Final Mob Wives Thoughts....(Really, This Is It)

It's called Reality Ashole.... as one journalist to another, I doff my hat to the talented young lady writing that blog.
Christ, they didn't have the money to take a season six cast photo?

I decided to pull the plug on my previously announced "Mob Wives" endeavor.

I'm not to going to inflict my readers with anymore of my Mob Wives hysterics.... I know they don't appreciate it.

As you'll see, there's far too much Cosa Nostra news piling up that needs covering. Scars called me with an excellent idea.... I need to jump on that quickly.

I do have a few quick words for a few Mob Wives cast members....

Drita D'Avanzo, I know you probably hate me for all my Lee coverage. I never spoke to any of your costars for any of my info. I can only say I hope he realizes a button is worth less than nothing today. He should walk the straight and narrow.... Cosa Nostra life is simply impossible today.

He should ask Eddie G's uncle... or maybe not, if his last name begins with a P....

They're all rats and dry snitches and informants today. The Bonannos are especially rife.

And you, Drita, if you ever need to, use some of that moxie to wake him the fuck up. I just wish I'd known sooner you were fighting the good fight....

Brittany Fogarty, you've got the world at your feet. You're beautiful and intelligent and witty and as tough as your mom. The guy you end up with is the luckiest guy on planet if only your mom would tell me more about Tommy Karate! I know she's holding out on me!!! LOL!! (Just kidding, Andrea. ....)

Big Ang thank you for exploding into our lives by appearing on the show.  You'll live forever now...

I'm still working on my Tommy Karate book (with my friend Frank Gangi). Frank knew Big Ang, and I'll tell you this: we have a hell of a Big Ang story to tell... you're all going to really love it.

Not all blogs are created equal, folks. You need to be careful what you read today. All bloggers, in my opinion, should contribute something, something .... rather than take up space and "pull" for the frauds and phonies just for limited access to worthless information...

I'll go on record here and now and say I never received a single dollar or gift from anyone I've ever written about. .... believe me, I was offered. I refused all gifts. I earn money via advertising. That's it ...(And my book sales, which I'm still waiting for more of you to purchase.)

A shout out to Dominick Cicale who was once attacked by one of the Mob Wives outside Rao's restaurant. (The food is shit, there, I don't see what the fuss is about that place.) This was years before the show.

I remember very clearly what Vinny Basciano told Dom, based on the version of that story that I heard:

"Dom, sometimes you gotta take one for the team!"

Did Dom take one for the team? Dom, you out
there? Gonna text you about this, man! LOL!
Dom will tell me.....

To Mob Wives' viewers. Everything you need to read about the show is right here and here.

There's a blog with excellent sources offering the true lowdown, folks.

It's called Reality Ashhole.... as one journalist to another, I doff my hat to the talented young lady writing that blog. I ask all my readers with an interest in Mob Wives  to go to Reality Ashhole.

I'm including the blog in my personal roll call of recommended blogs.... she's got the Mob Wives news worth reading. She's not one of those phony blogs pulling for the "big shots" (more like has-beens...)

Remember this, too:

"Thinking straight about the world is a precious and difficult process that must be carefully nurtured. By attempting to turn our critical intelligence off and on at will, we risk losing it altogether.... 
"The underlying causes of faulty reasoning and erroneous beliefs will never be eliminated. People will always prefer black-and-white over shades of grey, and so there will always be the temptation to hold overly-simplified beliefs and to hold them with excessive confidence...."

That's from  How We Know What Isn't So: Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life by Thomas Gilovich.

Either you get it or you don't.

One final word: I'm saddened to learn Meyer Lansky, or the person using his avatar, now in the comments for months, and whom I'd taken a strong liking to...  is a phony. 

Someone sincerely interested in Lansky would've understood my joke about Belmont racetrack.... so I checked Meyer's email address. It has "Graz" in it..... see where I'm going with this....? 

I'd like to end this journey on an upbeat note: enjoy...