. Hi Ed its been pretty quiet its like a few posters
    went on vacation did u get my email . Might head to
    Spring training if my boss doesnt start up in the next
    wk or so take care be in touch

  19. Dominick Cicale - Your book is lame. You were made for about 2 minutes.....who cares what you think. RAT.

  20. He was a very hurt child who was bullied, a reminder to always look out for the kids you bully....You might see them one day and they may kill you.....look out Mr.bully. ;)

  21. So you left this comment up but deleted the other one, makes you look very smart Ed. Censorship. As I said on the comment before what difference does it make if he's British?

  22. Are your comments up now? If you don't use a valid email or use certain words, the system holds comments for moderation. I try to check it as often as I can but sometimes I'm a little busy and can't check as often as usual. I apologize; all comments will be posted except those that are personally insulting or use profanity. I don't delete comments of people who disagree with me or that are critical.

  23. Oh by the way, I was talking about PizzaRat boy. He has the biggest mancrush on Basciano. Claims he knows him and his family. Hey ratboy we are onto you, you read others coment at RealDealForum and you spout them as yours. you want to know the real PizzaRatBoy? Just read his first comments when he joined the BB 10 years ago. What a jerkoff!

  24. Hey ed love the website think the stories are great as I have said previously. Although I find this junior berating a tad annoying. From a neutral perspective it seems like you have an angle which is disappointing as I think your a good journalist. Please stop mate as I love the site! Completely neutral bystanders opinion.

  25. you got that right ...and it is true ! I know of because my brother was there and saw with his own eyes.

  26. well charlie, compared to that card board gangsta JR. Alite was the Gangsta ........and that's what we are talking about here. and one major difference as far as the two of them go...JR rated before anyone said a word about him .....Alite talked only after 57 people turned on him and rated him out first.....I think its a big difference....

  27. My opinion of "Jr" is a few days late as I've been tied up on some business that needed my undivided attention. Jr had no ability to lead anything, is about as smart as a bulb, rude, obnoxious, and I don't question is presence at a FBI 302 "discovery mission" Truthfully, John Jr is not mobster material, and you have to question "the state of mind" of anyone that led him "into the life" I can name a half dozen "guys" that are around made guys in NY, that aren't made, and are waiting to be, that are way more qualified to be made than Jr. That says it all.

  28. Alite, you beat your baby mama Claudia who had cancer, you threw her and your two sons out into the street her family had to go pick them up, you were wasted numerous times and peed on their beds and couches. You are a dog who cant afford to talk about anyone let alone Jr. Gotti. Jr chased you in 91 You couldn't be on the same block as Gotti Sr let alone sleep in his house. Now a true changed man tells the truth, you are a LIAR and your book is full of lies. Print that Scarpa!

  29. Great point Johnny but even in todays mafia who
    in his right mine wants the headaches anymore
    once ur made its a bullseye better to be a assiciate
    let the made guys take the hits and kick a piece up just my op

  30. How can anyone support a creep that beat a woman with cancer? You have got to be kidding me? You people on this site are supporting Alite? Is this a joke? He openly admitted in court that he punched out a woman named Donna C at Gotti's trial and then laughed about it !!!! This is disgusting!!!

  31. Obviously, I was joking -- but take it however you like... Where and how am I trying to slate Capeci? I don't know what you guys are talking about half the time. I still don't know what comment i deleted that you guys are talking about.... I post your bullshit comment that I am getting paid to promote a book, so what the hell did I delete? I don't have to publish any comments at all, you know.

  32. I printed it. I am trying to keep families out of it... why doesn't someone contact me? You have info you want me to have then why don't you make the effort?? evlieb83@verizon.net

  33. Do you think he was the first guy that wasn't all Italian to get made? It's been a little known secret for years and I can think of a couple of guys off the top of my head. A lot of the mobs rules sound good and sell books, but these guys don't abide by their own rules, and so they're just not reality.

  34. "Bright as a bulb" is the saying.

  35. that's gangsta talk..> RIGHT!

  36. I don't believe your brother was there Patty Cakes.

    What is his name?

  37. frank I Don't give a fuck what you believe, and I don't have to prove anything to you . We Know what we know! go ask Lisa and her Girlfriends if your so concerned about it !

  38. By the way, how are you doing after the penile
    enhancement operation.

  39. A rat is a rat. ENOUGH SAID. Or doesn't anyone believe in "OMERTA" anymore? Sad it's got to be that way, people ratting just to save their asses. Suck it up, take the fall, do the time, and NEVER RAT.

  40. A rat is a rat. ENOUGH SAID. Or doe's nobody believe in "OMERTA" anymore? Suck it up, take the fall, do the time. And NEVER RAT. Junior will never be even 1/4 the man his Dad was, and that is a fact.

  41. I remember reading that the high-pitched voice thing was a creation of Carlo's as a way of getting even with Pitera for not participating in the writing of the book after Pitera had taken Carlo to task for his fantasy Iceman book. Pitera's voice is supposed to sound like Tommy Udo's from the film Kiss of Death, wasn't it?

  42. Btw, does anyone know how much his last painting sold for?


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