Updating Earlier Reports on Carmine Agnello, Gotti Grandson

In a previous story, we incorrectly noted that Victoria Gotti's ex-husband, Carmine Agnello, was is in jail pending a racketeering case.

That's not the case, as a Gotti spokesperson icily remarked in a Facebook message.

Agnello is out on a $100,000 personal bond, which a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge set. Agnello also was to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet.

Carmine Agnello is charged with running a $3 million scrap metal scam out of his Cleveland auto body and salvage yard.

Agnello is charged with running a $3 million scrap metal scam out of his Cleveland auto body and salvage yard.

One report raised the question of whether Agnello was following a common practice in the scrap recycling business. In the story, Cleveland 19 noted that it had submitted to Cuyahoga County video of what may be evidence of another scrap yard doing something similar to what Agnello is accused of doing.

Cleveland 19 further noted, "A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office called the video "troubling" and says they plan to talk with the cell phone video owner who shot it."

The made Gambino member is also accused of injecting his race horses with illegal steroids.

Prosecutors had argued for higher bail. Two guns were recovered from his house. There also was concern over "his longtime ties to the Gambino family,” Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Matt Meyer was quoted as saying.

Agnello had moved to Cleveland in 2008, after nine years in federal prison for running a similar scrap metal racket. During his prison stint, he met his next (and current) wife, Cleveland native Danielle Vangar, daughter of his cellmate, Armenian terrorist Mourad “Moose” Topalian.

Are you in the scrap metal business? Do you believe that this is a common practice? Please note your thoughts in a comment below...

 We also heard that the FBI agents who raided a Gotti home and business last month found "nothing."

Gotti grandson's attorney won a victory in court.

Today the Daily News reported two updates regarding John Gotti's grandson:

  • He appeared yesterday in Queens Supreme Court for one of his drug cases while wearing an orange jumpsuit, which the News reported, indicates that he’s in protective custody at the Manhattan Detention Complex. 

  • His defense lawyer Gerard Marrone "won a minor victory Friday, getting the drug trafficking case consolidated with an earlier bust in June for possession of painkillers seized by the NYPD during a car stop." This means Gotti will get credit for his solitary time in jail toward his sentence if convicted.