A Mob Tour You Can't Refuse

By Nick Christophers

Whether you’re a tourist or a native New Yorker there is always something new to learn about the gritty streets of certain boroughs.

Especially Manhattan and Brooklyn which were the breeding grounds of the mafia. Robin London, the CEO of NYCGangster Mob Tours offers you the opportunity to walk in the shoes of infamous names like Al Capone, John Gotta i, Meyer Lansky, Arnold Rothstein and many others. Her tour is unique as it targets mostly the Jewish gangsters that came up alongside the Italians.

It is no wonder that Robin would take up the reigns as a professional tour guide in the city she loves so much. Her knowledge of the concrete jungle is more than impressive. She’s a walking encyclopedia of the culture that is New York. Founding a mob tour only seemed fitting.

“My fascination with the mob started as I realized as I got older that some of the neighbors in the old neighborhoods of Brooklyn I grew up with were "connected". As I delved into the history of the mob I found it interesting and quit sensational that a group of possibly a few thousand men in total ran a country. I felt it was time to present this information to the public as most of its start happened right here in the streets of this great city. I was already touring most of the neighborhoods so to create a mobster mafia tour was the thing to do.”

The tour has been in action for over seven years and has grown with each new booking. There are other gangster tours but Robin’s seems to have notched a 5 star rating each year. They pride their selves as key storytellers that do their best to entertain their guests to make it worth their while.

Robin is a strong advocate of creating clear and understandable stories during the tours so her clients can leave with something new they did not know before. So far she has offered these tours; NYC Gangster & Mobster Tour of Little Italy / Chinatown & The Five Points, East Village Gangster Crime Tour, Rise & Fall of the NY Mafia Tour Lunch / Dinner Combo and Jewish Gangster – From Mensch to Mobster Presentation.

For 2019 she is looking to add four new tours that will span from Manhattan to Staten Island. The tours are entitled; Al Capone’s Brooklyn and Gangsters, Staten Island Godfather and Gangster Vehicle Tour, Gangsters and Ghosts of Hell's Kitchenand the Gangster Mob Prohibition Pub Crawl. These are tours any respected mob enthusiasts should never miss. Check it out on her website below: